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March 15, 2019

Dage Overload!

Dage Overload!

This week EpicDuel is overloaded with new Dage the Evil weapons available in class-specific varieties to let you craft a truly killer build! Also, production is still underway for EpicDuel's HeroMart bounty. The proof is in the proofs (printing humor) as the new posters arrive hot off the presses!



To help Focus builds, some changes were made to the following skills:

  • Blood Mage
    • Fireball: 1 turn warmup
  • Cyber Hunter
    • Static Charge: Improves with Technology instead of Support
    • Improves with every 7 Technology instead of 5
  • Mercenary
    • Blood Commander: Lifesteal increased to 70% from 60%


Weapons -- Located on Dage the Evil

Dage wasn't done sharing his bounty with some glorious class-specific weapons for EpicDuel! Some of these are very low quantity, so the collectors will want to hurry to get them before they run out!

  • Swords
    • Legion Phantasm Blade P
    • Legion Phantasm Blade E
  • Mutating
    • Legion Overfiend Warlord P
    • Legion Overfiend Warlord E
    • Legion Rune Brawler P
    • Legion Rune Brawler E
  •  Blades
    • Wrath of the Legion Daggers P
    • Wrath of the Legion Daggers E
    • Legion Phantasm Daggers P
    • Legion Phantasm Daggers E
    • Legion Caladbolg Blades P
    • Legion Caladbolg Blades E
    • Legion Dark Reavers P
    • Legion Dark Reavers E
    • WarSeeker's Dual Blades P
    • WarSeeker's Dual Blades E
  • Clubs
    • Legion Caladbolg Axe P
    • Legion Caladbolg Axe E
    • Wrath of the Legion Axe P
    • Wrath of the Legion Axe E
    • Legion Phantasm Axe P
    • Legion Phantasm Axe E
    • Legion War Axe P
    • Legion War Axe E
    • WarSeeker's Axe P
    • WarSeeker's Axe E
  • Staffs
    • SpellCaster's Dark Staff P
    • SpellCaster's Dark Staff E
    • SpellCaster's Bright Staff P
    • SpellCaster's Bright Staff E
    • Legion Caladbolg Staff P
    • Legion Caladbolg Staff E
    • WarSeeker's Staff P
    • WarSeeker's Staff E
    • Legion Sigil Staff P
    • Legion Sigil Staff E





Coming Soon

As I write this Bido and Deuce are hard at work on more Spring/Celtic/Easter content that should be hitting the game soon! Be sure to follow them on Twitter for updates!

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March 08, 2019

Epic Merchandise!

Epic HeroMart Restock

Greetings! This week we have some very exciting news for those who have been hankering for a piece of EpicDuel merch, which have been out of stock for ages: HeroMart will soon be restocking sold out EpicDuel merchandise and selling brand new merch, which will include items in EpicDuel AND AQW! This should be great news for those of you who wanted another chance to get a piece of EpicDuel you can hold in your hand, hang on your wall, or cover your body! Be sure to follow HeroMart for the latest updates when these new products hit the shelves! We don't know how many they're producing, but we wouldn't sleep on it very long!  



  • Block Formula Adjustment: Block Dexterity rate 4 instead of 5 (block rate improves more quickly as Dexterity increases)
  • Block Max % increased to 40 from 35


Bug Fixes/ Changes

  • Change: Health and Energy Packs increased to +240 Health/Energy
  • Change: Health and Energy Boosters increased to +340 Health/Energy
    FIX: Depositing mission/misc items into Bank caused the client to hang
  • FIX: Dage travel forms now included in Dage Collector 2019 Achievement
  • FIX: The most recent War prize was incorrected coded as an NPC armor. This was intended to be a unique CC armor based on NPC armor. Update should be automatic



  • Alydroid Hairstyle to complement the new war prize.


These achievements will be available with codes from the upcoming new Heromart items!

  • Pride of the Exiles (this will be available with the Slayer vs. Harbinger Print)
  • Pride of the Legion (this will be available with the Pride of the Exiles Print)
  • Slayer Vs Harbinger (this will be available with the Pride of the Legion Print)



These weapons will be available with codes from the upcoming new Heromart items!

  • Harbinger Battlegear P (this will be available with the Slayer vs. Harbinger Print)
  • Harbinger Battlegear E (this will be available with the Slayer vs. Harbinger Print)
  • Exile Pride Cleaver P (this will be available with the Pride of the Exiles Print)
  • Exile Pride Cleaver E (this will be available with the Pride of the Exiles Print)
  • Legion Pride Cleaver P (this will be available with the Pride of the Legion Print)
  • Legion Pride Cleaver E (this will be available with the Pride of the Legion Print)


Home Items

These items will be available with codes from the upcoming new Heromart items!

  • Slayer vs. Harbinger Poster (this will be available with the Slayer vs. Harbinger Print)
  • Pride of the Exiles Poster (this will be available with the Pride of the Exiles Print)
  • Pride of the Legion Poster (this will be available with the Pride of the Legion Print)


New Artist Arrives

We'd like to formally welcome Junny Osan to the EpicDuel Team. He'll be working with us, joining Bido and Deuce for some much-needed art assistance! 

