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May 27, 2015

Hotfix - 1.6.46a


  • Lionhart seasonal rares, Legion/Exile Battlegear, and Dread auxiliaries and sidearms will now leave June 30 instead of May 31
  • Back to Basics renamed Contemplative Combat
  • Adjustments to Deuce
    • Now uses Techblade of Awe E as primary
    • +500 Energy
    • Small buffs to Primary, Strength, Dexterity, and Support
  • Increased rewards on the following Daily Missions:
    • First Blood 75 to 250
    • Dual Duel 125 to 350
    • Wake Up Call 75 to 250
    • Epic Dual 125 to 350
    • Thinning the Ranks 75 to 250
    • Guard Duty 125 to 350
    • Body Count 75 to 250
    • Old Soldiers 125 to 350
    • Interrogation 75 to 250
    • Partner in Crime 125 to 350
    • Inquisition 75 to 250
    • Tag Team 125 to 350
    • Powerful Hunger 175 to 250
    • Pocket Picker 125 to 350
    • DNA Harvest 175 to 250
    • Human Component 125 to 350
    • Test Your Might 175 to 250
    • Brothers in Arms 125 to 350
    • Pirate Problems 250 to 350


  • Deuce's Techblade of Awe P/E had much higher resell value than intended. Previously acquired versions of the weapon will retain their higher resell.

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May 22, 2015

Patch Notes - 1.6.46


  • New Guest Artist NPC: Deuce
  • New Achievement: Deuce's Defeat
  • New Awe Hunting missions
    • Information Hunting
    • Aggressive Persuasion
    • Uprooting the Situation
    • Back to Basics
    • Necronauts' Job
    • Awe-ful Fight
  • New Deuce Showcase Shop
    • Tech Blade of Awe P/E (not in shop, 5% drop from Deuce)
    • Tech Daggers of Awe P/E
    • Tech Axe of Awe P/E
    • Tech Staff of Awe P/E
    • Dragon Control Sword P/E
    • Broken Dragon Control Sword P/E
    • Golden AK
    • Energy AK
    • Tommy Gun P/E
  • 6 New Hair Styles
  • New Home Item
    • Deuce’s Pendant Display
  • New Legendary Items
    • Crystallic Claw P/E
    • Crystallic Mace P/E
    • Crystallic Staff P/E
    • Sinful Slayer P/E
    • Avensis War Armor M/F
    • Sinful Pride P/E


  • Maximum Rage defense ignore: 55% ⇒ 50%
  • Effective level is now capped to 48 instead of 50 for PvP matches (since two Legendary skills only affect NPCs). This will affect matching as well as Underdog calculations.
  • Underdog buffs will now be applied individual level differences, and have been adjusted upwards
    • 1 level = +1 to Str/Dex/Tech/Supp
    • 2 levels = Grants +1 to Str/Supp and +2 to Dex/Tech
    • 3 levels = +2 to Str/Dex/Tech/Supp
    • 4 levels = Grants +2 to Str/Supp and +3 to Dex/Tech
    • 5 levels = +3 to Str/Dex/Tech/Supp
    • 6 levels = Grants +3 to Str/Supp and +4 to Dex/Tech
    • 7 levels = +4 to Str/Dex/Tech/Supp
    • 8 levels = Grants +4 to Str/Supp and +5 to Dex/Tech
    • 9 levels = +5 to Str/Dex/Tech/Supp
    • 10 levels = Grants +5 to Str/Supp and +6 to Dex/Tech
  • Losing now grants slightly less experience and Credits than before.
  • Winning as an Underdog now grants slightly less experience and Credits per level difference than before.
  • Auxiliary damage scaling now matches that of Primary weapons.
  • Gun damage scaling slowed at high amount of Dexterity
  • Assimilation
    • No longer has a weapon requirement
  • Berzerker
    • Now has a club requirement
  • Double Strike
    • Now has a club requirement
    • Energy cost lowered by 10 at all levels
  • Fire Scythe
    • Stat requirement lowered by 5 at all levels
  • Shadow Arts
    • Stat requirement lowered by 3 at all levels
  • Static Smash
    • No longer has a weapon requirement
    • Now unblockable
    • Drain: 37% - 64% (+3% per level) ⇒ 37% - 55% (+2% per level)


