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January 08, 2018

Epic Gifters 2017 and Update

2017 reached it's epic conclusion in EpicDuel with the conclusion of our Gifting Event. Thank you all again for participating! Once again, you've blown us all away with your amazing generosity towards your fellow players! The top 10 have received the Cosmic Battle Yeti and the grand-prize winner, Gladiator Blitz claimed Nightwraith's Gamma Gear! There was a small problem with the Gamma Bot, but this will be fixed when the servers restart tomorrow. 

Congratulations to the Winners!

Although we are sorry to see the event leave, we will be updating the game tomorrow morning to restore the normal war cycle and remove the 15k Varium package. Today will be the final day to take advantage of the 15k Varium package and claim the Epic Supporter 2017 Achievement!

EpicDuel Varium 15000

The update will be between 9-11AM EST tomorrow, so if you want the achievement or 3k bonus Varium, act quickly! Thank you again for playing and DUEL ON!

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November 22, 2017

Gifting Returns 2017

Howdy! It's been awhile, hasn't it? As you may know from previous Design Notes posts, the ED team was reassigned earlier this year to AQ3D. Because of this change, EpicDuel hasn't seem many releases this lately, but it would be a tragedy of hum-bug-ian proportions if we didn't restore one of the game's most anticipated features: Gifting. We didn't have the resources this year that we had in past years to create loads of items, but we tried to bring back as much of the old magic as possible!

Winter 2016

First of all, Winter seasonal rares are available at Torgan and Edgar Boothe in Frysteland, so get them if you've been holding off for whatever reason. Also since this is an extended weekend, we're offering an extended Power Weekend! That means starting midnight tonight, you'll earn Double XP and Credits until Monday! You'll need all the credits you can get for what's to come!



As of the writing, the 2017 gifting feature is locked-in and ready to go -- it's set to launch Friday, December 1st and last until December 31st!

EpicDuel gifting 2017

EpicDuel prize details

This time, the #1 prize will be Nightwraith's own personal Gamma Gear (Bike and Bot)! The top placing players will receive the new Cosmic Battle Yeti morphs!

EpicDuel Varium 15000

To help you prepare for gifting, we've returned the 15,000 Varium package and a NEW Epic Supporter achievement with purchase. Because we didn't want anyone who just bought Varium before the announcement to feel left out, we added the extra Varium and achievement for anyone who purchased the 12,000 Varium pacakge in November. This offer will be removed when the package goes live!


What's Gifting?

For those who forget how this system worked or weren't around the last few times we introduced this EPIC gifting feature, Beleen created great video breaking down this system feature-by-feature:

The dates are changed, but the system remains basically the same. Thanks again, Beleen, for this epic video! Miss ya! 

How do you find the best places to give and receive gifts? The EpicDuel gifting system is a very social feature so it pays to talk to your fellow players and use social media to find the hottest gifting spots and the best times to be online to get gifts. Please, please, please be careful of scammers who thrive during this time of year! Remember -- if an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is!


Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving and Duel On!

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January 31, 2017

Patch Notes - 1.6.71

Bug Fixes

  • Void Essence not showing in inventory
  • Recruitment letter not showing in inventory
  • Daily Code Redeems leaderboard correctly identifies the “Daily Prize Champion” achievement
  • Corrected visual display error with NPC level numbers (LINK)
  • Updated several items to display correctly in the Item Finder (LINK)
  • Mark of Azrael not equippable (fixed)

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January 06, 2017

EpicDuel 2017

EpicDuel 2017

I know it’s an overused cliche at this point, but 2016 has been a beast of a year, filled with tragedy and turmoil, but quite a lot of productivity. This year we saw the launch of BioBeasts which was a triumph for our small team. We experienced many highs and lows in the post-launch aftermath as we wrangled with trends and tried our best to improve the game and help it gain traction in a clogged and bloated marketplace. This year was a triumph for Artix Entertainment as AdventureQuest 3D entered Open Beta. There have been some snags along the way, but it’s unbelievable how far the game has come in such a short span of time.

 We entered December with modest expectations for the gifting release. December is typically a strong month in terms of player population and sales, but it’s been challenging to fight the downward trend of browser games. These past few months we re-dedicated ourselves to EpicDuel in an effort to address many longstanding issues. There are some insurmountable challenges concerning balance, but we took in all of your feedback and did what we could with the time we had and the constraints of an engine thrice rebuilt.


