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May 30, 2014

Patch Notes - 1.6.14


  • Implemented new War Rally balance mechanic

    • increases Drop Rate of the currently losing alignment for 30 minutes

    • increases the Drop Effectiveness when used 50% for 30 minutes

    • War Rallies will occur at random intervals

  • 6 New Arctic Guard Hairstyles



Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed display issue with inactive War Objectives, the name and state was not displaying properly

  • Fixed clicking on the VendBot button for Central Station jumps to the VendBot in the Biological Preserve.

  • Fixed NPC names cut off on the map, Barrens Outpost: “Dravax the” should be “Dravax the Harbinger”, Frysteland: “Frysteland Ammo” should be “Frysteland Ammo Depot”, Fortune City: “Fortune City Ammo” should be “Fortune City Ammo Depot”.

  • Fixed jumping bug related to duplicate merchants in the world map



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