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November 15, 2019

Balance Boost!

Balance Boost

Call in an orbital strike or summon a bloody firestorm against your foes with two new ultimate skills in the latest update: Annihilation and Maestrom!



This latest balance update is packed with updates, buffs, and 2 new skills for Blood Mages and Tactical Mercenaries!

  • Tactical Mercenary
    • Surgical Strike replaced with Annihilation
    • Annihilation: Fire a concentrated physical beam that reduces target's Rage by 50%; 30% lifesteal
  • Blood Mage
    • Replaced Supercharge with Maelstrom
    • Maelstrom: Summon a bloody firestorm ignoring 30% of the target's Defense
  • Tech Mage:
    • Supercharge: Remove rage bonus
  • Hardened Armor: No use limit. 4 turn cooldown
  • Armored Roots: No use limit. 4 turn cooldown
  • Nanotech Shield Buff: 5%
    • Lvl 1: 17
    • Lvl 2: 19
    • Lvl 3: 21
    • Lvl 4: 23
    • Lvl 5: 25
    • Lvl 6: 26
    • Lvl 7: 27
    • Lvl 8: 28
    • Lvl 9: 29
    • Lvl 10: 30


Item Changes

  • Ember Slayer: Active Core Unlocked
  • Frost Slayer: Active Core Unlocked
  • Frost Destroyer: Active Core Unlocked


World Changes

World 7 now available from the world map!


War Cooldown and Gifting

You may have noticed the the latest war cooldown is longer than usual. Much longer. For EpicDuel regulars, that means gifting is coming up! New achievements and seasonal UI systems are being setup to enable gifting, which means the latest Frystland War will be the last for 2019. Congratulations to the Exiles, though Legion did manage to score some wins this time around.

Look for more formal announcements concerning the next gifting event soon!

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November 13, 2019

Heroic Housing 2019 Winners!

Heroic Housing 2019

First of all, I want to extend my appreciation and thanks to everyone who participated in the EpicDuel Heroic Housing Contest 2019! I also want to thank our judges who took their time to collect all the entries and tally the votes. We had a tremendous response to this contest with dozens of creative, beautiful entries to evaluate. It was very difficult to narrow down the list the 25 final winners. We considered many factors when selecting winners including interpretation of the theme, concept, color schemes, patterns, function, and overall creative effort put into the house design. Humor, though not required, didn't hurt.


Winners will receive 5,000 ArtixPoints, a rare Achievement, and a rare Home Item! 3 Grand Prize winners will get a rare Achievement and home item, plus 10,000 ArtixPoints! If you weren't among the winners, please be good sports to the winners and judges, even if you disagree strongly with our decisions. Contests should be a joyful, fun experience for the community to celebrate creativity and their love of the game. Spamming with hate won't change any decisions. After all, there will always be more contests to enter! 


Without further ado, presented in no particular order, here are your winners!


.Romanian Hunter.


.Seaf Max.



Alien fundador



Romanian King

The WhiteBeard






Majesty Luna




I God of Death I



The Three Grand Prize winners of the Heroic Housing 2019 Contest Are:

Legro Inmortuorum

Eldor The Beast

.K I M O.


Congratulations! Again, judging was very tough as some entries were very close in quality, but ultimately we had to choose a cutoff for the entries somewhere! Thank you again for all who participated and helped judge! As with last year, we ask that winners of the contest please not change your house ( other than maybe adding your trophies ) for a few weeks, so that visitors may see your epic house creation! Also as a heads up, since we need to add prizes manually onto your characters, it may take a few hours or so before you receive your achievement, trophies, and Artix points. All prizes should be awarded by the end of the day!

Once again we thank our EpicDuel community, and we hope to see your creativity shine again in the next contest!

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November 07, 2019

Nightmare Nightwraith Returns!

Nightmare Nightwraith Return

The nefarious ne'er do well returns from the Nightmare Dimension to once again challenge Delta V's mightiest warriors for a chance to win his rare armor! Will you accept?


A Bold Bounty Returns!

