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May 25, 2011

Time for Pudding?

Hey EpicDuelists! It’s that time of the week again! Time for pudding? No, silly, it’s time for the EpicDuel Design Notes! Although I could go for some pudding...


Website Improvements

You may notice something different about the website (or not, depending on when the DNs go live). Nightwraith and Charfade have been hard at work making everything more attractive and functional. This is still the same EpicDuel you know and love (new look, same great taste...). 


Mission Log!

We promised it two weeks ago, but it proved to be a little more complex than initially anticipated. We’re implementing a new Mission Log. Now you’ll be able to see which NPC you should return to, your progress on the current mission, and the mission reward.  In a future release (as soon as next week) you'll be able to view all of your completed missions.

In this release, you’ll also be able to abandon a mission if you’re having trouble or decided not to complete the mission after all. Valery doesn’t need those guns THAT badly...

Mission Log

What do all those little buttons do?  The green, circular button refreshes the mission status.  This lets you know your current progress.  

The green arrow button allows you to jump to the NPC that gave you the mission at any time.  This makes those pesky errand missions much less of a pain in the legs.  

The red slashy circle behind the exclaimation point allows you to cancel the mission from anywhere, at an time.  You can also still cancel a mission my accepting another one (You can't take more than one mission at a time.  I guess citizens of Delta V can't multitask!).


Mission Log!

The Administrator 12 has a new mission for you in Fortune City.  This is a tough one so grab your best gear and prepare to take on the Lawman himself!  

I fought the LAW

Client List


Slash Commands

You may notice that the mission log button has replaced the Actions button.  This button was fine for a time, but the interface has become very conjested with all of our features.  To compromise, we made it possible to access the various actions with slash commands.  We've found it's actually much easier than picking out a button and provides more opportunities for super-secret actions in the future! /mysterious

Here is list of all the current slash commands.  Simply enter these into the chat window and press Enter to perform them. (Note: These commands do not work in battle or PM windows)



Juggernaut Improvements

Thank you for all of your concerns about the balancing for Juggernaut battles. While we’re holding off on adding a Juggernaut button to the bottom of the screen, we are changing up the balance to make it better for the Underdogs. We’re raising the Underdog range up 2 levels. Meaning that a level 33 Juggernaut will now be facing a team with the level range of 25-30. A quick way to know the levels your character could face in a Juggernaut battle is to take your level and subtract 3 and 8- that will give your Underdog level range!


Bug Smashing!

We’ve fixed the "CHECK POINT FAIL 6" bug that was related to skill warmups.  What on Delta V does that mean?  Have you ever been in a battle, clicked a skill, and nothing happened?  Annoying, huh?  That's CHECK POINT FAIL 6.

Another great fix is the elimination of the Admin Kick 100 and 101 errors.  These were happening when players received the "Battle Failed to Start" error while battling from a house or Faction HQ.  

Admin Kick 115 still remains elusive.  Let us know on the forums if you see it happen.

We've also fixed the daily leaderboard bug that incorrectly displays win %.


Looking Forward...

On a happier note, we’d anticipated a portion of this update that should make our players happy. However, the sheer volume is so large that we need a bit more time to draw all of them. “All of what?” you ask? Well, next week we’re setting up a new Player Suggestion Shop! Some of our lucky players will have their items featured in-game, and receive the Epic Artist achievement as well as their item! 

Thank you for your continued support, suggestions, and criticism!

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