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February 22, 2013

Patch Notes - 1.5.3


  • The Golden Yeti Tournament is now live!
  • New Limited Quantity swords available on the Alydroid in Frysteland
    • Azrael's Reaper (Physical)
    • Azrael's Spirit (Energy)
    • Both include the Mark of Azrael core (+5% Crit Chance)
  • A huge number of names on old characters have been opened for use, if there's a name you've wanted, check and see if it's now available!
  • Rusted Assault Bot
    • Now the Assault Bot P (energy version now Assault Bot E)
    • Equipped to Overlord Guard
    • Damage is now equivalent to Assault Bot E
  • Players can now earn up to 7 Blue Stars
  • Dropped initial language file load by ~25%


  • Each point of damage now requires 4.5 point of Strength, up from 4
  • Defense and Resistance now scale at the same rate (previously you would get more Resistance per Technology than Defense per Dexterity)
  • Smoke Screen requirement changed from 14-41 to 15-33
  • Stun Grenade energy cost lowered by 3
  • Hybrid Armor now requires Support instead of Dexterity
  • First Strike overhaul:
    • Old formula overly confusing and scaled poorly
    • New formula = From a base of 50%, gain +1.5% chance to go first for each point of Support you have over your opponent, and +5% for each level under your opponent.
    • Example: Level 21 with 28 Supp VS Level 20 with 30 Supp. Level 20 player gains 5% for being one level lower, and 3% for having 2 more Support, for a 58% chance to go first.


  • Infernal Android special cooldown was incorrectly set to 3 turns (should have been 4)
  • Assimilation could grant more energy than intended if the target was nearly out of energy
  • Reistance buffs were not stacking correctly (Ex: Blood Shield and Energy Shield)
  • Sellback values were always rounding down, instead of to the nearest integer
  • Concussion Shot and Pyro Fly could disable a skill the target did not own
  • Armor stats were not properly being used in certain battle calculations
  • Attacks with multiple hits could show the wrong damage if the attack did the minimum possible damage
  • Certain gear was not showing up properly on Character Pages

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