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March 01, 2019

EpicDuel and Dage's Birthday!

Dage the Evil

Today Dage the Evil and EpicDuel are both celebrating birthdays! Visit Dage the Evil in the Wasteland for an amazing armory of epic new undead wares! Also, today marks the 10th Anniversary of EpicDuel's Alpha Launch!


Meet Dage the Evil at the base of the Wasteland Minetower to inspect his amazing inventory of new weapons. This is already an impressive arsenal, but there are many more weapons on the way (next week)! 

  • Paragon Spear P
  • Paragon Spear E
  • Paragon Fiend's Blade P
  • Paragon Fiend's Blade E
  • Legion Overfiend Blade P
  • Legion Overfiend Blade E
  • Wrath of the Legion Blade P
  • Wrath of the Legion Blade E
  • Enchanted Caster Scythe P
  • Enchanted Caster Scythe E
  • Legion Caladbolg Bow P
  • Legion Caladbolg Bow E
  • UltraWrath of the Legion P
  • UltraWrath of the Legion E
  • Legion Bright Scythe P
  • Legion Bright Scythe E
  • Legion Dark Scythe P
  • Legion Dark Scythe E
  • Legion Overfiend Warlord P
  • Legion Overfiend Warlord E
  • Paragon of Parity Blade P
  • Paragon of Parity Blade E
  • Paragon OverFiend's Blade P
  • Paragon OverFiend's Blade E
  • WarSeeker's Blade P
  • WarSeeker's Blade E


Travel Forms

Dage can gift you with the ability to warp your form into a new twisted abomination. Want to run throw Central Station as an undead horse? Now you can!

  • Dark Caster Skull
  • Knightmare War Horse
  • Knightmare Horse



Dage's Paragon armor has a new coat of bling. Those with heaps of Credits to spend couldn't ask for a more imposing way to show off their post-gifting wealth!

  • Dage’s Platinum Paragon (Epic Legendary Arsenal)



  • Dage’s Platinum Paragon Helm



Take on the ultimate challenge with a trusted ally. Regular Dage the Evil was already on of the most challenging bosses in the game. Will you be the first to defeat his Legendary form?

  • 2v1 Boss Legendary Dage the Evil



Boost your rating score with 3 new achievements! That Legendary Dage Achievement is going to be tough to get!

  • Ten Year Alpha (Grab it for Free to commemorate the 10th anniversary of EpicDuel's Alpha!)
  • Dage Collector 2019 (Earn by buying 1 new Dage item)
  • Legendary Dage the Evil Achievement



Buy an underworld dwelling of your very own!

  • Paragon Fiend's Dome (3 room home)


Home Items

What would an underworld home be without plenty of Dage/Undead-themed decorations? If there's one thing all Dage fans can agree on, it's that you can never have too many skulls, bones, or blue fire!

  • Paragon Fiend's Helm Right
  • Paragon Fiend's Helm Left
  • Paragon Fiend's Wings
  • Paragon Fiend's Blade
  • Paragon Spear
  • Double-Edged Paragon Spear
  • Paragon's Famine Right
  • Paragon's Famine Left
  • Paragon's Knightmare Right
  • Paragon's Knightmare Left
  • WarSeeker's Skull Right
  • WarSeeker's Skull Left
  • Wings of the UnderWorld
  • Dark Runes of the UnderWorld
  • Bright Runes of the Underworld
  • Legion OverFiend Blade
  • Dark Caster Skull Right
  • Dark Caster Skull Left
  • Legion Sigil
  • Spikes of the Underworld
  • Dark Caster's Tome
  • WarSeeker's Blades Right
  • WarSeeker's Blades Left
  • WarSeeker's Horned Visor Right
  • WarSeeker's Horned Visor Left
  • WarSeeker's Mage Statue Right
  • WarSeeker's Mage Statue Left
  • Legion SpellCaster Statue Right
  • Legion SpellCaster Statue Left
  • WarSeeker's Knight Statue Right
  • WarSeeker's Knight Statue Left
  • Legion Mage Statue Right
  • Legion Mage Statue Left
  • Legion OverFiend Crest
  • Dark Rider Chest Bank Right
  • Dark Rider Chest Bank Left
  • Paragon Fiend Rider Right
  • Paragon Fiend Rider Left
  • Paragon Fiend Bobblehead Right
  • Paragon Fiend Bobblehead Left
  • Paragon of Parity Blade
  • Crossed Paragon Spears 


To help improve the viability of Focus builds, we've buffed Cyber Hunter's EMP and Plasma grenade. To compensate for the buff, Stun grenade base damage was adjusted to match Plasma Grenade.

  • Cyber Hunter:
    • EMP: Energy cost reduced by 20
    • Plasma Grenade: Damage starts at 190 base and goes up by 20
  • Tactical Merc and Bounty Hunter:
    • Stun Grenade: Damage starts at 190 base and goes up by 20 for parity with Plasma Grenade


EpicDuel's 10 Year Anniversary!

