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December 06, 2013

Winter Returns Patch Notes - 1.5.41


  • New achievement Module
  • Main interface console bar lowered to give more room for the map
  • Main interface options shrunk to fit new Achievements btn
  • Stats / skills Module has a much wider stance to provider more visible room for character
  • Added 75+ new seasonal and Black Abyss home items
  • Returned Winter Seasonal Rares
    • Visit Hank or Valestra in Frysteland for seasonal weapons
    • Return of seasonal home items
    • Frost Warrior Achievement
    • Winterized Screens / NPCs
  • Removed Fall/Harvest Items
    • Removed Fall/Harvest Missions
      • Hallowarriors
      • Gourd Grinding
  • Removed Nightwraith Items
    • Removed NW Missions
      • OneX6 Retrieval
      • Party Business
  • World Domination achievement now tracks the number of times it has been awarded
  • Tactical Map sellable for 250 credits
  • Egg Sac sellable for 150 credits



  • Energy stealing skills are now capped to the target’s current energy. This affects Static Smash and Static Grenade.
  • Piston Punch
    • Will no longer consume your Rage or Critical as it does flat damage
  • Poison Spores
    • Initial damage will no longer consume Rage or Critical as it does flat damage
    • Now deals 50% of bot damage each turn, down from 60%
    • Cooldown increased to 4 turns
  • Static Grenade and Static Smash
    • Will no longer drain more energy than the target has.
    • Example: Target has 15 Energy left. Previously, Static Grenade would drain 30 Energy and grant 15. Now, it will drain 15 and grant 7.



  • Fixed 0 HP display issue
  • Fixed client-hanging bug when using Pyro Fly special or Concussive Shot core on a boss
  • Fixed sizing inconsistency with achievements

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