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August 30, 2011

A Draconic Design Notes

Hey there EpicDuelists! Sorry about making you wait for the last update- we ended up having more to fix than we’d anticipated. I cannot apologize enough for the delay, and I cannot apologize enough for the lack of communication from me personally. I’ve started my Master’s Degree and teaching undergraduate bio lab, but don’t worry! I’ll still be writing the Design Notes for all your EpicDuel needs.



As Nightwraith explained in the last DNs post, ArtixEntertainment is visiting the 2011 Dragon-Con in Atlanta, GA over the weekend. You will be able to meet most of the AE staff, including EpicDuel’s own Nightwraith and Charfade! I wish I could be there with you guys (see the previous paragraph). Say hi to everyone at the lab for me though!

On Thursday Night from 8-10 join the AE staff at room 4724 at the top of the Mariott for a pizza party with Artix, Cysero, and the rest of the team! It’s all ages, and super-casual (although I would not suggest showing up in pajamas and bunny slippers. I mean, I guess there’s no one stopping you...)

On Friday at 2:30 PM at the Savannah room at the Sheraton, join the staff with the official AE panel (if you’re cosplaying, that’s the place to do it. If you’re of the female persuasion, I can suggest a certain EpicDuel Biodome scientist whose costume is particularly inexpensive...) There will be videos, moglin punting, quiz games, Ponies, and more!


Dragon Duds

To celebrate DragonCon, the Dragon Weapons are returning to Delta V, along with two new mutating weapons (by which I mean they change class with you, not that they cause point changes in your DNA): the Draconic Destroyer and the Draconic Devastator.  These powerful weapons will be limited quantity/time seasonal rares. These items will last as long as Dragon-Con, but after the con period is over (midnight on Tuesday, September 6), the shop quantity will reset to 0.

Draconic Destroyer

Draconic Devastator

We will also be returning the back-to-school items, and just like last year these, as well as the Dragon items, will be available from Slayer in The Barrens (Barrens Outpost).

There will also be new  Varium and credit-only Dragon styles available from Steve 2.0 in Fortune City or Steve 1.0 in Central Station.

Dragon Styles


Calendar Giveaway

Alina announced in her Design Notes today that there are FOUR 2011 Year of the Moglin Calendars up for grabs! All you have to do to enter is to complete an offer from AExtras. You can find them under “Get Points” when you sign on to your Master Account at Portal.Battleon.com. Don’t think you have a Master Account? Luckily for you, if you're an EpicDuel player, it’s your EpicDuel login! The more offers you complete, the more ArtixPoints you can receive, and the more chances you have to win!

2011 Calendar!

This calendar includes a code that unlocks the Chronomancer class in AQW and DragonFable, as well as the Chronomancer armor in AQW.

Chronomancer Class

To show our international community some love, one calendar will be awarded to a player from each region of the world:

  • Northwest (North America)
  • Southwest (South America)
  • Northeast (Asia and Europe)
  • Southeast (Africa, Indian Peninsula, Australia) 

Offers are not available in all regions, and all AExtras are third-party offers. We have no control over the content of the offers, or what offers are available worldwide. As always, participate at your own risk.

Insect Fact of the Week

To celebrate DragonCon, today’s Insect Fact of Science will be about Dragonflies! Dragonflies are characterized by large multifaceted eyes, two pairs of transparent wings held perpendicular to the body at rest, and their bodies are elongated. They are hemimetabolous insects (if you remember my earlier fact about insect metamorphosis, this means that they gradually molt from a nymphal form to an adult form), and the nymphs live in water.

Dragonfly nymphs have a unique mouth structure, where the labium (a part of the mouth that resembles a chin on many insects) is modified to extend from the insect to snatch prey. They then use these raptorial mouthparts to hold prey- such as aquatic insects, other juvenile insects, or even fish- while they eat it.

Adult dragonflies are generalist predators (hence the association with dragons) and eat mosquitos, flies, bees, ants, and very rarely butterflies.

Dragonflies are very similar to Damselflies, but can be distinguished by several characteristics. For example, damselflies hold their wings parallel to their bodies, over their backs, while it is physically impossible for dragonflies to do so. 

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