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September 09, 2022

Typhoon Terror Approaches

Typhoon Terror Approaches

Typhoon Terror approaches! If you haven't already, there's still time to visit Captain Shoggoth in the West Naval Yard to purchase a Typhoon Terror Ticket to compete in Delta V's latest tournament! This tournament will begin Tuesday September 13 at 4:00 PM (EST) and end Friday September 16 at 4:00 PM (EST).


Balance Changes

This update features a few buffs to some underutilized cores from the current Darkeater package.

  • Shadowlord's Severance P/E: 40% defense ignore special made reusable but with 5 turn cooldown (Right now the robot is not used a lot because the special is single use. 4 turn cooldown seems too powerful?)
  • Darkeater's Defiance: Reusable with 5 turn cooldown
  • Darkeater's Insanity: -35 flat Strength and Support reduction


Techstalker Preview

Techstalker Preview

Acatriel has been hard at work building a new unique set of weapons, armors, bots, and vehicles to introduce to EpicDuel soon! This update will feature a small taste of the Techstalker set with 6 new styles!

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