  • Eteneral Enhance core correctly gives +2 to all stats
  • Mark of Azrael correctly gives +6% critical chance
  • Fixed an issue with level 1 Health/Energy being slightly lower than intended
  • Ice Shield now correctly guarantees blocks and deflections. Again. (This skill really likes breaking)
  • Character pages were not properly displaying red stars

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May 19, 2015

Epic Artist Showcase: Deuce


This Friday, we are excited to introduce our first in a series of artist showcase shops! This week, we'll be featuring Guest Artist: Deuce! This mysterious warrior, tired and weathered from years of torment and battle, recently arrived in a remote and forgotten portion of Delta V!


In the old, forgotten Minestation, Deuce wanders, looking for clues to his mysterious arrival and the cause of his lack of memories of his past. 


Speak with him to assist him is a series of brutally challenging missions (created with the assistance of Guest Writer Ranloth) or partake in his shop of signature items. Deuce somehow found time in the Void to handcraft these items and they all reflect his unique style. At least, that's his story. He may have "borrowed" them from some fellow travellers in the Void.

If you're feeling tough, you can challenge Deuce to a 1-on-1 battle for new boss achievement!


He won't give up this achievement easily -- his mind may be clouded, but his skills in battle are razor-sharp! He may have a weakness, though.


Be sure to say, "Hi" to Deuce if you see his real persona in game. 

Again, this is the first of several Guest Artist showcase shops this summer! Our Guest Artists and Guest Writers have contributed so much to EpicDuel since the programs inception. They make these releases with loads of quality content possible. It has been truly inspiring to watch their progress as artists and writers through the weeks, months, and (in some cases) years since they joined the team. We are truly thankful for all of their hard work and tireless dedication to building the world of Delta V!


Legendary Update Update


This Friday, we'll be tying up loose ends from the Legendary update with balance improvement, bug fixes, and a hearty update to the Legendary shops!

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May 15, 2015

Power Up Preview


Live Now: EpicDuel Power Weekend! Get double experience and credits all weekend long! This is a great way to build Legendary ranks quickly and dominate your foes. That buff will help prepare you all for another BIG update next week featuring new items, NPCs, missions, balance changes, and bug fixes!


Legendary Update Update

Last week was a MAJOR update, but there are still items that didn't quite make it to the Legendary Shops. These items from Hatred Cuirass, Theon, and Assassin Order will be added next week!


We will also be addressing some lingering issues from the Legendary update, including bug fixes and further balance adjustments!


Deuce's Showcase

Next week we will also be introducing our first artist showcase featuring Guest Artist Deuce!


Look for his NPC in Delta V with a hearty stock of new Blade of Awe-themed items! He will also have some challenging missions to test your worth. Follow Deuce on Twitter for more previews of his spectacular showcase!


Triumph over Titan!


Last week we released the hardest boss in game: Legendary Titan. We honestly weren't sure if he was actually possible to defeat and the initial impression was that we possibly overshot his stats. As usual, you exceeded our expectations and brought the demi-god down! Congratulations to the following duelists who claimed the Legendary Titan achievement with their incredible combat prowess!

  • comicalbiker
  • ..Cosmic Emperor..
  • ConQrR
  • Drogo.
  • Emolicious
  • FlaShSyll R3v0luTiOn
  • Hegemony
  • RomanianMaster
  • Variation

Who will be the next player to knock the god off the mountain? Will it be...YOU? *points*

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May 08, 2015

Patch Notes - 1.6.45


  • New Legendary categories
    • Medical Mastery: Field Medic heal +2 per point
    • Energy Efficiency: Active core energy cost -1 per point
    • NPC Crusher: +2 damage to NPCs per point
    • NPC Armor: -2 damage from NPCs per point
  • Legendary Achievement
    • A new evolving achievement based on your Legendary Rank with many tiers. Reaching the highest tier will be an incredible accomplishment. Existing Legendary players should immediately see this achievement unlocked.
  • Legendary Shops
    • Three new shops have been added to Titan’s mountain. The items in this shop are unlocked by reaching Legendary Rank 1, Rank 15, and Rank 50, respectively.
    • Items sold by these shops have a new Legendary rarity. They are equivalent in rarity score to Rares.
  • Titan - Legendary mode
    • Titan has a new ultra-difficult challenge option available. A new achievement awaits anyone powerful enough to take him down.



