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September 13, 2011

Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Ahoy there, you Bilge rats, man Jacks and Stowaways! It be your Master-at-arms, Cinderella. Hold fast and read well this here flag hoist, to avoid bein’ sent to Davy Jones’ Locker.

Yarr, it be Talk Like a Pirate Day, and for the first time, we’re celebrating here on Delta V. Let your colors fly with the Talk Like a Pirate Day achievement, send your enemies across the bar with new Pirate-themed weapons, and look the part with new nautical styles!  If you're really feeling saucy, you'll also notice the new pirate-themed Faction flags to create a Jolly Roger of your choosing!

And of course, you’ll need to talk like a pirate on September 19th, or you might have to meet with the Captain’s Daughter!

(For future reference, the Captain’s Daughter is another name for a Cat of Nine Tails, an instrument of punishment.)


Pirate Booty *Update*!

In order to make enough epic weapons for everyone, Varium and non-Varium alike, we're taking a bit more time to finalize and test the TLaPD weapons.  Look for them to drop at BigTuna's shop in the West Naval Yard around the actual Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19).


Yarr!  Thar be nautical nightmares!

It's been a shark kinda week. 


Yarr!  Thar be severed heads!

Be stylin' with classic and futuristic pirate styles!


Pirate Cheevo!

Stop by a VendBot anywhere on Delta V to pick up the TLaPD achievement for 1500 Battle Tokens! 

Ding!  Pirate!

"Yarrr...I'm unattrictive."


Farewell to Dragon Weapons

Nightwraith was nice enough to extend the length of time the Dragon weapons were in the shop. However, it’s time to send them down to Davy Jones’ Locker until next year!

Everyone who should have received the Dragon Master achievement but was not awarded it should have already received it by now.  Email Nightwraith@Battleon.com if you're still having an issue!


Making the Lag Beast Walk the Plank!

Titan and his new assistant have been working feverishly all week to determine the source of the recent lag woes in EpicDuel, which have caused skipped turns and other bizarre and annoying bugs. Are two heads really better than one?  We'll find out soon enough! Literally ever action in the game have been examined to address the problem, which means drastic changes abound through the engine. If you notice any new bugs crop up, please report them in the forums!


They Might be Giant...

...Water bugs! Known among scientists as Belostomatidae, Giant Water Bugs are the largest insects in the order Hemiptera (also known as True Bugs), between 2cm and 12cm or more in length. These giant predators prey upon crustaceans, fish, and amphibians, and have been known to feed on baby turtles and water snakes. They pierce their prey and inject the victim with digestive fluids. They have been known to bite humans, and their bite is considered the most painful.

One interesting aspect of Belostomatidae is that they are one of the few insects to demonstrate parental care. After mating, the female lays her eggs on the male’s back, and it is he who cares for the eggs until they hatch.  

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