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December 18, 2014

Frozen Fury Part 3: With a Vengeance!

EpicDuel Frozen Fury Part 3

The greatest event to ever grace this humble PvP MMO is about to reach its thrilling climax in the 3rd and grandest part of this epic saga. Challenge the Endless to unlock the secrets of the Void and battle for the hearts and minds of Frysteland's citizens. Also, visit Torgan in Frysteland to learn the true meaning of the season (as it is on Delta V) and the story of Titanfraggr!

Conquer the Void

This event was crafted with love and care by Cinderella, Trans, and One Winged Angel (OWA). We hope you are pleased with the outcome as a fitting resolution to this war-ravaged region.


As a reward for completing this saga, you will receive 2 new achievements as memories of your service in bringing some semblance balance to the region.


Endless Power
Fryzen Fury Eternal Cores
Visit The Endless to unravel the mysteries of the Void and master its power. Complete this immortal being's task and you will be incredibly rewarded with a powerful new armor and 2 unstoppable new cores: Eternal Enhance and Eternal Protection! 

Assemble The Endless

You can gain these cores by collecting Void Shards through gift giving. Every gift given is a chance for a shard. Remember, if you are lucky enough to give the shard as a gift, everyone is the room, including yourself, receive the shard. These shards can be purchased at Aldahagrimm for credits.

Eternal Enhance

The other component required to assemble The Endless' Armor is the Endless Spirit, which must be either won in the Frozen Fury Arcade or purchased from Aldahagrimm.


Endless Arcade
Frozen Fury Arcade
Cash in some hard-earned Arcade Tokens on the new Frozen Fury Arcade game. Win an amazing assortment of wintery prizes, including Assassin Order and Shadow Abyss' Harnessed Yeti Set!
Harnessed Yeti Gear
As always, this new Arcade offers 5 new achievements and a new leaderboard! Also, the Endless Spirit will be available as a Gold Tier prize as a component to forge The Endless' armor and unlock his shop!


Endless Achievements

Upgrade your cuisine!
Had your fill of burgers last week? How about more exotic cuisine? Grab the new upgradeable Sushi badge to earn piles of rating points. There are so many new achievements that we've enabled the next tier of epic swag: Red Stars! Will you be the first?


Endless Styles
Endless Styles
We're pleased to introduce 72 bizarre new styles created by Guest Artist Vorzathiel. Ever wanted to look like a festive, psychotic alien? Now is your chance!


Cryo Craft

Cryo Craft

Ever wanted to hover over the masses of Delta V and rain down fire from above? Now you can! Stop by Torgan to purchase two new Cryo Crafts (crafted with care by the crafty craftsman Vorzathiel). These vehicles are unique in that they have a /fire command that allow owners to lauch lasers and bombs upon those down below!


Endless Styles
Frozen Fury Styles
We're pleased to introduce 72 bizarre new styles created by Guest Artist Vorzathiel. Ever wanted to look like a festive, psychotic alien? Now is your chance!


Endless Giving
27 Days of Giving Continues!
Our 27 Days of Giving continues. Login every day to unwrap your packages and give gifts to your friends (and enemies)! Because your generosity has far, FAR exceeded our expectations, we've added 3 new tiers to the Gifter achievement.
For those sitting on huge stacks of prizes: Remember, you have 60 days to open your gifts. They won't evolve into anything cool over time so there's no reason to wait. After 60 days, they'll disappear forever.


Welcome Our New Moderators!
Not to be lost in the holiday shuffle, we're pleased to introduce 3 new defenders of order and justice in EpicDuel: OccavatraSparhawk, and Lafbael! Say "hi" if you see them in game and thank them for helping to keep EpicDuel a safe, fun, and secure place for everyone!


Play our New Mobile Game, AQ: DRAGONS!

new dragon game iOS android google play app store adventure quest

How do you train your dragon? Raise 12 dragons in our new free game. AQ: DRAGONS is available on Google Play and iOS; coming soon to web! GET IT HERE, DRAGON MASTER!

AdventureQuest Dragons climbing the list!

AdventureQuest dragons is climbing the list fast! Thanks so much for helping to make our latest game a success! With your help, we can get this game up to #1!