Along with the normal slew of number adjustments, we’ve made a few deeper changes mainly aimed at balancing high-level matches, namely the Underdog buff and using Legendary Rank when considering matchmaking. We’re also adjusting the power of Strength as a stat in a few key ways.

  • Effective Level
    • A lot of changes involve an idea we call your “effective level” or “eLvl” and mainly applies to Legendary players. Basically, we consider each 10 Legendary Ranks you gain to be about equal to 1 level. So if you are Rank 10, your “eLvl” is 41. If you are Rank 78, your eLvl is 47. Since you can spend a maximum of 100 legendary points right now, we cap your eLvl to 50. If you are lower than level 40, your eLvl is the same as your actual level.
  • Underdog Buff
    • This is a new buff that will be applied automatically to 1v1 PvP players when they are lower level than their opponent. For every 2 levels (including eLvls), the lower level player will receive +1 to Strength, Dexterity, Technology, and Support. This is not designed to completely even the playing field, just to give lower level players a fighting chance.
      While this will initially only apply to 1v1 matches, we’re considering ways to expand this into 2v2 and Juggernaut.
  • Matching
    • eLvl is now considered by matchmaking. It will attempt to match players with similar eLvls before allowing higher level differences. Legendary players can match with non-Legendary players just like before, but the Underdog buff may be applied in this case to compensate.
    • eLvl is now considered for First Strike chance and experience / Credit bonuses for winning against higher level players. This means that an eLvl 41 player will have a greater chance to go first and will get bonus experience and Credits for a win against an eLvl 45 player.
    • Maximum level range for non-Legendary 2v2 matches is now 5, down from 6.
  • Gun Damage
    • Gun damage now scales with Dexterity instead of Strength.
    • Because Dexterity provides a number of defensive bonuses, it will scale slower than Primary damage. We’ll be watching to see if adjustments are needed after the patch.
  • Primary Damage
    • The amount of Primary Damage per point of Strength has been lowered.
      For comparison, a player with 100 Strength will do roughly 17 less damage with a normal Strike than before.
  • Critical, Block, Deflect chance
    • The minimum chance for these effects is now 0%.
    • This means a high enough stat advantage will reduce your opponent’s chance to crit, block, or deflect to 0. The number of stats required to accomplish this has been increased, however. See below for details.
    • Cores affecting these chances have been buffed to compensate for this change, making them more effective at balancing weaknesses in your build. These cores are still not affected by stats.
    • These Cores can also no longer exceed the maximum chance for these effects to prevent abuse cases.
  • Critical chance
    • Minimum chance: 1% ⇒ 0%
    • +1% per 7 Support over opponent ⇒ 7.5 Support
  • Block chance
    • Minimum chance: 2% ⇒ 0%
    • 1% per 2.5 Dexterity over opponent ⇒ 5 Dexterity
  • Deflect chance
    • Minimum chance: 2% ⇒ 0%
    • 1% per 3 Technology over opponent ⇒ 5 Technology
  • Skills
    • Artillery Strike
      • Damage: 200-410 ⇒ 205-430 (+25 per point)
      • Energy cost: +5 at all levels (+10 against 2 opponents)
    • Multi-Shot
      • Damage: 200-390 ⇒ 194-410 (+24 per point)
    • Plasma Rain
      • Damage: 180-390 ⇒ 183-390 (+23 per point)
      • Energy cost: -5 at all levels (-10 against 2 opponents)
  • Skill Cores
    • Ninja Reflexes
      • Block chance: 4% ⇒ 6%
    • Deflection Shield
      • Deflect chance: 6% ⇒ 8%
    • Primary / Gun / Auxiliary Mastery
      • Critical chance: 4% ⇒ 5%
    • Lucky Strike
      • Hit chance: 2% version ⇒ 4%
      • Hit chance: 7% version ⇒ 8%
    • Armored Roots
      • Defense increase: 25% ⇒ 33%
    • Chairman’s Fury
      • Damage: 100% ⇒ 85%
      • Energy cost:110 ⇒ 95
    • Concussive Shot
      • Damage: 80 % ⇒ 85%
    • Curse Aura
      • Curse chance: 13% ⇒ 15%
    • Frostbite Aura
      • Frostbite chance: 11% ⇒ 15%
    • Jack-O-Fire
      • Damage: 113% ⇒ 115%
    • Spirit Thorns
      • Energy cost: 90 ⇒ 0
      • Now useable once per battle
    • Yeti Fury
      • Energy Cost: 110 ⇒ 100
      • Damage: 115% ⇒ 105%
      • Now unblockable
    • Gamma Fire
      • Damage: 100% ⇒ 105%
    • Infernal Overload
      • Maximum Damage: 125% ⇒ 120%
    • Azrael's Torment
      • Buff reduction: 65% ⇒ 70%
    • Heart Attack
      • Buff reduction: 65% ⇒ 70%
    • Cleanse
      • Debuff reduction: 65% ⇒ 70%



