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June 08, 2011

Dawn of Delta

The Dawn of Delta

Hi folks! This might be a disappointing week for you guys, so I apologize in advance. As you know, Titan and Artix are currently at E3, the huge trade show for electronic and video game developers. While this is awesome for us, and double awesome for Titan and Artix (maybe they’ll get some awesome ideas for new games!), it also means that there’s no update for EpicDuel this week.

Now, just because we have nothing going into the game this week doesn’t mean we’re taking the week off! We’d like to take this opportunity to show you what we’re working on for the next phase of EpicDuel: Delta!


Enter Alydriah

Cruel even by the standards of the Shadow Guard, Alydriah Descarl’s name strikes fear into the hearts of even the most battle-hardened of Baelius’s soldiers. She was responsible for the incineration of the mining camps south of Jumerna, as well as many of the dissenting miners in the continent’s mineral-rich “Varium Ring”. Believing that the old ways are the best, she prefers flagellation, the stocks, and ultimately public executions to the soft, civilized punishments of the modern era.

This blood thirst earned her a spot at the head of the Legion, however her desire for blood and order at all costs pits her against not only the Rebellion- spearheaded by Oz- but against Baelius himself. It seems the recent chaos has presented the perfect opportunity for her to make the next move.

You can read more about Alydriah and the Shadow Guard on the BattleOn Forums.


Fortune City Overhaul

Descarl is not only a lover of destruction, but a lover of beauty, and by her command, her beloved Fortune City is being restored to its former glory. Expect a revamp of the Fortune City artwork soon!


See Our Ugly Mugs!

Are you a fan who’s ever wondered what we look like in real life? Whether just to see if we meet your expectations of looks, or just to stalk us (please don’t stalk us), you will have the opportunity to meet, greet, and maybe even hang out with BattleOn staff at the following conventions:


PARIAHCON: This convention (Lakeland, FL’s first anime/gaming/collectible convention) will be held at the Imperial Swan Hotel and Suites in Lakeland, Florida on June 10th and 11th. Artix, Nythera, Thyton, Jemini, Korin, Cysero and other members of the AE staff will be there (in Artists’ Alley as well as manning a booth) and will be holding a panel Friday at 4:00 PM in the Main Events room on the 7th floor. Since this will be a small, intimate, convention you’ll have more of an opportunity to have fun with AE staff!


METROCON: This one is held at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Florida, June 17-19. AE will have a panel at 2:00 PM on Saturday. Apparently the Boss Man gets overly excited about merch, so if you see a grown man dressed as a Paladin loaded down with shopping bags, it might not be Artix but there’s at least a decent chance he will be.


DRAGONCON: This one isn’t until September, but as always, DragonCon is a Big Deal, like 80,000 attendees big. It’s held the first weekend of September- this year it’s September 2-5- in Atlanta, GA. AE has a panel, and attendees who come to see us will be able to get the sweet, rare items that could include a signed banana, random anime videos, or exclusive in-game rares! I love my little Steampunk dragon from last year- who knows what kind of awesome things you can pick up this year?

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