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December 18, 2014

Patch Notes - 1.6.35


  • Frozen Fury Part 3 missions
  • Juloffenblotten Spirit missions
  • Added 3 new tiers to the gifter achievements!
    • Unlock Ultra Gifter at 2500 gifts
    • Unlock Epic Gifter at 5000 gifts
    • Unlock Legendary Gifter at 10000 gifts
  • Added 44 new items to the Gift Prize pools
    • 14 Staffs
    • 14 Blades
    • 14 Clubs
    • Void Shard
  • The Endless shop is now locked
    • Complete a mission offered by The Endless to unlock the shop and obtain his armor equipped with the Endless Protection core.
    • The shop still offers Endless swords available in limited quantities
    • The shop will offer 2 exclusive passive cores
    • Endless Enhance - Grants +2 to Strength, Dexterity, Technology and Support during battle
    • Endless Protection - Grants +15 to Defense and Resistance during battle
  • New Frozen Fury Arcade Machine
  • New Styles from Vorz
    • 72 new hairstyles across all classes/genders
  • 2 Cryo Craft bikes available for sale on Torgan
  • Several new interactive home items now available
    • Captain Murdoc bobblehead
    • Krampus Trader bobblehead
    • Varium Rune Shard
  • New upgradeable Sushi achievement


  • Gift mails will be automatically removed after 60 days instead of 30, as intended.
  • Ice Shield now grants 100% block/deflect even with Ninja Reflexes or Deflection Shield

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December 13, 2014

EPIC MMO EVENT: Frozen Fury Part 2

Frozen Fury Part 2

Unleash a fury which has never been seen in a browser MMO with 2 NEW Varium Megapacks! Get fully-equipped with Frozen Fury-themed scythes, armors, bots, mutating weapons, sidearms, and auxiliary weapons. This awesome gear comes loaded with SIX new cores! This gear will allow you to dominate your foes in EPIC PvP battles.

Frozen Fury Part 2 Conservationist Achievement

Take a break from the conflict between Edgar Boothe and Alydriah to explore the Frysteland wilderness and investigate the mass disappearance of yetis and blood hawks. Torgan will guide you through this quest to unravel the mystery of Frysteland's delicate ecosystem while also offering new, exciting season rares!


Frozen Fury Gear

Frozen Fury Part 2 Promotional Gear

Unleash a barrage of icy wrath with an EPIC assortment of new Frozen Fury Gear created by Guest Artist SarpDV! Each Megapack has so much content, it'll be easier just to list them out.

  • Frozen Fury Varium Megapack 1
    • 10,000 Varium
    • Frozen Fury Destroyer P (Mutating primary)
    • Frozen Fury Destroyer E (Mutating primary)
    • Frozen Fury Scythe P (Sword)
    • Frozen Fury Scythe E (Sword)
    • Blood Hawk Armor
  • Frozen Fury Varium Megapack 2
    • 10,000 Varium
    • Cyber Yeti P (Bot)
    • Cyber Yeti E (Bot)
    • Frozen Fury Blaster P (Gun)
    • Frozen Fury Blaster E (Gun)
    • Frozen Fury Annihilator P (Aux)
    • Frozen Fury Annihilator E (Aux)

These Frozen Fury weapons come equipped with amazing new cores! Check them out:

Primary Cores

Yeti Fury Frozen Fury Core

  • Yeti Fury (Equipped to Frozen Fury Destroyer and Scythe)
    • Mutate into a Yeti Hulk to deal 115% damage with 40% lifesteal. Usable below 25% health.


Bot Cores

Frozen Fury Core Ice Shield

  • Ice Shield (Cyber Yeti)
    • Grants 100% Block and Deflect chance for 2 turns


Auxiliar Cores

Hair Trigger Frozen Fury Core

  • Hair Trigger (Equipped to Frozen Fury Annihilator)
    • Do a mini-Rage equal to the percent of Rage you currently have available.


Sidearm Core

Icy Overkill Frozen Fury Core

  • Icy Overkill (Equipped to Frozen Fury Blaster)
    • Overload your gun, ignoring 35% of target’s defenses. This renders your gun unusable for the remainder of battle.


Armor Cores


  • Absorption (Equipped to Blood Hawk Armor)
    • When attacked by a bot, increase your Energy by 50% of the damage taken.

