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February 04, 2013

Last Chance

The time has finally come! Omega is nearly upon us and this is your last chance to be an Omega Founder and obtain the Golden Omega Ticket!

Last Chance!

In addition to giving the Omega Onslaughter (mutating physical), Omega Obliterator (mutating energy), Omega Slayer (energy sword), Omega Impaler (physical sword), Dark Yeti (energy bot), and Baby Yeti (physical bot), the ticket also entitles you to a slot in the Golden Yeti Tournament!

This preorder ticket is the ONLY way to participate in this event and will disappear forever as soon as Omega goes live!

We are in the final testing phases and should be ready to roll tomorrow. Time is quickly running out to take advantage of this amazing offer! Are you yeti for Omega? We are!

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