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July 19, 2011

Update Addendum

Let me just amend that last update.  We PLANNED on having a update ready for Monday, but due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, we were unable to do so.  We worked all day Monday to try to get the security update live for the both the Master Account (or is it Artix Account?) and EpicDuel, but we only had time for the Master Account.  I announced it on my Twitter account, but I forgot to update the design notes to reflect that.  Oops.

Many of you are also probably aware of the network-wide downtime this Sunday.  That was due to the notorious load balancer.  Since it's silly to remain dependant on one fickle piece of hardware, we are freeing ourselves of its clutches this Friday (or possibly Thursday) when we go live with an content/balance/security update.  Should be good times.

Stay tuned for more info.



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