Spirit Thorns Frozen Fury Core

  • Spirit Thorns (Equipped to Blood Hawk Armor)
    • Lower attacker’s energy by 50% of damage dealt to you. Lasts 3 turns.


Miscellaneous Cores (not included in Megapacks)

Frozen Fury Core Whiteout

  • Whiteout (Available for sale on Vendbots and Torgan in Frysteland)
    • Summon a blizzard to disorient your enemies, covering their skills in ice and snow. Deals 110% damage


All promotional item are also available on Torgan in Frysteland for Varium. Power up with these Megapacks and unlease the fury of Winter upon your foes! 


Celebrate Giving!

Frozen Fury Holiday Giving

This update, we introduced more prizes to the gift pool so you'll have a more impressive variety of cool prizes. Remember to login every day to claim your free daily prizes! This feature has been extremely well-received and we're simply floored by the generosity of our players! We"ve also been impressed by the use of social media to distribute and schedule gifting times. Again, this feature would have fallen flat without the inspiring enthusiasm, dedication, and generosity of our players. Keep being awesome!

For those just learning about this feature, Beleen of AQW fame just posted a video tutorial demonstrating our EPIC new gift feature! Check it out if you're new to EpicDuel or just heard of this feature.

Now, in addition to giving pain to your fellow Duelers, you can give gifts of holiday cheer (and load and LOADS of credits!) to friend and foe alike!

Thanks again, Beleen, for this epic video! Duel On!


Feed the Hunger

Evolving Burger Achievement Frozen Fury

...for rating points! This burger bad increases in awesomeness and caloric value as you deposit Credits into it. It also increases your rating points! We're going to need new stars. Or skulls? Something cool. We're also boosting many Legacy achievements' rating point values as a small token of gratitude for those who've supported us for years. We never could have build EpicDuel into what it is today without you! 


Beary Cool Mutations

Warrior polar bear mutation!

That was the best bear pun I could come up with. There's nothing really funny about an apex predator clad in futuristic battle armor. Terrorize Frysteland with this new Revontheus-crafted Polar Bear mutation available at Torgan in Frysteland. He's also packing all the latest and greatest seasonal loot so be sure to pay him a visit if you're around. He get's pretty lonely talking to his pet Blood Hawk all day. Maybe bring him a cup of hot cocoa. Make that 2. His bird gets thirsty, too.


Balance Changes

Rabble and the balance team have introduced some new changes to EpicDuel's balance. Check out a full list of changes in Rabble's extensive patch notes.


Frozen Fury Part 3

Frozen Fury Part 3 is still yet to come!

That's right! Part 3 is still on the way and it's already packed with enough content to rival this epic release! Stay tuned for more updates as Frozen Fury reaches its thrilling climax!


AdventureQuest DRAGONS Is Now LIVE!

AdventureQuest Dragons Mobile Game

Cookie Clicker & AQWorlds Team up!

We teamed up with the creators of Cookie Clicker to createADVENTUREQUEST DRAGONS! Dragons is an idle game where you raise beautifully painted, fully animated dragons from egg to baby to full adult form. Feature fan favorite dragons like Fluffy the Dracolich and Akriloth, each of the 12 Dragons has a unique story.

Available NOW on Android! (Apple coming next)

We just went live on Android! Get Dragons on the Google Play App Store! The apple version will be released the moment it is approved by Apple. (Should be very soon) Please rate us 5 stars and share to help spread word of the game!

AdventureQuest Dragons Founder

AQWorlds players get a special perk for becoming a FOUNDER

Get the founder package in Dragons and unlock the Flame Dragon Warrior class, armor, sword, spear, dragon help, epic cape, wings and a special character page badge in AdventureQuest Worlds. 