After a year, players will once again have a chance to earn Nightwraith's armor! If you're already among the elite duelists who've completed this challenge, you can help your fellow Delta V citizens overcome this challenge by partnering with them in battle and sharing strategies for overcoming one of the toughest challenges in the game!

For completionists, the mission chains Party Business and OneX6 Retrieval have also returned to grant easier access to Nightwraith's trusty ArmoryBot!


Nightwraith's New Stock

Nightwraith has refreshed his shop with new rares to celebrate the anniversary of AQW and AQ Classic! This exquisite equipment crafted by Lae will only be available for a limited time and vanish permanently after they're gone!

  • Paladin Great Sword P
  • Paladin Great Sword E
  • Paladin Sword P
  • Paladin Sword E
  • Paladin Daggers P
  • Paladin Daggers E
  • Paladin Mace P
  • Paladin Mace E
  • Paladin Staff P
  • Paladin Staff E
  • Chaos Sword P
  • Chaos Sword E
  • Chaos Scimitar P
  • Chaos Scimitar E
  • Chaos Claws P
  • Chaos Claws E
  • Chaos Club P
  • Chaos Club E
  • Chaos Staff P
  • Chaos Staff E



Some balance changes have been introduced to bolster some bots while mitigating the overpowered strength of others. Cyber Hunters should also see a buff to the new skill Memory Leak to make it more competitive with Venom Strike.

  • Cyber Shark
    • Feeding Frenzy: Now does 75% initial damage rather than 100%
  • Plasma Fly
    • Infernal Sting: Does 100% damage instead of 75%
  • Memory Leak: Buffed levels of HP/MP loss per level
    • Lvl 1: 20
    • Lvl 2: 30
    • Lvl 3: 40
    • Lvl 4: 50
    • Lvl 5: 60
    • Lvl 6: 70
    • Lvl 7: 75
    • Lvl 8: 80
    • Lvl 9: 85
    • Lvl 10: 90


Contest Completion

The Heroic Housing Contest of 2019 is over and the turnout was incredible, with even more entries than last year! Judging is currently underway and the winners will be announced and rewarded next Wednesday, November 13th!

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October 31, 2019

Harvest Havoc Surprise!

Harvest Havoc

Surprise! EpicDuel just dropped a spooky new release with new weapons, cores, and styles for those last-minute Halloween shoppers!


New Styles

10 new styles are available for each class, letting you complete that last-minute Halloween look!



New seasonal weapons and cores are available now at Snork!

  • Chain Scythe P
  • Chain Scythe E
  • Sinister Pumpkin Sickle P
  • Sinister Pumpkin Sickle E
  • Plasmic Chainsaw P
  • Plasmic Chainsaw E



In addition to new spooky seasonal rares, Snork is introducing 4 new primary, active cores! Few skills give you an edge in battle like a giant, summonable saw blade!

  • Crow Frenzy P: Summon a bloodthirsty murder of crows that attack and grant 30% lifesteal.
  • Crow Frenzy E: Summon a bloodthirsty murder of crows that attack and grant 30% lifesteal.
  • Saw Strike P: Summon a saw blade to rip through 15% of your target's defense!
  • Saw Strike E: Summon a saw blade to rip through 15% of your target's defense!

Some changes have been made to existing cores to either ease their power in increase their usefulness in battle.

  • Infernal Fortitude: Reusable with 4 turn cooldown. Energy cost increased to 100.
  • Radiation Burn: 35% chance to reduce to reduce melee attacker's Defense/Resistance by 25%.
  • Captain's Charge: Reducing effects 5% overall (-35% Defense and Resistance, -35 Strength and Support).
  • Hardened Armor: Energy cost 0
  • Armored Roots : Energy cost 0


Heroic Housing 2019

Remember, EpicDuel's Heroic Housing 2019 contest is nearly over! The theme is "holiday harvest" so it's the perfect time to get into the spirit of the season and show off your best decor for the chance to win Epic prizes!

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October 26, 2019

Harvest Havoc

Harvest Havoc

A bounty of new weapons, armors, achievements, styles and more await your in this latest EpicDuel update!


