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April 19, 2013

Patch Notes - 1.5.11


  • New Arborgeddon promo package available! Package includes:
    • Botanical Battle Suit: Classless armor with new Armored Roots core. This core is cast on yourself and will root you to the ground, boosting your defenses and preventing you from doing melee attacks.
    • Botanical Hazard and Dark Botanical Hazard: Physical and Energy robot with Poison Spores ability. Poison Spores deals 60% of your Robot damage as poison over 4 turns.
  • The Epic Egg Hunt has ended! If you have leftover eggs, you can drop them off at any merchant.



This change is meant to make blocks less frustrating and devastating when they occur.

  • Blocks now prevent 85% of damage instead of 100%
  • Blocked attacks still cannot stun or crit


Poison Effects
This change is meant to make poisons more interesting by allowing the poisoned player to cleanse the effect, and make applying the poison more tactical by applying it during Field Medic’s cooldown, or try to bait out an early heal from a player.

  • Poison effects can now be removed with Field Medic


Toxic Grenade
This change brings Toxic Grenade's damage closer to that of Venom Strike, and helps compensate for the fact that poisons can now be cleansed.

  • Poison damage increased to 4-13 damage per turn, from 3-12 damage per turn
  • Now strikes for 70% primary weapon damage, up from a flat 5 damage.


Venom Strike
This change helps compensate for the fact that poisons can now be cleansed.

  • Poison damage increased to 3-12 damage per turn, from 2-11 damage per turn
  • Still strikes for 85% primary weapon damage



  • Fixed an issue where Recruit button could show the incorrect faction name
  • Curse Aura incorrectly showed "Level 1" while active in the stats page
  • Fixed a bug where Plasma Cannon's crit chance was being calculated incorrectly
  • World number not updating properly when switching in certain rooms
  • Removed dev-related error message that could fire after battle

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