Ten years? Where does the time go? When we first launched EpicDuel's public Alpha ten years ago, we never would have imagined that kind of longevity for the game. During those lean times, subsisting on bulk ramen and generic cereal, we would have been thrilled at the prospect of half that lifespan. Thanks to players like you, we've succeeded beyond our wildest expectations, hosting millions of PvP battles for players from all over the world. Although the player count isn't near our peak, we're still live and updating after ten years, which is not a boast many other MMOs can make. Whether you're an Alpha, Elite, Founder, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Omega, or brand new player, thank's for visiting Delta V!

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February 22, 2019

Azrael's Buff

Azrael's Evolution

A voice cries out from the Void. It screams "BUFF ME!" We answer, "Oh...Ok." This update sees a substantial buff to the skills of Azrael's Evolution promo pack in addition to a huge blast from the past you probably thought you'd never see again in EpicDuel!



In response to player feedback, we've buffed the damage from the promotional cores to make them worth the sacrifice of precious HP for the boost to damage output. We've also made some adjustments to class skills, including an change that could make Intimidate a much saucier skill for Mercenaries and Blood Mages!

  • AOE Skills and cores multi-hit damage increased to 85%
  • Feast of Flesh: Spend 125 HP to increase top Stat 20%, Crit %, and Rage
    • Boosts Rage 50% on initial use
  • Blood Bullets: Spend 80 HP for 135% sidearm damage
  • Mercenary and Blood Mage:
    • Intimidate: In addition to debuffing strength, it debuffs Rage gain % by the same value
  • Cyber Hunter:
    • Static Charge returned to 100% damage



Step into the Afterlife with a partner and challenge the Legendary Void King for the battle of your life (or unlife)!

  • 2v1 Boss Legendary Void King
    • Legendary Void King Slayer Achievement



In desperate need of energy? Temporarily sacrifice some armor for a full tank with this potent new active armor core available from Endless M4tr1x.

  • Spirit Meld: Sacrifice Armor Defense and Resistance for 5 turns for full Energy
    • Disables Defense and Resistance from Armor
    • Additional -15% Defense and Resistance to user

As a blast from the past, the Health and Energy Packs and Boosters have returned to Vendbots and Valestra! The Health Packs and Boosters are affected by Heal modifiers like Critical Heal and the Medical Mastery Legendary Skill.

  • Health Pack x25: Increase Health 150 Points
  • Health Booster x25: Increase Health 250 Points
  • Energy Pack x25: Increase Energy 250 Points
  • Energy Booster x25: Increase Energy 250 Points
  • Health Booster: Increase Health 250 Points
  • Energy Booster: Increase Energy 250 Points
  • Generator x25 price change to 2500 Credits or 195 Varium



Need a boost to your Rating Points and have a few credits to spare...or a few million? Give yourself a belated Valentine by with the new upgradeable Tiny Heart Achievement!

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February 15, 2019

Patch Notes - 1.7.10

We just rolled a small patch with some skill adjustments and a major bug fix for the Azrael's Artillery auxiliaries.

New Features/Changes

  • Feast of Flesh now costs 130 HP instead of 150 HP
  • Blood Bullet now costs 80 HP instead of 100 HP

Bug Fixes

  • Spreadfire (Aux) should now work as intended in 2v2 and Juggernaut battles.

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February 15, 2019

Azrael's Evolution

Azrael's Evolution

New Azrael's Evolution Promo Package!

The Omega Wolf Pack has retreated to it's wintry den to make way for Azrael's Evolution! Get 8 awesome new weapons in one pack complete with powerful new cores!

Azrael's Evolution P
Azrael's Evolution E
Azrael's Bloodletter P
Azrael's Bloodletter E
Azrael's Punisher P
Azrael's Punisher E
Azrael's Artillery P
Azrael's Artillery E



  • Spreadfire (Auxiliary): Damages all enemies. Deals 80% damage if it hits multiple targets.
  • Feast of Flesh (Primary): Sacrifice 150HP for +8 Strength, bonus Crit chance, and extra Rage gain for 4 turns.
    • +8 Strength
    • +20% Crit chance
    • +20% Connect chance
    • +10% Crit defense ignore
    • +20% Rage gain
  • Blood Bullets (Sidearm): Spend 100HP for 20% more sidearm damage.



Due to the advantage posed by AOE sidearm and auxiliary weapons, AOE damage against 2 targets has been reduced to 80% for skills and items that can target 2 enemies.


Radiant Heartbreaker Gear

Want something for your collection of seasonal weapons that's a bit less bloody? Visit Bido in the Afterlife to collect a brand new set of Radiant Heartbreaker Weapons!

Radiant Heartbreaker P
Radiant Heartbreaker E
Radiant Magnum P
Radiant Magnum E
Radiant Bowzooka P
Radiant Bowzooka E
Radiant Heartbreaker Sword P
Radiant Heartbreaker Sword E

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