  • Credit option added to Lionhart weapons and bots

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May 07, 2015



This Friday, prepare for a Legendary update! New Legendary stats, new achievements, new Legendary gear, and a new Legendary boss are coming to EpicDuel!



Near Titan's lonely home in Frysteland, new shops have spawned that are only accessible by those deemed worthy. In these shops, Legendary players will be able to access up to three tiers of Legendary gear. The following is just a small sampling of the amazing content created by our talented Guest Artist team. 


Don't worry, there's a "normal" variant of the war horse as well.




These shops will be expanded over time to continually offer the the most epic gear in Delta V. We'll try to keep the updates rares, but of a very high quality to prevent the shops from being diluted. There's also a chance items will be rotated out of the shops to make room for more items.


Legendary Achievement

Rank up with the new Legendary achievement! 


Show off your status by evolving your achievement all the way up to the 12th tier! This tier is worth a nice tidy sum of Rating Points. Can you reach it?


Legendary Titan

Titan has been working out to a steady regimen of double bacon cheeseburgers and lifting mountains, and he's ready to crack some skulls. 


Challenge Legendary Titan at your own risk. He was designed to be the most challenging fight in the game.


Triumphing over this impressive foe will reward you with a Legendary Titan Achievement!


Underdog Mode and Balance


As mentioned before, Underdog Mode is still in progress. We're vigorously testing and reworking the numbers to make sure it's strong enough to be noticeable, but not so strong that it negates the level advantage of the stronger opponent. More specific numbers will be avaible in the patch notes.

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April 30, 2015

Legendary Preview


Good afternoon, duelists! How goes the war? We're currently engaged in a 2 week build for an epic Legendary revamp scheduled for May 8th. You may have seen some of the projected features described in the April 15th Design Notes.

Our artists are hard at work developing some of the coolest items ever to hit Delta V -- items worthy of the Legendary designation. These items will only be available exclusively to Legendary players.


The Legendary Shops will be broken into 3 separate tiers to cover a range of Legendary Ranks. Each tier will have it's own unique set of items on offer. Being Legendary should feel awesome and we want those who are dedicated enough to achieve that status to really be able to show that status off in as many ways as possible.


The Legendary Shop merchants can be found inside Titan's Peak. This is destined to be a hangout for the best and baddest in all of EpicDuel.



I haven't even covered the new achievements and Legendary stats in this release, but I've got to leave something to talk about next week. We'll also have more specifics concerning the new Legendary stats and more preview images of Legendary content.


"Underdog Mode"

We've all been the underdog in a duel at one point or another. Even the level 40s with dozens of Legendary points started once as lowly level 1s. This can be very frustrating, especially as power levels increase near the cap. An underdog mode is being developed to address this issue by giving the lower level player a boost to help them remain competitive against a much more highly ranked opponent. This will not grant an easy win for a low level player, but merely offer a boost to give the player a fighting chance.

