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September 15, 2012

Patch Notes - 1.4.9e


  • 2 new missions from Charfade and the Harbinger.
  • 16 new level 35 limited quantity weapons from Charfade
  • New level 35 and level 25 armor: Harbinger Husk
  • Return of the Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day weapons
  • Buying a hairstyle now permanently unlocks it for that character (prices adjusted accordingly)
  • 1 new hairstyle per gender per class (6 total)
  • Mission requirements now show the earliest mission(s) you need to do in a chain instead of just the previous mission
  • What's New button replaced by Upgrade Shop
  • Added What's New and Varium balance to Upgrade Shop
  • Daily leaderboards now update every minute (instead of every 3 minutes)
  • Added poll's status to interface (OPEN or CLOSED)


  • Switched Locker Key achievements to their correct names
  • The sell item button would appear when you had nothing in your inventory
  • Class change news screen directly opens up the class change interface
  • "The Short List" mission now displays correctly
  • Text was cut off when removing a player from your faction
  • Screen behind the Armour Hazard would hang on loading
  • Heavy Mechachillid Armor in the Finder Bot was jumping to incorrect NPC

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