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January 09, 2013

Summoning The Endless

The Golden Yeti Tournament...More Deets

Golden Yeti

After further discussion and hearing even more feedback we have made a few decisions about the Golden Yeti Tournament.

  1. The Golden Yeti Tournament will not start until a few days after Omega launches. This is to ensure that the battle engine is stable and bug free when we launch and also allow participants to try out all the new features. This delay will give everyone time to complete missions and optimize builts to find the ideal skill core / build combination to emerge victorious!
  2. In the time between the launch of Omega and the start of the competition, we will be offering a limited number of Omega Tickets. We are doing this to accomodate those who either cannot afford / don't want a preorder but want to participate or were not informed about the event in advance for whatever reason. Also, Omega will be advertised heavily and many will be coming to EpicDuel for the first time ever , and many others will be returning after a long hiatus and it would be good to offer one last chance to get in.
  3. The Omega Ticket will not be offered in a promotional package after Omega goes live and the preorders end. All that will remain are the last few tickets offered for a limited time.


The Endless

The following is a story written by Cinderella to elaborate on the mysterious and powerful force known as "The Endless" that will play a crucial role in the Frysteland missions that will release with Omega.

The Endless

The Shaman braced herself against the cold as she stoked the fire. It was nearly 30 years hence that the Outsider Baelius had murdered Andra the Great, and another War was looming on the horizon. But for the time being, they'd forgotten about pursuing the Krampus, and the reprieve had been much welcomed by the Krampus people. As the smoke cleared, she saw the boys sitting on the other side of the fire -- Alaric and Aegir. Both boys were 8 years of age, and though cousins several times removed were closer than brothers. Aegir was well-built, stocky, with locks of firey red hair framing his dark face. No Outsider blood flowed in this boy. Alaric's features were finer, and the gentle boy often found himself in need of Aegir's protection, which Aegir freely gave. These boys were the future of the Krampus -- two princes, receiving instruction. One of these boys would be the Shaman, one would be King.

“What's the story today, Grandmother?” asked Alaric, his eyes wide.

“Today, boys, I am to tell you about the Endless.” She threw some resin onto the fire, and fragrant smoke filled the little room, wisping between the two boys and climbing upward toward the only entrance or exit in the warm underground structure. She began her story.

In the Age before, there was nothing. Then out of the Void came the All-Father  Nestor and the Great Mother Alva. Together they had made the Gods of the Land- Hav, Jord, Embla and Brod. They had made the Gods of the Wild -- Eland, Vogel, Adem, and Hemel. Finally together they made the Gods of the Spirit -- Kriggan, Livet, Naeve and Burvju. Their children were not content with life in the Void. So, they created the heavens above the sky and the rocks beneath their feet. Hav and Jord made good soil from the rocks and sweet water from the ice. Embla and Brod made the grains and the fruit trees and the grasses. Eland and Vogel made the beasts of the land and sea and air -- the deer and the nilgoms and the Yetis. Adem and Hemel made the wood trees and the rivers to carve the mountains. But it was Livet who gave the plants and the animals breath, and Naeve who gave them the embrace of death. It was Kriggan who pit the beasts against one another, and it is Kriggan who gives the warrior strength in battle. And it was Burvju who created magic.

But they were not Nestor and Alva's only children -- they had two more offspring. These were the first of our kind, the first Krampus. Reize and Fodsel were unique among the children of Nestor and Alva as they were mortal. But they did not age; nothing grew, nothing changed. So, they asked for one gift from the Gods -- the gift of time. Nestor and Alva, being doting parents, granted the world the gift of time. The plants grew, and bore fruit. The seasons changed. Fodsel bore Reize offspring several times over, and grew old and grey. But the Gods also began to grow older with each passing day, and together they grumbled. Why did they, the Gods, have to grow ever older? For while aging is a boon to a mortal, to an immortal aging is naught but torture. They tried everything they could think of, but it was wise Burvju who thought to create a being that could exist outside of time. She called her son the Endless, an immortal creature born of magic who by his very existence kept the Gods immortal.

But, the Endless was cursed. Nestor and Alva saw that allowing him to exist on the mortal plane would be catastrophic. So, upon his birth the Endless was banished to rule the Void, where the Gods cannot go. Burvju, who you know created magic, knew of a way to see her son, a secret method for summoning someone from the Void onto the world. She gave this secret to the Reize and Fodsel, who gave it to their child, who gave it to her child, and so on down the line. All of the Krampus Shamans know the secret of summoning the Endless, and my child, one day this secret will be passed on to you.

This rite is dire, and requires blood sacrifice, for the Endless does not make social calls. The Endless is only summoned to save our people when we are in our darkest hour. This is not to be abused or wasted, for the man who commands the Endless could rule or destroy the world; but the Endless will not be contained. When his work is done, the Endless will leave as he came -- without a single word.

“Grandmother!” Aegir interrupted. “Why does the Endless not come now? My whole life we have been in hiding from the Outsiders!”

“Do not interrupt!” Aldhagrimm scolded. “When you are older and know the Ritual, you will understand.” She poked at the embers as the fire died down. “Get the ladder boys, you can go back to the surface.” The boys shrugged and Aldhagrimm fingered a bone charm on her belt -- trophies of shamanic rituals she'd performed.

The boys couldn't see. The bone was human.

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