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December 12, 2014

Patch Notes - 1.6.34


  • Frozen Fury Varium Megapack 1
    • 10,000 Varium
    • Frozen Fury Destroyer P (Mutating primary)
    • Frozen Fury Destroyer E (Mutating primary)
    • Frozen Fury Scythe P (Sword)
    • Frozen Fury Scythe E (Sword)
    • Blood Hawk Armor
  • Frozen Fury Varium Megapack 2
    • 10,000 Varium
    • Cyber Yeti P (Bot)
    • Cyber Yeti E (Bot)
    • Frozen Fury Blaster P (Gun)
    • Frozen Fury Blaster E (Gun)
    • Frozen Fury Annihilator P (Aux)
    • Frozen Fury Annihilator E (Aux)
  • All package items are also available for sale on Torgan in Frysteland
  • New ability cores
    • Yeti Fury (Equipped to Frozen Fury Destroyer and Scythe)
      • Mutate into a Yeti Hulk to deal 115% damage with 40% lifesteal. Usable below 25% health.
    • Spirit Thorns (Equipped to Blood Hawk Armor)
      • Lower attacker’s energy by 50% of damage dealt to you. Lasts 3 turns.
    • Absorption (Equipped to Blood Hawk Armor)
      • When attacked by a bot, increase your Energy by 50% of the damage taken.
    • Icy Overkill (Equipped to Frozen Fury Blaster)
      • Overload your gun, ignoring 35% of target’s defenses. This renders your gun unusable for the remainder of battle.
    • Hair Trigger (Equipped to Frozen Fury Annihilator)
      • Do a mini-Rage equal to the percent of Rage you currently have available.
    • Ice Shield (Cyber Yeti)
      • Grants 100% Block and Deflect chance for 2 turns
    • Whiteout (Available for sale on Vendbots and Torgan in Frysteland)
      • Summon a blizzard to disorient your enemies, covering their skills in ice and snow. Deals 110% damage
  • New “Interactive” home items are now available. Activate these items by clicking them
    • Alydriah Bobblehead
    • Edgar Boothe Bobblehead
    • Fireworks Stash
    • Fireworks Crate
    • Chrono Clock
  • New winter bikes available for sale on Torgan in Frysteland
    • Polar Bear mutation with idle animation
    • Harnessed Yeti
  • New Torgan-themed hairstyle available in the Style Editor
  • 9 new missions in Part 2 of the Frozen Fury saga
  • Alpha, Beta, Elite, Founder achievement Rating Points have been increased by 1000 points apiece.
    • Elite now worth 6500
    • Founder now worth 6500
    • Alpha now worth 6000
    • Beta now worth 4500
  • New “Mute Public Chat” option in settings panel
  • You can now click the gift opening animation in your mailbox to speed up the unwrapping process
  • New upgradable badge available for purchase in Achievements, starting with the Dumpster Burger. Get a bigger and better burger worth many more Rating Points, but at a higher cost!
  • A number of new items can now drop from Room Gifting
  • You can now Shift+click to add/subtract 5 stat points at a time when purchasing or upgrading gear


  • Raised the ‘Critical Health’ threshold from 20% to 25%
    • The character will now visually display critical condition (take a knee) at 25% of max health instead of at a flat 200 health.
    • Affected skills:
      • Hawk Guardian
      • Critical Heal
      • Yeti Fury


  • "Hide Other Characters" performance setting now also hides character shadows
  • Fixed issue where scroll buttons would not appear when viewing mission list
  • Fixed problem where Buy options would appear in the achievements module when viewing another player’s achievement list with the Small icon view selected
  • Fixed problem where you cannot purchase Seasonal achievements when in Small icon view
  • The Infernal Mines Cadet achievement was not being properly counted in the achievement count

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December 09, 2014

Patch Notes - 1.6.33a (Hotfix)


  • New performance option is now available in the settings panel: Hide other characters. This will disable visibility on all other characters in a room, vastly improving performance in crowded rooms. This option will never turn on automatically, unlike a few other changes we’ve implemented.
  • Automated performance settings: Entering rooms with 20+ players will automatically set Flash quality to Low, stop NPC animations, and prevent “warp in/out” animations from playing. When a room has 30+ players, the game will stop showing the walk animation when a player moves, simply “snapping” them to their final location. It will also prevent you from doing slash emotes (such as /dance).


  • Error when healing with Hatchling Rush active
  • Removed Hank’s Harvest and Frozen Harvest from mission list (They were meant to be removed December 1st).


