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December 09, 2014

Patch Notes - 1.6.33a (Hotfix)


  • New performance option is now available in the settings panel: Hide other characters. This will disable visibility on all other characters in a room, vastly improving performance in crowded rooms. This option will never turn on automatically, unlike a few other changes we’ve implemented.
  • Automated performance settings: Entering rooms with 20+ players will automatically set Flash quality to Low, stop NPC animations, and prevent “warp in/out” animations from playing. When a room has 30+ players, the game will stop showing the walk animation when a player moves, simply “snapping” them to their final location. It will also prevent you from doing slash emotes (such as /dance).


  • Error when healing with Hatchling Rush active
  • Removed Hank’s Harvest and Frozen Harvest from mission list (They were meant to be removed December 1st).


New option location:

Open Settings

New Performance Setting

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