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March 28, 2013

The Egg Hunt Begins!

The Hunt Begins!

EpicDuel's resident interstellar, sentient rabbits need your help to recover the fuel supply of their demolished ship. This fuel is stored within containers that closely resemble eggs. You can collect these eggs by winning PvP battles across Delta V for this limited time event. Visit any bunny on Delta V and click the "Egg Hunt" button to view your progress. You can use this interface to jump to any bunny and complete his or her mission for BIG rewards! Collect all the eggs to claim a special Egg Head Achievement!


Bunny Bots!

The bunnies aren't taking any chances as they come out of hiding, which is why they've constructed two new bots with an amazing new ability! You can purchase them from Capensis, Myxoma, Lepus, and Mr. Cottontail. Brachylagus has his bots tucked away in his secret shop along with his super secret arsenal!

Bunny Bots!

These bots come with a powerful attack called "Color Blast" that humiliates and hinders your opponents. One hit will paint the target's armor pastel colors, which allows Brachylagus to lock on his or her position. If they issue a strike attack for three rounds after being painted, a secret bunny artillery battery will rain down a hail of egg-shaped death!

Paint the Titan


Big Prizes!

Collecting these eggs will yield BIG prizes! They could be as simple as Credits and Battle Tokens or as awesome as a new seasonal rare armor or an arsenal of new weapons designed by fan-favorite Trizzzy!

Can't crack this shell.

Bunny weapons!

Hurry up and collect those eggs!


Titan's Wares!

Visit Titan in his icy Frysteland home to collect his silly seasonal rares from years past.  

Nothing foolish about these weapons




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