Overall, the releases have performed surprisingly well, once again leaving us in a state of wide-eyed astonishment at the enthusiasm of our players. You definitely surprised us with your passion when servers came back online after the update on December 1st. You sent a clear message that you still love EpicDuel and wish to see it thrive in the new year. We’re constantly humbled and inspired by the fervor of our little community.

Of course, not everyone was overwhelmingly pleased as some balance issues were not thoroughly addressed. Some major changes, like the NPC fill system, are controversial, but necessary for the challenges EpicDuel will face in 2017.

Some of those challenges we’ve been harping on for ages -- It seemed like Flash was going to die in...2012? 2013? 2014? True, it’s still here and kicking, but it’s utility is constantly eroded as other platforms and web standards consume its market share and browsers discontinue or limit support. Flash will probably still be running in 2075 on whatever hacked-together browser exists in the blasted Wastescapes between the shattered Megacities.

The persistence of Flash in the face of extinction doesn’t mean we’re not still concerned by this threat. We mentioned we were experimenting with executable clients, but that approach has some challenges we’re not sure we can overcome. We even looked into porting to Steam, but the fact is that while EpicDuel on Steam would be a boon to our current players, as an aging PvP MMO it would fail to attract the new players it would need to grow and justify continuous development. The only EpicDuel-related project that could break out on the modern market is perhaps a reimagined or completely new game, but such a project would be a massive undertaking and probably at least years away.

If a direct port is not feasible, could a new or rejuvenated product be born from within EpicDuel? We’ve said many, many times that Omega is the last phase. There will not be an EpicDuel Zeta or EpicDuel Gamma 2. Even if we wanted to, we can’t simply roll back some of the massive engine changes that have been accrued over nearly 10 years of development. The inherent flaws of the engine and platform are also reasons why returning to full-time development is not a viable solution either. We want EpicDuel to succeed, but we’re also facing harsh realities of aging technology, a rapidly changing the marketplace, and the current position of our company.


“What about BioBeasts? Wasn’t that supposed to be the great salvation of EpicDuel?” The fate of BioBeasts is covered in a post over at its homepage. The summation is that it didn’t reach the heights we hoped it would, but we’re still proud of it and wouldn’t trade the experience gained from working on that project for anything.

In the face of these challenges, what does the future hold for EpicDuel? In the new year, you can expect the systems of the game to function normally with the continued return of seasonal rares and the reactivated war cycle. In the new iteration, the wars will run with a one week cooldown in between to keep them moving faster so there’s less downtime. Each war region will continue to have unique war prizes. The servers will remain online as long as long as Artix Entertainment can afford to do so, even if the population dwindles to one lone player battling NPCs.

“If you can’t make a new phase or EpicDuel 2 or return to EpicDuel development full time, then WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” For the EpicDuel team 2016 was more trial than triumph, but 2017 will be a year of exploration and expansion -- Exploration of new technologies and expansion of our technical knowledge and skill. This will be done in an effort to look beyond the scope of our limited team with the goal of working to secure the future of Artix Entertainment. Currently, the best way to help AE in the very near term is for us is to bolster the development of modern, interesting projects like AdventureQuest 3D.

Thank you everyone for all you’ve done for EpicDuel, supporting it throughout these many years of development. It hasn’t been easy and we haven’t always made popular decisions concerning the direction of the game, but you’ve stuck with us in spite of everything. Because you believed in EpicDuel. You believed in us and helped the game endure as long as it has. How long can it last? Ultimately, it’s up to you. The lifeblood of EpicDuel has always been it’s players. As long as there are players eager for a duel, Delta V will be open for business.

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January 06, 2017

Patch Notes - 1.6.70


  • Players will now receive a Credit bonus when they level up, roughly equal to the amount of Credits they would have earned before the experience curve changes made in December
  • 3k bonus Varium promotion has ended
  • BioBeasts packages have been removed
  • Increased level of opponents in a Juggernaut match with only NPCs to curb botting attempts
  • Seasonal Rare BioBeasts items will be removed from shops, set to return Sept 18, 2017
  • Weapons/armor will receive credit prices when they return. Cores will remain Varium-only
    • Monkakazi P/E
    • Bio Berserker PE
    • Bio Slayer P/E
    • Bio Blaster P/E
    • Bio Hunter Rifle P/E
    • Hazmat Suit
    • Phase Shift
    • Pacify
    • Tranquility
    • Salvage


