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January 25, 2022

Secret and Silver Package Update

EpicDuel has been updated with some bonus prizes inspired by community suggestions, with a design suggested by Machaon and translated to an in-game reality by Lodrian.

Additions, Changes, and Fixes

  • New Secret Package Prizes
    • Frost Warlord Archdemon
    • Frost Warlord Archdemon CC
    • Burning Frost Archdemon
    • Burning Frost Archdemon CC
  • New Secret/Silver Secret Prizes
    • Ascended Frost Archdemon
    • Ascended Frost Archdemon CC
  • New Achievements/Adjustments
    • Daily Gift Supreme Epic Legend - Placed top 15 in 2022 and won top Daily Gifter in 4 Gifting seasons.
    • Daily Gift Epic Legend - Won top Daily Gifter in 4 Gifting seasons between 2018-2022.
    • Daily Gift Legend - Won top Daily Gifter in 3 Gifting seasons between 2018-2022.
    • Australia Day 2022 - Now available for sale
  • Bug Fix
    • Using regular sidearm attack did not put Permafrost into cooldown.

Tags: Nightwraith


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