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July 14, 2011

Update Update Update

Time for another ninja update!  You know what that mean?  A lot of work that most people won't notice, but is essential for EpicDuel's continued growth and development.  Here's a quick rundown of what we've done this week.


Performance Improvements

What makes this is a true ninja update is all the changes to EpicDuel's code.  The Delta launch was extremely smooth, but the new features created a great deal of lag.  As we continually ad more features, items, and classes, the database gets bogged down with more checks and requests than it can handle.  At this point, digging through EpicDuel's code is like viewing a cross-section of the Earth's crust: as you dig deeper, you see some weeeeeird stuff, like fossils.  EpicDuel is full of code Leopluradons.  Titan has been working tirelessly to excavate...er update the code to allow EpicDuel to grow without imploding.


Fortune City Improvements

Continuing the improvements from Delta, Alydriah has renovated Valestra's, and several other screens around Fortune City.  Fortune City is the oldest area in the game, so it felt good to revisit this popular region of Delta V.


New Mission!

Alydriah's Spire is draining the energy in Fortune City, leaving very little for the Science Facility to operate.  Talk to Talia in the facility to help her out.  I may have something to do with Alydriah's new crony, Administrator 11.  His energy source may be the key to solving her crisis.  Be warned, however, you'll need more than one warrior to take him down!


Balance Changes

Everyone's favorite part of a competitive, online PvP game!  There's always a very strong reaction to balance adjustments, but please keep in mind that not every change needs to be a buff and not every "nerf" is because we dislike a specific class.  After all, we wouldn't have built them if we didn't like them!

Tactical Mercenary

  • Frenzy now requires a Club and healing effect is slightly reduced.
  • Toxic Grenade's Poison damage reduced by 2 to put it more on par with Venom Stike.

Cyber Hunter

  • Static Charge's effect increased by 5% at each level.

Blood Mage

  • Blood Mage's Assimilate replaced with Reflex Boost to provide them with a means to improve defense and blocking.

Stay tuned for another release this Monday as we continue our backend improvements and balance adjustments.

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