  • Lower level players now have an increased chance for First Strike
  • Effective level system for Legendary Ranks has changed. This affects First Strike and Underdog calculations
    • Dev Note: This change should better reflect the fact that the higher Legendary Ranks are not as powerful as early Ranks, stopping the Underdog buff from penalizing higher Legendary players.
    • Old System
      • 10 Ranks = 1 Effective Level (Rank 50 Legendary = Effective Level 45)
    • New System
      • Rank 1-7 Legendary = Effective Level 40
      • Rank 8-19 Legendary = Effective Level 41
      • Rank 20-35 Legendary = Effective Level 42
      • Rank 36-55 Legendary = Effective Level 43
      • Rank 56-79 Legendary = Effective Level 44
      • Rank 80+ Legendary = Effective Level 45

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January 05, 2017

New Year New Update!

Happy New Year, EpicDuelists! Here's to a new year with new beginnings, new challenges, and new triumphs! I'd like to congratulate our Epic gifters this year who blew away our expectations for generosity, especially ..Cosmic Emperor.. who received my very own Founder Armor! Wear it with pride!

Winter Gifting Winner

Thanks again to everyone who participated in this event, even if you only gave one gift or just did something nice for a fellow player. 


Update Time!

For the first update of 2017, which should arrive tomorrow, we'll be making a few changes. First, and most noticeable, we'll be reverting the 15,000 Varium package back to 12,000. As soon as we update, you'll not be able to earn the Ultra-Rare Epic Supporter Achievement again, so if you've been on the fence, now's the time to act!

15000 Varium Offer

We'll also finally be removing the BioBeasts packages from the shop. The promotional items, including their cores, will also be removed from their in-game shops on Galatea and the Monkakazi until September 18, 2017, when they will be available for Credits as well as Varium. 


War Online

When we update, we will also reactivate the War, which should resume at Central Station. There will be a brief delay before the War region officially activates on Monday to make sure everyone is aware and prepared for it. Wars have been updated to have a shorter cooldown between, unlike the variable cooldown times of before which could stretch for months.


Balance Changes

We'll also be addressing some balance issues with this update, including First Strike, Underdog, and Legendary Ranks!


EpicDuel Team 2017

What's on the agenda for 2017? We've been meeting with Artix and other team leads to determine the best direction to proceed for our personal growth and the good of the entire company. We'll post a Design Note concerning the outcome of those meetings tomorrow after the update. 

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December 12, 2016

Patch Notes - 1.6.68


  • NEW Limited Time Holiday Varium Package
    • 12,000 Varium + 3,000 Bonus Varium
    • “Epic Supporter” Achievement
    • Note: All players that have purchased $50 promo packages since Cyber Monday will automatically receive a bonus 3000 Varium per package they’ve purchased. Thanks for your support!
  • New Evolving Achievement: Candy Canes!
  • NPC Fill System
    • In order to ensure that players can always find matches, especially while leveling to 40, NPCs will now be automatically added to battles at intervals if a player cannot be found.
    • The system will pick a level-appropriate NPC to add to the match if a player was not found in a certain amount of time. In the case of 2v2 and Juggernaut, 1 NPC will be added at a time until the match is full.
    • NPCs level 37+ will not be added to battles, so players near/at max level should see less NPCs than lower level players
    • NPC AI has been improved to make better strategic decisions than before. Notably they can now heal allies and will generally try to attack the more appropriate target in 2v2s.
    • A number of NPCs had their level updated to make sure enough NPCs exist at every level.
  • Limited Rare automatic shipments
    • Non-Seasonal Limited Rares will now automatically be restocked every few weeks if depleted. Check NPCs with limited quantity items such as Charfade or Dage to see when the next restock will happen.
  • Minor Item Changes
    • Cryo Crafts renamed to Blue and Red Cryocrafts for clarity in the item finder
    • Dragon Buster Armor now defined as “Rare Promo”
    • Hiding many staff/unavailable items from item finderItems only attainable through missions hidden from item finderAdding “Battle Drop” categorization to items that were not displaying correctly in item finder


