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June 28, 2013

Patch Notes - 1.5.20


  • Battle Tokens have been converted to Credits and removed from the game
    • All players received 10 Credits per remaining Token they had
    • Battles now give extra Credits (5 for 1v1 win, 10 for 2v2 win)
    • All remaining Token Boosts have been converted to Credit Boost
    • Achievement awarded for token contributions to the old Faction Flags
    • Missions that previously gave Token rewards now give Credits
  • War Objective changes:
    • Added 6 new War Objectives across Delta V
    • Objective Reinforcements - The longer one side holds an Objective, the more control the other side will receive per win. Reinforcements will decay over time once the Objective has been re-taken.
    • The Dread Plains Control Array and new unique regional Objectives are now worth 5 War Points, down from 10.
    • Other Dread Plains Objectives are now worth 2 War Points, down from 5.
    • All remaining Objectives are now worth 2 points, down from 3.
    • Cooldown increased on all regular Objectives to 20 minutes, up from 15.
    • Maximum Control on all Objectives has been increased.
    • Once an Objective has been taken, Control is set to 40% of the maximum, up from 20%
  • Updated several interfaces, including NPCs, to use the standard top-right X Button to close
  • New achievement for obtaining 200 Influence in each geographical region. These achievements will evolve in the future based on the amount of Influence you gain in each region.
  • Arbor and Bunny themed seasonal rares removed from shops.
  • Improved clarity of war mechanics on the world map



  • Certain War Objective information was being cached, occasionally causing the wrong numbers / flag to be displayed.

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