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December 23, 2015

Power Holiday!

New Year Power Weekend

The holiday festivities are upon us once again, and we want to ensure the holiday cheer is thoroughly spread throughout Delta V. To that end, we're keeping the gifting spirit going with a 4-day Power Weekend (starts midnight EST). Get Double XP and Credits from Thursday December 24th to the end of Sunday December 27th.

So far this year's gifting event has BLOWN AWAY our expectations. It looks like RomanianSanta is eager to spread holiday cheer (and snag my Alpha Gear)!


Be sure to check the #edcodes and #edgifting tags on Twitter to find the most popular rooms for gifting! 


Gifts? What Gifts?

Remember, your gifts won't get better if you wait to open them. In fact, they'll expire 60 days after you receive them! There's not reason to hoard them so why wait? There's not even any gift wrapping to dispose or impossible-to-open plastic cases to rip through! These gifts are 100% eco-friendly!


Where BioBeasts?


BioBeasts is still moving forward at full speed. New builds have been pushed out to testers to tear apart over the holidays, though not many bugs have been reported at this time. We would love to have released before Christmas, but Apple completely closes it's submission process on the 22nd. Since it can take up to 2 weeks for approval of a final submission, a pre-holiday launch was impossible. The Android version is nearly ready, but we feel a simultaneous launch is the best way to maximize our marketing reach, rather than split attention between 2 versions of the game.

We'd like to extend our thanks to our hundreds of Beta testers who have helped make BioBeasts one of the most stable and polished mobile games released by Artix Entertainment!



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