New option location:

Open Settings

New Performance Setting

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December 05, 2014

Patch Notes - 1.6.33


  • 27 Days of Presents!
    • From December 5th - 31st you can log in and claim a free prize. The more days you log in during this time, the better the prizes become!
    • Claiming prizes will also reward you with an achievement. Make sure to claim at least 20 prizes for the most Rating Points!
  • Room Gifting
    • Share the holiday spirit by granting a gift to yourself and everyone else in your current room! This option will be available until December 31st. The top gifters will be rewarded for their generosity shortly after the event ends.
    • Gifts will be awarded through the mail system, so make sure to claim them!
  • 24 new Home Items now available
  • The first part of the Frozen Fury storyline is available: 10 separate missions for Legion and Exiles
  • Added Rage percentage to Rage Bar in battle
  • Stocked War Commander Cores on all War Depots
  • Removed alignment restrictions from matchmaking to improve wait times
  • Edgar Boothe is no longer a 2v1 boss (Now a normal 1v1)
  • Mission groups removed for the year:
    • Hallowarriors
    • Gourd Grinding
    • OneX6 Retrieval
    • Party Business


  • General
    • Deflection now blocks 65% of damage, up from 50%
    • Defense ignore from Rage attacks now decreases by 1% every 2 levels, and increases by 1% every 3 Support. Defense ignore is capped to 55%.
  • Atom Smasher
    • Energy drain increased by 3% at all levels
  • Backup Battery
    • Cooldown reduced to 4, down from 5
    • Energy gain reduced by 25 at all levels
  • Frenzy
    • Cooldown increased to 4, up from 3
    • Now grants Energy at a rate of 2x the Health gained
    • Now costs 0 Energy
    • Health gain lowered to 13-22%, down from 30-57%
  • EMP Grenade
    • Stat scaling slowed to 4.5, up from 4
  • Static Grenade
    • Energy gain increased to 55%, up from 50%
  • Shadow Arts
    • Duration increased to 4 turns, up from 3
  • Cores
    • Reduced numerous active skill core energy costs. Specific changes listed below.
    • Armored Roots: 100 to 85
    • Azrael’s Torment: 140 to 125
    • Azrael’s Will: 175 to 160
    • Bacon Breath: 100 to 90
    • Bacon Rain: 100 to 90
    • Chairman’s Fury: 120 to 110
    • Concussive Shot: 120 to 110
    • Curse: 130 to 115
    • Deep Plague: 100 to 90
    • Energy Shot: 70 to 60
    • Energy Storm: 90/120 to 80/110
    • Exile Strike: 80 to 70
    • FrostBite: 70 to 60
    • Frost Shards: 90 to 80
    • Growth Serum: 130 to 115
    • Hatchling Rush: 140 to 130
    • Hawk Guardian: 100 to 90
    • Improbability Gate: 100 to 90
    • Jack-O-Fire: 100 to 90
    • Legion Strike: 80 to 70
    • Meteor Shower: 100 to 90
    • Omega Override: 120 to 110
    • Plasma Meteor: 100 to 90
    • Thorn Assault: 100 to 90
  • Titan Chomp: 100 to 90


  • Bloodhawk Battlegear, Bloodhawk Slayer, and Bloodhawk Bots now available on Edgar Boothe for Credits
  • Achievement details were given more room to breathe
  • Fixed an issue where tooltips would appear under the currency bar
  • Several region war swords showed the incorrect location in the item finder
  • Regional war leaderboards no longer show leaders from the last region you viewed
  • Static Charge description updated to reflect previous changes to the skill

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December 04, 2014

Frozen Fury Part 1

Frozen Fury Begins!

It Begins

It’s time to return to Frysteland once again to settle the longstanding feud between the Alydriah and the Krampus. After exiling Alydriah last year, Edgar Booth had administered the region, but now she has returned to exact vengeance upon the frigid land.

Ally with Alydriah or Edgar Boothe through separate mission chains to attempt to gain control over the mysterious entity known as The Endless and either destroy or secure Frysteland for all time.

This is only part 1 of an epic 3 part saga crafted by Cinderella, Trans, and OWA -- the best is yet to come!


27 Days of Presents!

No time like the present for presents!

Starting tomorrow, December 5th after we release to update, login every day to claim a new holiday prize! Claiming prizes will also earn you an evolving achievement! All you have to do is click the gift bar at the top of the screen, then click the Claim Prize button! It couldn’t be simpler!


