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March 14, 2013

Spring Is Here! Again!

The icy grip of Winter is beginning to wane on Delta V, giving way to green, life-giving vegetation. However, Delta V is a dangerous world, with dangerous creatures, and even more dangerous plants. Based on extensive studies in the Biological Preserve, Delta V scientists have developed new weapons known as Botanical Battlegear.

Botanical Battlegear

These mutating items come in physical and energy damage variants and they will be available with the 10,000 Varium package!  This package comes with TWO mutating weapons plus an exclusive core: Growth Serum. This is an active core that increases your character's height while buffing the base Support. Cast a shadow of fear across the battlefield!

Azrael's Anguish and Annihilator package will not be leaving this weekend, but it won't be around much longer!


Spring Rares Return!


Celtic Weapons 

Seasonal rare weapons will be returning. Check out Charfade, Naomi, and Valestra (Frysteland) to get them!

  • Celtic Cleaver
  • Lucky Lacerators
  • Celtic Fangs
  • Celtic Claws
  • Celtic Maul
  • Cyber Shillelagh
  • Celtic War Axe
  • Celtic Clover Staff
  • Celtic War Staff
  • Serpent Warder
  • Carrotic Collider
  • Carrotic Cannon
  • Lagomorph Launcher
  • Lagomorph Laser
  • Egg Gun
  • Egg Laser
  • Carrot Impaler
  • Carrot Blaster
  • Bunny Borg

Winter / Frysteland rares will be leaving until next year! The missions and Heartbreaker / Azrael weapons will remain a bit longer to let everyone participate in the epic clash against the Elite Yeti!


Spring Cleaning

Since we released Omega, Titan and Rabblefroth have been hard at work cleaning up bugs and trying to optimize performance, but that's a challenging task to do in parallel with new content releases. This week, Practel was in the Lab to personally help Titan smash many outstanding bugs. Check out this video on our Official Youtube Channel to see our development in-progress!

Despite that progress, it's important to remember that smashing bugs is an ongoing process. We can't fix bugs if we don't have enough details to determine why they are occurring. Artix.com is making great strides toward an improved bug tracker, but for the time being, the AE forums is our primary source for bug reports.


Dead Battery?

Often in game development, something will seem like a great idea when it's initially conceived, but upon closer examination loses it's luster. Dead Battery seemed like an interesting idea coneptually, but in testing the effect was very confusing. It looked more like a bug than a feature. For the time being, we are tabling Dead Battery until we can rethink and rework it into a better, more useful, more clear core.

We're always on the lookout for new core ideas from the community. Post your ideas here


Contest Update!

Wow! Thanks to you guys, we now have an absolutely staggering amount of screenshots to show off Omega!  Although we'll always need screenshots, we will be placing a hold on the contest starting Monday 18th @ 6:00PM EST. At that point, we will begin awarding prizes to the best entries and prepare them for use on the EpicDuel website. We will allow for more entries again in the near future, but right now the amount is overwhelming!

If you haven't entered the contest alread, you still have some time to post your shots!


More to Come!


Cute and Dangerous

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