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June 14, 2013

Patch Notes - 1.5.18


  • A new Nulgath-created bike is now available from Caden in the Minetower
  • You must now select a permanent alignment for your character. If you are already part of a faction, the faction's alignment will be your alignment. If you are not a part of a faction, or are creating a new character, you must choose your alignment when you first log in. (An option to change your alignment will be added in the near future, but it will have a very long cooldown between uses, most likely 1 month).
  • The Faction Creator no longer has an alignment selection. New factions will be based on the alignment of the Founder.
  • Exiles and Legion will always be matched against each other in battle.
  • 9 new Dread Plains maps are now open for exploration.
  • The world map has been completely overhauled. You may now jump to more specific points within the world.
  • The class change interface has been overhauled to provide descriptions of all of the classes.
  • Battle Token boost has been disabled in order to prepare for the conversion of Tokens to Credits. See this post for more information regarding this change.
  • The Memorial Day achievement has left the achievement shop,


  • Spore Missions have been removed
  • Remaining spores are now sellable

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