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December 12, 2014

Patch Notes - 1.6.34


  • Frozen Fury Varium Megapack 1
    • 10,000 Varium
    • Frozen Fury Destroyer P (Mutating primary)
    • Frozen Fury Destroyer E (Mutating primary)
    • Frozen Fury Scythe P (Sword)
    • Frozen Fury Scythe E (Sword)
    • Blood Hawk Armor
  • Frozen Fury Varium Megapack 2
    • 10,000 Varium
    • Cyber Yeti P (Bot)
    • Cyber Yeti E (Bot)
    • Frozen Fury Blaster P (Gun)
    • Frozen Fury Blaster E (Gun)
    • Frozen Fury Annihilator P (Aux)
    • Frozen Fury Annihilator E (Aux)
  • All package items are also available for sale on Torgan in Frysteland
  • New ability cores
    • Yeti Fury (Equipped to Frozen Fury Destroyer and Scythe)
      • Mutate into a Yeti Hulk to deal 115% damage with 40% lifesteal. Usable below 25% health.
    • Spirit Thorns (Equipped to Blood Hawk Armor)
      • Lower attacker’s energy by 50% of damage dealt to you. Lasts 3 turns.
    • Absorption (Equipped to Blood Hawk Armor)
      • When attacked by a bot, increase your Energy by 50% of the damage taken.
    • Icy Overkill (Equipped to Frozen Fury Blaster)
      • Overload your gun, ignoring 35% of target’s defenses. This renders your gun unusable for the remainder of battle.
    • Hair Trigger (Equipped to Frozen Fury Annihilator)
      • Do a mini-Rage equal to the percent of Rage you currently have available.
    • Ice Shield (Cyber Yeti)
      • Grants 100% Block and Deflect chance for 2 turns
    • Whiteout (Available for sale on Vendbots and Torgan in Frysteland)
      • Summon a blizzard to disorient your enemies, covering their skills in ice and snow. Deals 110% damage
  • New “Interactive” home items are now available. Activate these items by clicking them
    • Alydriah Bobblehead
    • Edgar Boothe Bobblehead
    • Fireworks Stash
    • Fireworks Crate
    • Chrono Clock
  • New winter bikes available for sale on Torgan in Frysteland
    • Polar Bear mutation with idle animation
    • Harnessed Yeti
  • New Torgan-themed hairstyle available in the Style Editor
  • 9 new missions in Part 2 of the Frozen Fury saga
  • Alpha, Beta, Elite, Founder achievement Rating Points have been increased by 1000 points apiece.
    • Elite now worth 6500
    • Founder now worth 6500
    • Alpha now worth 6000
    • Beta now worth 4500
  • New “Mute Public Chat” option in settings panel
  • You can now click the gift opening animation in your mailbox to speed up the unwrapping process
  • New upgradable badge available for purchase in Achievements, starting with the Dumpster Burger. Get a bigger and better burger worth many more Rating Points, but at a higher cost!
  • A number of new items can now drop from Room Gifting
  • You can now Shift+click to add/subtract 5 stat points at a time when purchasing or upgrading gear


  • Raised the ‘Critical Health’ threshold from 20% to 25%
    • The character will now visually display critical condition (take a knee) at 25% of max health instead of at a flat 200 health.
    • Affected skills:
      • Hawk Guardian
      • Critical Heal
      • Yeti Fury


  • "Hide Other Characters" performance setting now also hides character shadows
  • Fixed issue where scroll buttons would not appear when viewing mission list
  • Fixed problem where Buy options would appear in the achievements module when viewing another player’s achievement list with the Small icon view selected
  • Fixed problem where you cannot purchase Seasonal achievements when in Small icon view
  • The Infernal Mines Cadet achievement was not being properly counted in the achievement count

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