  • Juggernaut
    • Dev Note: We undershot Juggernaut matching, especially since Underdog is now a thing. We want to keep Underdog to balance out getting, say, two level 32s in one match and two level 27s in the next. This way we can keep the difficulty of each match relatively equal while keeping the level ranges large enough to try and get matches in a reasonable time. This gives us a lot more balancing levers to get Juggernaut battles in a good spot.
    • Level range lowered from 5-10 lower than Juggernaut to 7-13 levels lower (A level 40 Juggernaut will now match with level 27-32 opponents)
    • Underdog now starts 10 effective levels lower than the Juggernaut, previously 5
  • Legendary Ranks
    • Dev Note: We were hearing a lot of feedback on the Legendary Rank system, namely that it provides too much power, and that 10 Ranks were generally worth more than 1 regular level. With these changes we intend to bring down the overall power given by Ranks, which should also even out the 10 ranks to 1 level ratio.
    • Primary Damage: 3 → 1 per point
    • Sidearm Damage: 4 → 2 per point
    • Auxiliary Damage: 4 → 2 per point
    • Defense: 3 → 1 per point
    • Resistance: 3 → 1 per point
    • Robot Damage: 4 → 2 per point
    • Medical Mastery: 2 → 1 per point
    • Energy Efficiency: 1 per point (unchanged)
    • NPC Crusher: 2 → 1 per point
    • NPC Armor: 2 → 1 per point
    • Price to unlock slots: 15k → 10k Credits, 250 → 175 Varium
  • First Strike
    • Lower level players are now more likely than before to go first, compensating for Underdog Support buffs.
  • Smoke Screen
    • Dexterity debuff: -2 at all levels
  • Static Grenade
    • Energy drain increased by 1 every 1.5 Support, previously 0.5.
  • Fireball
    • Debuff duration: 1 → 2 turns

Bug Fixes

  • Massive Strike core could not be equipped to primary weapons
  • Several NPCs were missing correct color values or armor or hairstyles

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December 09, 2016

Gifting 2016 Continues

Howdy EpicDuelists! We hope you're enjoying the new gifting season! Some of you have been very enthusiastic about gifting so starting Monday (as soon as the next release is live), we'll be offering a 15,000 Varium package. This will replace the 12,000 Varium package for a limited time. 


Everyone who acquires this package will receive, as a bonus, an Epic Supporter achievement worth 2500 Rating Points!


"BUT NIGHTWRAITH!" you exclaim. "I've already purchased a $50 package!" I have good news for you -- we'll be awarding 3000 Varium to to all who've purchased the 12k Varium or BioBeasts packages at least since gifting began.

This new package, along with the BioBeasts package, will be available until shortly after the gifting event ends.


Enter the Maze

Find the center of the maze.

Our areas of focus on EpicDuel for the last few months have been primarily to improve the sustainability and longevity of the game as well and increased the enjoyment of players at all level ranges. Player counts tend to peak around December, but at certain times of day it can still be challenging to find a good match! Since acquiring new players becomes more challenging each year, we've developed a solution to this ongoing problem: AI.

In order to ensure that players can always find matches, especially while leveling to 40, NPCs will be automatically added to battles at intervals while waiting if a player cannot be found. The system will pick a level-appropriate NPC to add to the match if a player was not found in a certain amount of time. In the case of 2v2 and Juggernaut, 1 NPC will be added at a time until the match is full.

NPC battles

To make NPCs more competant allies, we've improved their AI so they will attempt to heal a partner in critical condition. They're not perfect, but neither are human allies. We've also worked to minimize the instances of only one player in a 2v2 having an AI partner.

NPC battles

While you may be apprehensive about this change, it actually enables some fresh and interesting scenarios.

NPC battles

NPCs level 37+ will not be added to battles, so players near/at max level should see less NPCs than lower level players. If you're a level 40, you will probably rarely encounter an NPC. This change is primarily intended to bolster the matching at low-to-mid level ranges so players will be more likely to stick with the game and eventually reach the cap!



Tired of bugging the devs on Twitter to restock your favorite item? Angry that your favorite items are always restocked when you're asleep or in school/at work? We finally have a solution for you! Non-Seasonal Limited Rares will now automatically be restocked every few weeks if depleted. Check NPCs with limited quantity items such as Charfade to see when the next restock will happen.


