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March 02, 2012

Letter from Admin 12

This letter was recovered from the ruins of the Guard Outpost in Fortune City. 


From the Desk of John Williamson III: Administrator of Fortune City’s 12th District


To my most loyal employee, Mr. Lysander Cox:


Lysander, if you are reading this, I can almost assure you that I am dead. I can’t imagine that there isn’t a bounty on my head, regardless of how our endeavor turns out. Whether I perished in battle or executed, I cannot say- maybe I was felled by your long-lost twin brother, then? In any case, I hope that my words can soothe and comfort you, or at least assure you that I had anticipated my demise.


Since I first met you, Lysander, I have considered you my son. I know I’ve told you this many times before, but my own wife and child died years ago from the Plague that struck my home planet. When you showed up on the steps of my office- starving, dirty, homeless- you reminded me so much of myself. We had both lost everything, but they say that two lonely hearts can beat as one. You are my legacy, Lysander; my heart, my life, my child.


But you are not my flesh and blood; I’m afraid that the answer to your origins has plagued me for quite some time. I did not find out much, but what I did find distressed me quite a bit- to put it mildly. In the 10th District, there’s a man by the name of Dr. Atropos Melianthus. Your mother saw him before you were conceived, and he’s been keeping detailed notes on you since that time. He has notes on many others, but I’ll admit that I only cared to look at the details of your life, my son. I can’t make sense of much of his shorthand, and I’m sure that there was much he’d kept out of those records. But, if anyone can tell you about who you are, Melianthus is your man.


There’s most assuredly a price on your head, son. I’m truly sorry for that. But Descarl and her tyranny must be stopped. Her idol worship of Baelius (May he bring Order forever!) has addled her mind, though I’m not sure how sane she was to begin with. It is worth dying to bring her down, even just a notch.


You are my life, Lysander. Live for me, and make life on Delta V a life worth living. A life of Discipline, Order, and Prosperity. You can make Delta V great again. I trust you. I love you, my son.


Your late father and brother-in-arms,


John Williamson III.




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