Better to Give Than Receive!

Level up your achievements!

For the first time ever, you can now buy gifts for everyone around you! Here are 3 great reasons to give this season:

Unlock New Achievements

Instantly unlock the Great Gifter Achievement when you purchase gifts for those around you! This 3-tier Ultra-Rare achievement permanently tracks the number of gifts you've given and its Rating Point value increases with each tier you unlock!

Rank Up

Rank in the top 10 most generous players of the season and be displayed on the Leaderboard for all to see! When the event concludes on January 1, 2015 the top 10 leaders will receive of only 10 exclusive Gold Polar Bears as a reward for their holiday spirit and generosity!

Win Titan's Ultra-Rare ALPHA Gear

Rank first on the leaderboard as the MOST generous player of the season and you will receive the most exclusive gift ever awarded in EpicDuel's history: Titan's own Ultra-Rare Alpha Gear set! Titan will be directly transferring his Alpha gear to the lucky player. This does not mean Alpha gear will be for sale again or anything like that.  All awarded gifts will be unlocked to the first ranked player’s level.


Winter Rares Return

Visit Edgar Boothe in Frysteland to browse a robust selection of returning seasonal rares!

Frost Reaper and Beast Rider are BACK!

Winter Rares

Winter Rares

These items will only be around for a limited time, so get them while you can! The Blood Hawk seasonal rares will also be available for credits!


Seasonal Decor

Seasonal Decorations

In addition to all the seasonal goodness and holiday cheer already in game, we're adding a boatload of new holiday house items courtesy of Guest Artist Bidoof!


Frozen Fury Promo

The Frozen Fury promotional gear, along with the new cores, will be available next week. It's worth noting that when the Frozen Fury gear goes live, the Waves of Wrath gear will vanish from the Varium shop.

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November 24, 2014

EpicDuel’s Frozen Fury House Decorating Contest 2014

EpicDuel PvP MMO Winter Contest

Seasons greetings, EpicDuelists!

We are super excited to announce EpicDuel’s Frozen Fury House Decorating Contest! Your character is equipped for the winter season, so why isn't your home? We're looking for the snazziest, most creatively cheerful and festive houses that you can decorate!

The contest is sure to bring some Delta V warmth to your home! To top things off, if you win you'll even get a personal EpicDuel house item and achievement!

Achievement! Oooo La La!


EpicDuel PvP MMO Contest Achievement Prize

House Item Trophy

EpicDuel Winter Achievement Prize


This time around, there are three ways to submit your entries: The AE Forums, Twitter, and the AE Reddit!  


►AE Forums Please only post contest entries in this discussion thread. If you have any questions or want to discuss the contest you can use the ED discussion fourm.


►Twitter Include hashtag #EDCoolHouse in your Tweet BEFORE submitting. If your tweet is more than 140 characters long, http://www.twitlonger.com/ is a great tool to help when your entry is a bit too long!


►AE Reddit Please only post contest entries in this reddit link here.



The rules and guidelines are short and to the point, but we advise you to follow them otherwise your entry could be disqualified.


  • Your entry must be YOUR own in game EpicDuel house and not someone else’s (We will check).
  • Your house should have some holiday themed items in it (but you can still submit houses that aren't Christmas themed!
  • Please make sure you submit your EpicDuel Character name, the name of the house, and a screenshot or two in your entry.

Include the below format when submitting:

EpicDuel Name:

Name of House:

Title of Entry:


  • Always make sure your links and image tags are working throughout the duration of the contest. Any broken links or deleted posts at the time the contest ends will be disqualified
  • Link to your screenshots, please don't use image tags.
  • Only one entry per person. Make it your best!
  • Please don’t change your house in the middle of the contest or edit your picture you submitted. This could get you disqualified.
  • Judging criteria, we will be looking for the most creative homes in decor design. Think about use of color schemes, patterns, function, overall theme of the home designs.
  • Last but not least, have fun!


The team is looking forward to seeing your entries in a few weeks! Good luck, everyone!

Stay safe and Happy Holidays!

The EpicDuel Team

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November 21, 2014

Frozen Fury MMO Mega Event

The Biological Preserve Has Fallen!