New Items!

Visit Deuce is the mysterious Minestation for his latest seasonal creations! 

  • Pumpkin Lord CC
  • Pumpkin Sabre P
  • Pumpkin Sabre E
  • Pumpkin Highbrander P
  • Pumpkin Highbrander E
  • Pumpkin Rip Blades P
  • Pumpkin Rip Blades E
  • Pumpkin Axe P
  • Pumpkin Axe E
  • Pumpkin Staff P
  • Pumpkin Staff E
  • Pumpkin Buster Blaster P (Spreadfire)
  • Pumpkin Buster Blaster E (Spreadfire)
  • Pumpkin Buster Cannon P
  • Pumpkin Buster Cannon E

New Arcade!

Beef up those rating points and spend those Arcade Tokens at the new Harvest Havoc arcade game! Take a spin for a chance to win weapons, home items, and an armor that are not are not stocked in any shop!


Home Decor

Decorate one or all of your homes with new spooky items available now!

  • Seedy Patch Right
  • Super Seedy Patch Right
  • Myx Left
  • Myx Right
  • Seedy Patch Left
  • Super Seedy Patch Left
  • Count Mechula Coffin
  • Ghost Tomb
  • Count Mechula Right
  • Count Mechula Left
  • Count Mechula Emblem


New Styles

Five new styles are now available for each class, some with wild fiery animation! The perfect complement for your spooky seasonal cosplay!



Once again, I forgot the big baseball game happening, so you can grab an updated Big Show 2019 Achievement in celebration! I hope your team scored all the points!



  • Blood Mage:
    • Brutal Strike is now blockable


Heroic Housing 2019

Remember, EpicDuel's Heroic Housing 2019 contest is still underway but nearly at its end! The theme is "holiday harvest" so it's the perfect time to get into the spirit of the season and show off your best decor for the chance to win Epic prizes!

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October 18, 2019

Epic Class Revival

Epic Balance Update!

Since the big Passive Skill update last spring, there hasn't been many Earth...er...Delta V-shaking updates to balance. A big goal for the year was to differentiate all the class skills, even if it was just an aesthetic change. Today, we've made a huge step toward that goal with 8 revamped skills for the evolved classes (Cyber Hunter, Tactical Mercenary, and Blood Mage).



The evolved classes are getting some major updates that should shake up gameplay and builds quite a bit. We altered and adjusted the skills throughout testing, but live data will be the best data so expect more changes in the weeks to come!

  • Tactical Merc:
    • Double Strike >>> Crippling Strike: Attack for 120% damage; Reduces % defense for 2 turns
    • Artillery Strike >>> Suppressing Fire: New animation to differentiate between Artillery Strike
    • Stun Grenade >>> Barbed Grenade: Inflict physical damage with a 25% base chance to stun and crit. Ignores 15% defense; 20 less damage
    • Toxic Grenade: Functionally the same, but improves with 2 Support; 20 Less damage per leve; Requires Strength
    •  Blood Shield>>> Swapped for Energy Shield
  • Cyber Hunter:
    • Shadow Arts >>> Gene Augment: Hack your own DNA to boost your highest stat.
    • Defense Matrix >>> Nanotech Shield: Activate a powerful shield that negates a % on incoming damage.
    • Multishot >>> Adaptive Offense: Inflict damage based on primary damage type to all enemies. Deals 85% damage against multiple targets.
    • Venom Strike >>> Memory Leak: Target loses fixed Energy and HP for each level similar to Screaming Soul Spears
  • Blood Mage:
    • Overload >>> Brutal Strike: Summon your strength for a devastating strike with a 25% chance to stun.
    • Energy Shield >>> Swapped for Blood Shield


This seems like a big change, but it's a small step toward expanding build diversity and making each class truly unique. Unfortunately, with all the work that when into these changes and testing, the content (arcade, styles, and gear) had to go on hold until next week. Plus, our work is far from done with skill differentiation and there are still several new skills in the works, including new ultimates!

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