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May 03, 2011

Spring Cleaning!

Here at Delta V, we’re hard at work making everything nice and shiny for Spring! Firstly, if there’s anything EpicDuelists hate, it’s laaaaag. Well, Titan’s been combatting the lag- I’m not exactly sure how, but I assume that it has something to do with feeding the server hamsters pure caffeine.  The performance improvements will have the added bonus of stopping would-be hackers in their tracks. Meanwhile, the Biodome is getting a long-needed graphical facelift.


Welcome Cinderella!

Also improving the Biodome’s appearance is the new NPC Cinderella. A scientist studying the unique and precious remaining life on Delta V (for example, the Bio Hazards aren’t mean, they’re just hungry!), she spends most of her time in the Biological Preserve, collecting samples and conducting experiments on their brains. Best not get on her bad side, or you might be the subject of her next journal article...

New Bio Dome

Mission Drops!

Administrator 12 needs things, but he’s often too busy with bureaucratic work to get anything done. So, he’s begun farming out the work- to you! Hunt down Oz and “persuade” him to give you a key card...

Also, don’t throw away that red gem or golden bullets- they’ll be useful for future missions in which they can be exchanged for awesome rewards!


HeroMart Offer!

Coming very soon to HeroMart, it’s the brand new EpicDuel Poster designed by the talented Randor the Red! Give EpicDuel a special place in your heart (and on your wall) by purchasing it directly from HeroMart!

 Epic Poster!

 Oooh... pretty.

 EpicDuel HQ*

If that weren’t enough, everyone who buys an EpicDuel poster will get the Bionic Bear Bike!  This is an exclusive rare which is ONLY available with purchase of the poster.  But that's not all: we'll also be offering an in-game version on the poster for your Epic dwellings in addition to a nice fat credit bonus!


We'll be offering signed and unsigned posters for all your Epic-decor needs.  This is a limited poster run, so you would be wise to pick one up as soon as possible.

*Poster frame not included.


Coming Soon...

Mission Improvements

We’re developing few new features to make missions more fun and functional. We’ve fixed the level requirement bug for missions, and we’re introducing a new Mission Log feature. I know I get annoyed at having to constantly check back to find out I still need one more win, so the Mission Tracker will make all of our lives easier. Now you’ll be able to see:

  • Which mission you’re currently completing
  • Which NPC assigned said mission
  • Which missions you’ve already completed

You’ll also be able to abandon a mission without going back to the NPC, or starting a new mission.

This also allows us to build a prerequisite system for missions. Simply put, we’re implementing a system where unlocking the next step of a mission requires that you’ve completed the step before it.

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