The Legion forces managed to claim another victory, this time in the Biological Preserve! Can the Legion keep this winning streak going into the next region (yet to be determined).

Legion Victory!\

The Corrupted Tree is cleansed and the Legion have already staked a claim. What will they be able to accomplish with the Corruption Spores in their possession?

The tree is clean!

Be sure to claim your War Prize: The Armor Hazard Husk! The claim button won't available as long as it normally is due to the upcoming Winter event!

Does this husk make me look husky?

It doesn't make my butt look big does it? It's the chitinous shell, isn't it?


Power Weekend

Since the war is over (for now), and there's no scheduled release this week, we're rewarding everyone with a well-deserved weekend of double experience and credits! 

Double experience and credits! PVP MMO POWER!

You'd better stock up, because you'll need all you can get for the upcoming Frozen Fury event, with the kind challenges and rewards scarcely scene in a browser MMO!


Frozen Fury

Welcome to Frysteland yet again...or should I say *yeti* agai...I'll show myself out...

Welcome to Frysteland...AGAIN!

Just kidding! It'll take more than a lame pun to get rid of me!

Back on point, Alydriah is up to something in the frozen northlands of Delta V again, but this time it involves invoking the otherworldly power of the Krampus avatar of the Void, The Endless. Edgar Boothe wants to believe there is still good in Alydriah's metallic heart, but he won't hesitate to oppose her if she threatens the life of his beloved people. In his mind, the Legion can bring advanced technology and improve the quality of life of the Krampus, but Alydriah's mind is set on conquest and revenge!

Torgan the Hawkmaster

Starting December 5th, we will launch the first part of a 3-part saga as Legion and Exile forces question their allegiances and old grudges resurface. Will Edgar betray Alydriah? Will Alydriah gain control of the Krampus and exert her will over all of Delta V? Prepare yourself for Frozen Fury!


Weapons of War

We're super-excited to offer this preview of the Frozen Fury promotional packages (yes, packages)! This first image is a preview of the mutating weapons, scythes, sidearms, bazookas, and bots that will be available to purchase very soon!

A flurry of frozen delights!

These treasures from the frozen northlands were designed by the super talented guest-artist SarpDV!

Speaking of guest-artists...we've recently welcomed a new addition to the team: SlayerTheKraken!

Be sure to give all of our artists and writers a follow on Twitter --They'll be sharing updates throughout development as Frozen Fury progresses!


Scores of Cores

It has been said that we don't release cores often enough; we'll usually offer a couple in with a new promotional package, but not as many as we'd like to. With this release, we're pushing the limits of our creativity and EpicDuel's game engine to realize the potential of Omega by offering a smorgasbord of cores!

Frozen Fury Promotional Cores

You might say it's a CORE-gasbord.


Or not.

Stay tuned to these designed notes and our Twitter pages for updates on core progress and functionality. I'd love to share the specific details of the cores, but those may change in testing. At the moment we have:

Endless Avatar: Become the Endless to smite your foes with a blow from your mighty scythe!

Icy Overkill: Charge sidearm with so much energy it deals extreme damage but explodes in the process.

Yeti Blood: When in critical condition, become a fierce Yeti Hulk to bash your foe and steal HP.

Hair Trigger: Auxiliary core that allows you to spend Rage for more damage.

Absorption: Gain energy from bot damage.

Whiteout: Bury your opponent in snow and ice their skills! We hope you have a good memory.

Brain freeze!

Spirit Thorns: Surround yourself with ethereal spikes that damage attacker's energy pool.

Ice Shield: Shield cast by bot that guarantees blocks and deflections for a limited time.

Again, these cores are still being tested and functionality could change any time between now and their official release. 


27 Days of Presents!

Starting December 5th, in addition to launching the Frozen Fury story, we'll be offering a compelling reason to login every day:

The gift that gives for 27 days

See the prize claim button in action!

Every day, we'll offer a new prize! Just click the button to claim it! Simple! The prizes will change every day; they could be home items, credits, Arcade tokens, weapons, or ??? The prize tracking is unique to each player so you won't be penalized for missing a day, but why would you want to! Plus, you'll receive an evolving achievement for claiming prizes; the more prizes you claim, the better it gets!

