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January 31, 2014

Patch Notes - 1.6.2


  • Power Hour Weekend! Power Hour will be enabled from the time of the update until Sunday at 23:59 EST
  • New mission chain available: A New World (Tutorial). This is designed to introduce new players to the world of Delta V, but experienced players can also go through the mission chain if you wish. =)
  • Holiday Hank and Valestra removed from Frysteland. Edgar Boothe now primary merchant in Frysteland
  • Yeti training missions have been removed. Yeti Serum still available to upgrade Yetis.
  • "Tea and Titan" mission removed in preparation for a prize.
  • Reverted all holiday screens to their default look
  • Achievements are now sorted based on progress and rarity
  • Currency information added to the One Stop Shop, Homes, and Achievements
  • The Big Game and Olympic Games achievements will now be the same achievement awarded each year going forward. Previous yearly achievements will NOT be removed.
  • All seasonal home items are now permanently available in game
  • Pressing the up arrow in chat will bring up your last message
  • Default chat log to off during 1v1 NPC battles
  • Outlaw and Outlaw II renamed to Outlaw P and E for clarity


  • Bug: Energy Parasite now correctly uses your primary weapon's damage type
  • Bug: Blood Commander now correctly uses 60% of Strength as lifesteal instead of 40%
  • Bug: Frenzy description now correctly says 10% defense ignore instead of 15%
  • Matching changes:
    • Level 40 players will now more heavily prioritize matches against other level 40 players
    • Level 40 players will no longer match with players less than level 38 Bugged, not working just yet.
    • Level 1-5 players will now try harder to match with players closer to their own level
    • Same-alignment matches are allowed sooner than before


  • Resistance description was missing in Stats page
  • Clicking disabled Gun / Aux actions in battle could cause an error

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