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April 26, 2013

Patch Notes - 1.5.12


  • The Arborgeddon Event has begun! Collect spores by winning PvP battles to cure infected citizens of Delta V, and help purify the air to combat Davaril's corrupted spores!
  • Cinderella in the Biodome has a limited number of Botanical shotguns with Spreadfire on them, but you'll have to give her the spores she needs first!
  • 6 new cores are available:
    • Frost Shards (Primary active) - Fires a barrage of icicles, dealing energy damage and draining your enemy's energy for several turns.
    • Aim Assist (Gun/Aux passive) - Reduces the chance for your weapon's attack to be deflected
    • Laser Sights (Gun/Aux passive) - Increases damage when your weapon's attack is deflected
    • Overshield (Armor passive) - Further reduces damage when you deflect an attack
  • 6 new botanical-themed hairstyles
  • 9 new botanical home items


Since Assimilation's effect is now unblockable, we took a little of the base power off of the skill.

  • Lowered base energy steal to 3-13 from 3-15


  • Fixed an issue with Last Active Date in the Faction manager
  • Azrael promo weapons now sellable
  • Botanical Battle Suit now marked as a Promo in the Item Finder
  • Marauder's "Chomp" mission was missing the description
  • Low level players could encounter a client hang when re-opening the What's New page

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