Legendary Balance

This is probably the hottest balance topic right now and we're addressing it with this release. We were hearing a lot of feedback on the Legendary Rank system, namely that it provides too much power, and that 10 ranks were generally worth more than 1 regular level. With this we want to bring down the overall power given by Ranks, which should also even out the 10 ranks to 1 level ratio. We are also reducing the credit and Varium prices to make the ranks more affordable.


Juggernaut Balance

We undershot a bit with the Juggernaut matching, especially since Underdog is now a thing. We want to keep Underdog buffs in Juggernaut to balance out the difference between getting, say, two level 32s vs two level 27s. This way we can keep the difficulty of each match relatively equal while keeping the level ranges large enough to try and get matches in a reasonable time. This gives us a lot more balancing levers to pull to get Juggernaut battles in a better spot


Look for all these features and more when our next release goes live Monday (probably sometime in the mid-afternoon). Why Monday? So we have as much time as possible to test and get last-minute feedback for this major update!

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December 01, 2016

Patch Notes - 1.6.67


  • Players will now level to 40 around 3 times faster. Current player’s experience will be lowered to match the new curve, but your current level or legendary ranks will not change. Experience per Legendary rank is unchanged as we don’t want to increase the speed that Legendary points are gained.
    Dev note: We hope this will get new and existing players to the end-game faster, improving the matching experience for everyone, and making the leveling process a bit smoother.
    Please Note: You may be required to retrain and see that you have fewer stat points. This is normal and part of the new leveling curve change.

  • War cooldown lowered from 14 to 7 days

    • This will minimize the duration between wars when players and factions cannot earn Influence.

  • Faction Founder Stepdown

    • Faction Founders can now promote an Officer upward to replace themselves as Founder.

    • WARNING: Performing this action cannot be reversed and will result in the current Founder being demoted to Officer.

  • Added Basic Energy Blaster and Basic Bazooka to VendBots as free items

  • New Player Rating leaderboard

  • Omega Egg drop rate increases on Titan

  • Nightmare Egg drop rate increases on Caden

  • Added Cores to various merchants as seasonal/limited rares for Varium. Some area not currently in season and thus not available.

    • Edgar Boothe

      • Icy Chill

      • FrostBite

      • Frost Aura

      • Edgar Boothe

      • Hair Trigger

      • Spirit Thorns

      • Icy Overkill

      • Absorption

      • Hawk Guardian P

      • Hawk Guardian E

    • Monkakazi

      • Pacify

      • Phase Shift

      • Tranquility

      • Salvage

    • Administrator 10

      • Legion Strike

      • Improbability Gate

    • Exile Leader

      • Exile Strike

    • Naomi

      • Lucky Strike

    • Immanence

      • Lionhart’s Shield

    • Thalyssa

      • Deep Plague  

    • Black Abyss Cache

      • Hatchling Rush

    • Xraal

      • Growth Serum

      • Rooted  

      • Thorn Assault

    • SolarWorld Factory

      • Chairman’s Fury

    • Caden

      • Dark Omen

    • Snork

      • Jack-O-Fire

      • Jack-O-Fire x25

  • Armors

    • Clawsuit Armor CC

    • Clawsuit Armor

  • Bots

    • Infernal Android separated into Infernal Android P/E

    • All players who own the Android will receive both

  • Swords

    • Chrono Blade 2017 (Heromart item only)

    • Festive Broadsword P/E

    • Regal Festive Broadsword P/E

    • Cookie Saber P/E

    • Cookie Buster P/E

  • Blades

    • Festive Blades P/E

  • Clubs

    • Festive Mace P/E

  • Staffs

    • Festive Staff P/E

  • Sidearms

    • Cookie Blaster P/E

  • Auxiliaries

    • Cookie Launcher P/E

  • Home Items

    • Titan Claus

    • Claus Staff Right

    • Claus Staff Left

    • Frost Goblin Left

    • Frost Goblin Right

    • EDES Console



  • Dev note: A lot, but not all, of these individual changes are targeted at a few main goals - 1) Buff Mercenary, 2) Nerf current Bounty Hunter while giving them other build options, 3) Lower the effect of energy gain skills, 4) address level disparity issues in 2v2 and Juggernaut. We’ll be listening to your feedback and plan to do a followup patch in a few weeks if necessary.

  • Underdog

    • Now applies to 2v2 matches. Underdogs receive a buff that increases in power for each level they are below the average of the other team. Note that each 10 Legendary levels count as a normal level for Underdog calculations, just as they do in 1v1 matches. Players on both teams may receive an Underdog buff depending on matchups.

