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February 08, 2013

1.5.1 Patch Notes


  • Lowered character retrain cost from 20 Credits per level (500 max) to 10 Credits per level (250 max)
  • Lowered item retrain cost from 250 Credits to 100 Credits
  • Vendbots have finally learned how to buy items from you
  • Veteran and Advanced Battlegear are now Rare Promo items
  • Mutating armors are now labeled as such in inventories
  • Added a resale value to Bacon drops from Titan



NOTE: These are far from the only changes we plan on making. We wanted to make these encompassing changes first to make sure we aren't over-tuning other skills or classes at the same time.

  • Health and Energy now grows by 1 point every even level (So level 35 players will have an extra 17 health)
  • Juggernauts now match with players 6-10 levels lower (Changed from 3-8 levels lower)



  • Missions would stop counting wins past 255
  • Items with no resale value (Grenades and Chairman Bux) now have their proper resale value
  • Missions rewards will now come with appropriate weapon damage instead of 0
  • Missions that require rusted weapons have been updated to require different weapons
  • NPCs would sometimes fail to drop mission items
  • Changing worlds very rapidly could result in a server kick
  • Leaving a battle early would still grant battle rewards
  • The item finder now supports apostrophes (') in search
  • Awarded missing Enhancer achievements to players that were supposed to receive it
  • NPC fights no longer show a visual loss during battle
  • Renamed duplicate mission "A Frosty Redux"
  • Poison/Frostbite damage now update your bottom-left HP/EP bars
  • Field Commander and Blood Commander were able to be cast on top of each other
  • Chairman's Fury is now properly a one-time use
  • Thorn Assault is now properly a one-time use

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