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June 16, 2011

Delta Preview

Welcome to summer EpicDuelists! Titan and Artix made it back from E3 safe, refreshed, and inspired! 


Get the full story on Artix's DN post!


The reason (besides our inability to chain Titan to his desk and pump intravenous caffeine into him... we tried and it did not end well) we haven’t released content is because we’re preparing for the next stage of EpicDuel: Delta!  There are so many changes to the database to accomodate for the new classes, that we can't risk an update until we're ready to launch.

Yes, we are now able to announce a date for the Delta release. The new version of EpicDuel is tentatively scheduled to release on June 28, 2011.  Stay tuned as this date is subject to change.  That gives you plenty of time to formulate new builds for the new classes and devise strategies for defeating our toughest boss characters yet!

If you’ve visited me in the Biodome, you know that I’m a scientist, and this new evolution of EpicDuel is exciting for me. See, in science the Greek letter Δ means “change”- and EpicDuel is evolving. This means new areas, new stuff, new faces, new ways to collaborate, and new ways to affect and tell the story of Delta V. This also means that the Gamma Gear (bot, bike, cheevo) will be going permanently rare!

Delta also means "fourth in a series."  Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta?  Works for me!


Skill Previews!

Last week, we introduced you to our Delta classes.  We're still not quite sure how the class change process will work with these new classes, but we do know that we want to make it as fair and easy as posible to try these awesome new classes. This week, as we feverishly continue to build everything necessary for more than 3 classes to work, we will be introducing you to 3 of the new skills you'll be able to use. 

  • For the Tactical Mercenaries (we changed the name to maintain the theme of the other two classes), you’ll be able to use a skill called Frenzy. By using this lethal new attack, you’ll be able to crush your opponent, as well as taking some of their health for your own!
  • Cyber Hunters will be able to experiment with the new Plasma Grenade, an energy-based attack that has a chance to stun your opponent!
  • Blood Mages will be able to break through their opponents’ defenses with the Plasma Cannon, an awesome weapon that launches a stream of concentrated energy at your opponents. 

    Pew Pew!


So what we’re trying to say here is, it’s gonna be pretty awesome.


New Faces

You’ve already heard the story about the violent and calculating Alydriah Descarl, so I don’t need to reintroduce her to you. Today, I would like to introduce to you the Imperial Tech Mage.

Imperial Tech Mage

Years before the rebellion on Delta V, Baelius ordered the formation of an elite group of Tech Mages who could enforce his will across his empire.  The technology used to create these psychic assassins was still fairly new, so the dangerous process caused many volunteers to die before they could even be trained.  Those that survived were very unstable, violent, ruthless, and intensely loyal to the Baelius.

After the incident that banished 80% of Delta V's population to a prison between dimensions, the Imperial Mages grew restless.  Without new orders from Baelius, some chose to serve his underlings, such as Alydriah and Caden.  Their specialized training made them ideal templates for Blood Mages, a battle-hardened and brutal form of Tech Mage.

Alydriah and the masked mages can’t compare to another individual lurking around Fortune City. Somewhere in it's dark underbelly lives a man who spreads his influence throughout the entirety of the continent. Could he be the one really masterminding the Revolution? To discover his aims and secrets, you’ll first have to find him...

It is a mystery!



See Our Ugly Mugs!


METROCON: This one is held at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Florida, June 17-19. AE will have a panel at 2:00 PM on Saturday in PANEL ROOM 13-14. Apparently the Artix gets overly excited about merch, so if you see a grown man dressed as a Paladin loaded down with shopping bags, it might not be Artix but there’s at least a decent chance he will be.

P.S. Thyton LOVES it when you tell him MechQuest is too hard.

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