    • Also used in Juggernaut matches. Underdogs receive a buff that tries to get them to 5 levels under the Juggernaut’s level. We’ll keep an eye on this and do adjustments in December if necessary.

  • Juggernaut

    • Juggernauts now receive a passive buff granting them a 20% buff to their base Strength, Dexterity, Technology, and Support.

  • Energy

    • All classes now gain 1.5 Energy per level, down from 2

  • Static Smash

    • Energy gain increased from 75% to 100% of energy drained.

  • Blood Commander

    • Lifesteal increased from 60% to 75% of Strength gained

  • Bunker Buster

    • Damage increased by 10

  • Mark of Blood

    • Lifesteal lowered by 3%

  • Static Grenade

    • Energy gain lowered from 65% to 60%

  • Massacre

    • Energy required lowered by 20

  • Shadow Arts

    • Energy required lowered by 10

  • Energy Parasite

    • Support requirement lowered by 1 per level

    • Energy gain lowered from 150% to 140% of energy drained

  • Plasma Cannon

    • Resistance ignore increased from 10% to 15%

  • Fireball

    • Defense/Resist debuff increased from 5% to 10%

  • Plasma Bolt

    • Scaling increased from +1 damage per 0.4 Tech to 0.35 (More damage per Technology)

  • Battery Backup

    • Energy gain lowered by 10

  • Multishot, Plasma Rain, Artillery Strike

    • Cooldown increased from 2 to 3 turns


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed problem where switching faction alignment could charge incorrect Varium amount

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November 23, 2016

Winter 2016 Update

Winter 2016

Winter is coming and that means the return of EpicDuel's most anticipated event of the year: Gifting! Until then, you can stock up on returning seasonal rares available at Torgan and Edgar Boothe in Frysteland!

Power Weekend

Since this is an extended weekend, we're offering an extended Power Weekend! That means starting midnight tonight, you'll earn Double XP and Credits until Monday! You'll need all the credits you can get for what's to come!


Coming Soon

Gifting 2016

As mentioned before, our annual gifting event is just around the corner, NEXT WEEK, in fact! This time, the #1 prize will be Nightwraith's own personal Founder Armor! The top placing players will receive the new Platinum Yeti morphs!


Other Updates

Based on your feedback in the forums, we're including many more features, adjustments, and balance improvements that should shift some of the game's fundamentals for the better (hopefully!). Obviously, we can't incorporate every suggestion -- we don't have the time, resources, or engine flexibility to include them all --  but we can do our best to improve the longevity and fun-factor of the game as we head into 2017!


What kind of improvements are we making? I'll list a few below:


Improved Leveling Curve

Many prominent players have remarked that one of EpicDuel's biggest problems in the early game is that it just takes too dang long to level up! We agree, so we're adjusting the leveling curve to allow players to reach the cap much faster (up to 3x faster) than before.


Founder Step-Down

This feature request goes waaaaay back to the initial release of factions. With this feature, faction founders will be able to promote another faction member to become the new founder. The founder will be demoted to whatever status the promote player was. This feature has a multi-step confirmation process so it shouldn't be possible to "slip" and put a rando in charge of your prestigious faction. 


Unbound Cores

We will be introducing cores from promos past (excluding development phase items) as unbound cores. This means you will be able to buy and attach cores like Platinum's pride to any weapon you desire. We're doing this to give you some of the flexibilty and customization we promised at the start of Omega.


Fine Tuning

We've adjusted many of the skills and cores in the game based on your suggestions. Because testing is still underway, we won't list the numbers here just yet. We will likely do another balance pass after the Gifting event goes live and more battle feedback can be gathered.


Juggernaut and 2v2 Balance

Matching in these modes has been a pain for awhile now, but we're testing some solutions to improve this situation. Juggernauts will receive a buff similar to Underdog which will scale with their opponents. 2v2 partners can also receive a modified Underdog buff that's been customized for this mode.



Development is ongoing and we'll cram as many features and items as we can in what time we have. We though about doing a promotional package, but realized that introducing several new cores in the midst of all the other balance changes would probably not be the best idea. Expect a follow-up release after the initial Gifting launch for fixes, adjustments, and a few features that didn't quite make the initial cut.


Happy Thanksgiving and Duel On!

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