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September 19, 2014

Patch Notes - 1.6.25


  • New Promo packages available! Waves of Wrath Physical / Energy
    • Sword and Mutating weapon with Deep Plague core
    • Kartherax's Darkspawn bot with Curse of Kartherax special ability
    • Deep Plague - Plague the target, then Strike them later for massive damage
    • Curse of Kartherax - Replace your enemy’s weapon with a low damage fish
  • 2 new mission chains - Waves of Wrath Part 1 and 2
  • 2 new Prize Code swords
  • 2 new First Mate armors available of Thalyssa
  • 2 new guns Naval Gun and Naval Blaster available at Thalyssa
  • 3 new house items


  • Static Charge
    • Energy gain is now based on the user’s Primary weapon damage, rather than the actual damage dealt.
    • Deals 85% damage, down from 100%
    • Can now be blocked
    • Can now Rage
    • Can now critically hit
    • Now gains 1% effectiveness every 7 Support
    • Base percentage lowered by 12% at all levels


  • Saeva Lionhart now has 5000 Energy as intended
  • Armor Annihilator no longer displays a message suggesting passive cores are disabled
  • Description of Static Grenade now correctly reads "User absorbs 50% of the drained Energy."

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