As this feature is still in development, we don't yet have exact figures to offer. We will likely have more details in next week's Design Notes.


Incoming Restock!

We covered this before, but it's so important, it's worth mentioning again. Coming up May 1st is a MASSIVE restock that should slake the appetite of the most warlike Epic-Duelists. That date will herald the return of the incredible Lionhart weapons, Dread weapons, and Legion/Exile Battlegear!

  • Legion/Exile Gear
  • Lionhart Seasonal Rares
  • Dread Seasonal Rares





You may think you'll have plenty of time to get them, but it's easy to save it for later, but forget and miss out. Be sure to pick up these amazing items before they're gone for another year!

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April 24, 2015

Patch Notes - 1.6.44


  • Wasteland War Live!
    • Attackers use Drone Launcher to loot the Ammo Depot
    • Defenders use Drone Sabotage Kits to disable the Launchers
    • New War Prize (Wasteland Runner Armor)!
  • Legion and Exile tanks set to Permanent Rare
  • Avensis Draglin home item
  • Increasing max amount of Bank slots to 500


  • Fixed an issue with Rage where the Rage defense ignore portion of the calculation that improves with Support was not factoring in Gear or Buffs. This error resulted in players inflicting less damage than expected with high Support builds. Details provided by ‘nowras’ in the forums resulted in this fix.
  • Fixed an issue with Shadow Arts and block chance.
  • Fixed an issue where the Daily Mission button would display the wrong amount of time remaining in the day depending on your time zone.
  • Fixed Code Crafter achievement was not actually counting towards the total amount of achievements available under general achievements tab.
  • Fixed an issue where Faction flags would not appear on War Leaderboards in Fortune City, Frysteland and Infernal Mines.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong message would appear during retrain. It would say “Every starting skill must be at least level 1” when actually stat requirements aren’t met.


  • Fixed Egg-citing Adventure Mission dialogue:  “5 Nightmare Eggs Caden, Slayer and RabbleFroth.” > “5 Nightmare Eggs from Caden, Slayer and RabbleFroth.”
  • Fixed Thorns and Spirit Thorns core descriptions. They now clarify that only Player Melee 

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April 23, 2015

PvP MMO Event: The Wasteland War


The Lawman is one of the most powerful individuals on Delta V. Through his domination of the black market weapons trade, he has amassed armies of ruthless soldiers and collected an arsenal of the finest munitions the planet has to offer. This cache resides just beyond his personal suite in the Minetower.


Recently, hostile forces have gathered around the tower to deploy a strategy that could succeed where head-on tactics failed: launch stealthy Drones to loot the cache bullet-by-bullet. Forces defending the cache will attempt to disable the launchers to defend the hoard.


Join the Exiles or Legion forces to attempt to claim the cache for your own alignment. The fate of your alignment's war machine hangs in the balance!


Collect war drops through PvP battles or purchase them from the Wasteland Ammo Depot near the Minetower. This is your chance to elevate your regional Wasteland Influence achievement through participation in the war. Use Drone Cells to power Drone Launchers scattered throughout the Wasteland to loot the Ammo Cache, or, if you're defending the cache, Sabotage the Launchers! 


The prize at stake in this epic war is a mutating armor unlike any in Delta V: The Wasteland Runner Armor. 

Log in. Join up. Duel On!

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April 15, 2015

A Legendary Spring!

With all of the recent attention on our new project BioBeasts, we wanted to reassure players that all of the EpicDuel dev team, including Titan, Nightwraith, Charfade, and Rabblefroth will continue to actively work on EpicDuel. Here is our roadmap for EpicDuel’s direction over the next few months: 

Legendary Improvements


Based on your suggestions, we’ve decided to fix a few commonly reported problems with the Legendary system. The Legendary system doesn’t offer any exclusive rewards, there aren’t enough ways to invest your Legendary points, and matches against a high ranking Legendary player can be heavily one-sided. We’re going to fix these problems with the following improvements:

Introduce NEW Tiered Legendary shops


Players will gain access to exclusive gear only available to Legendary players. The shops will be gated by your Legendary rank. There will be 3 tiers of Legendary shops unlocked at Legendary Ranks 1, 10, and 25. Reach the rank and you can shop at the shops, it’s pretty easy.