New missions, NPCs, arcades, weapons, bots, prizes, cores...what more could you ask for? WHAT?! You still want MORE?! OK, THEN!


How About More Prizes?!

Dust off those trees, snowmen, and pink flamingos, and get ready for a new EpicDuel home decoration contest! It's been awhile since we hosted a contest, and we're excited to be hosting another, especially during this massive Winter event! Excitement!

EpicDuel House Decorating Contest 2014

We're still ironing out the details so stay tuned for more details on the contest next week! Remember that the new Frysteland Yurt is already in game so you can start planning your entries over the weekend!


2015 Dragons Calendar

Unlocks Dragon Buster Armor at Heromart!

A brand-new year approaches, and that means a brand-new Calendar has arrived at HeroMart. Last year we created a “poster calendar hybrid” featuring a battle scene of Artix vs the Undead, but this year we’ve returned to the classic “flip calendar” model to showcase even more breathtaking art. In addition to providing A LOT more writing room for each day of the month, every page depicts a different Dragon type, ranging from Slime Dragons to Faerie Dragons to even the 3-Headed Trigoras Dragon.


To fight monsters, we built our own!

This awesome calendar is the product of a colaboration of some of Artix Entertainment's finest artists - Thyton, Dage, and Oishii! In addition to unlocking the fearsome Dragon Buster Armor in EpicDuel, this incredible time-tracker will release loads of content in our other games!

Includes Exclusive AQWorlds Class + 6 In-Game Items!

  • Chrono DragonKnight Class
    The only thing more dangerous than a DragonKnight is a Time traveling DragonKnight!

  • Chrono DragonKnight Armor Set
    Chrono DragonKnight helm, Cape, Sword, Pet

  • Chrono DragonKnight battlepet
  • Character Page and Book of Lore badges
    “Real Life Paladin Armor”
  • Bonus In-Game Items for Other Games

  • MechQuest RPG
    Dragon Scale (Transform into Mecha January 2015)

  • DragonFable RPG
    Avatar of Time (Class unlocks January 2015) 

    Don't be late! Order your calendar today!

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    November 13, 2014

    Frozen Fury MMO Event Preview

    The War Escalates

    The War for the Biological Preserve is well underway and it's still too close to call. The Exiles have a slight lead, having already taken out a Legion Purifier. Remember, with scores as close as they are now, every player can make a difference! Everyone receives war drops just for participating in PvP battles so be sure to use them well! 


    Artix Anniversary Event Wrapup!

    Monday, November 17th we will be removing the Coffee Crusader mission chain PERMANENTLY. This means that the Omni Knight Blade and Titan's Mug will be rare, much like the anniversary weapons and achievements that came before. If you still haven't completed the Coffee Crusader mission chain, there's still time! Those who already have Titan's Mug can take their time redeeming the Mug for the rare achievement in Caffeine Crash mission chain.

    Epic 2d browser mmo item in game anniversary event Titans Mug

    If you wish to refresh your memory about the Artix 12th Anniversary Event, you can read more about the Anniversary Event here!


    New Home for the Holidays!

    Nestled in the Frysteland Wilderness, these Frysteland Yurts will be available on Monday through a small update.

    Winter refuge

    Winter refuge

    This modest home will be the basis for an upcoming contest. More details about that will be unveiled at a later time.


    Frozen Fury

    The cold winds of Frysteland are chilling all of Delta V, and that can only mean one thing...an EPIC Winter Event! We're already hard at work to make this upcoming event one to remember!

    Revenge is a dish best served frozen.

    For years, Frysteland has been the focus of Legion and Exile conflict, with the region's control in flux over the years. Alydriah has never forgiven Legion Commander Edgar Boothe for his lack of devotion to her ideals of discipline (i.e. refusing to order public executions for littering). Boothe may feel a soft spot for his native Krampus people, but he believes firmly that the benefits of Legion order and technological progress can enhance their lives immesurably. Alydriah won't let this perceived mercy go unpunished, but the ever-watchful Endless has stayed her cybernetic hand...until now.

    New trophies await the bold and victorious

    Insane treasures await you in the coming months as EpicDuel prepares for its biggest event in ages! Prepare for Frozen Fury!

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