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January 11, 2013

The Battle Continues...

Gimme 1000 stylus curls! NOW!

Nine hundred ninety nine...ONE THOUSAND!

That was quite a workout this week, but we've still got more sets until Omega is released! 


Scores of Cores

Check out this giant pile of core designs Charfade whipped up this week! 

Scores of Cores!

Not all of these are cores that have been built, but they represent the limitless possibilities of the new skill core system! We've been getting tons of ideas from our testers and the EpicDuel forums, and we can't wait to launch and give everyone a chance to try this amazing new system!


More Cha-Cha Changes

Everyone is familiar with the default armors in EpicDuel. They're not even technically armors since you can't unequip them. Then you would be in your underwear! That would be silly and offer no protection at all from the harsh environments of Delta V. For Omega we decided to replace the default styles with something more representative of the EpicDuel's current graphical capabilities.

Soon I'll have enough for a Beatles parody!

That's quite a change! I hope you will agree that it's for the better, but even if you still love the original version, you can keep it! The classic armors will become equippable armors and will be inserted into the inventories of all active players once Omega goes live. We haven't yet decided if players who join us after launch will have access to the classic armor, but we feel it might be best to retire this piece of EpicDuel's history permanently.


It will be tough, but I'll try to post weekend progress as well. I know Titan is going to be tap tap tapping away on his keyboard all weekend and I wouldn't want him to get lonely.

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