New item rarity category "Legendary" items

Currently, EpicDuel offers Normal Items, Seasonal-Rares, Limited-Rares, Rares, Ultra-Rares. The Legendary shops will sell exclusively Legendary items. When calculating inventory rarity scores, the new Legendary items will be worth as much as a typical Rare item.

Evolving Legend Achievement

Players will be rewarded even more for achieving greater Legendary ranks. Reach Legendary status and you’ll unlock this new achievement. Each time you achieve a new Legendary rank your achievement will increase in rating point value.


NEW matching changes Juggernaut and Legendary battles

Implementing an underdog mode to improve the quality of matchmaking and duels. More details on this to be announced.


NEW legend hangout area near Titan's Peak in Frysteland

This will be the location of the new tiered Legendary shops.


NEW categories to invest your Legendary Points:

  • Improve Medic
  • Core Energy Cost Reduction
  • Increased Damage to NPCs
  • Reduced Damage from NPCs


Wasteland War

The Wasteland War is set to launch Friday April 24. This will include a number of fixes to improve the War automation, allowing us to more easily setup war prizes and hide the cooldown until closer to the next war’s actual launch. This should help us avoid confusion as to the date of a war’s launch and prevent the issue of having to move a war date around to accommodate other releases or allow for more development time.

In the Wasteland, Legion and Exile players will vie for control of the Lawman’s not-so-secret weapons cache. Players on the offense will use transport drones to bypass The Lawman’s security measures and loot the cache. Defenders will thwart the drones by sabotaging them at their launch sites scattered throughout the Wasteland.

The best, victorious contenders in this war will receive an impressive mutating armor from Guest Artist Seth Juron!



Because BioBeasts was inspired by the EpicDuel universe, we fully intend to cross-promote both games. Expect upcoming EpicDuel mission and storyline tie-ins that promote BioBeasts. Likewise, BioBeasts will reference and drive interest back to EpicDuel. So while we understand player frustration with the idea that our limited time will be split across 2 projects, our hope is that BioBeasts will increase interest in EpicDuel while simultaneously paving the road for larger scope future projects.  


Returning Rares


How time flies when you're dueling your butt off! April is here and May is around the corner and that means some amazing seasonal rares are ready to populate the shops around Delta V! Most recently, merchants in the Biological Preserve has received stocks of Earth Day Seasonal Rares.

Coming up May 1st is a MASSIVE restock that should slake the appetite of the most warlike Epic-Duelists. That date will herald the return of the incredible Lionhart weapons, Dread weapons, and Legion/Exile Battlegear!

  • Legion/Exile Gear
  • Lionhart Seasonal Rares
  • Dread Seasonal Rares







BioBeasts Promo Pack in EpicDuel

We saw quite a few people in the comments section of BioBeasts’ FAQ asking about a possible EpicDuel Promotional Pack celebrating the launch of our mobile game. We love this idea so we’re running with it. You can expect a BioBeasts-themed EpicDuel Promo Pack to premiere around the launch of BioBeasts.


Guest Artist Showcases


Our Guest Artist Team has been crucial to building the best releases possible for EpicDuel so we’d like to show our appreciation for all their hard work...by making them work even harder! Mwahahaha *cough* I kid! I kid! This Spring and Summer, we’d like to highlight our Guest Artists by giving them their very own showcase shops packed with iconic items that represent each artist’s individual style and personality! You may even be able to duel their NPC avatars in game for a real challenge!

The following are tentative dates for the upcoming showcase shops:

  • Deuce May 22nd
  • Bidoof June 12th
  • Seth Juron June 26th


Dragon's Reckoning 2


You thought it was time to count Dravax the Harbinger out for good? That his precious “master” was off eating planets in some far-flung corner of EpicDuel’s Universe? You would be wrong! Ranloth is crafting a continuation of the Dragonoid Saga to place players in an epic confrontation against a revived Dragonoid menace! Even though this event is planned for late Summer, we’re already stockpiling content to make this event one of the most epic yet!

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