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August 09, 2019

Infernal Slayer 2

New Infernal Slayer

Featuring new, powerful weapons, styles, balance tweaks, and boosted PvP rewards, EpicDuel's latest release is now live!


Infernal Slayer 2.0

Many years ago we introduced an amazing, rare item to precede the Infernal War. This weapon, the Infernal Slayer, was a limited rare that was never offered again. There are only 630 in circulation out of the players in EpicDuel's history. Keep in mind, this was sold during EpicDuel's peak population  so its stock ran out in a matter of days. A new, updated Infernal Slayer 2 is now available at  Kraggor in the Mines. This sword comes in Physical and Energy variants, is a limited item, and comes with an Achievement for purchasing either.

  • Infernal Slayer 2 P
  • Infernal Slayer 2 E

The weapon is equipped with 2 unlocked core slots with Massive Strike and Infernal Fury. Much like the original Infernal Slayer released all those years ago, after the quantity is depleted, it will never be restocked again.


PvP Reward Boost

To incentivize PvP battles, we've boosted credit and XP rewards for 1v1 and 2v2 automatch battles. All PvP battles have multipliers that govern reward amounts, and the new multipliers are:

  • 1v1 = 2
  • 2v2 = 3
  • Juggernaut = 1

NPC battles should be unaffected. Juggernaut rewards were reduced due to the speed of most Juggernaut battles. 2v2 received the largest boost to compensate for the increased time involved in completing 2v2 battles.



This week we're introducing several new major balance changes to Mages and Mercenaries. Also, some changes were made to the battle formulas to mitigate block and deflect, reducing the role of chance in the outcome of battle.

  • Tech Mage and Blood Mage
    • Deadly Aim: New % increase goes from 10% to 25%
  • Blood Mage
    • Fireball: Removed passive defense reduction since this was added to compensate for the removal of Deadly Aim. Since Deadly Aim returned, this passive effect is not longer needed
  • Tactical Mercenary and Mercenary
    • Double Strike : Weapon requirement removed
  • Cores:
    • Lifeline and Critical Heal are no longer limited by season. Should be available to buy permanently
    • Assault Thorns/Jack-O-Fire : 120% instead of 115%.
  • Bots:
    • Pirate Bot P and E: Reduced stun and crit % to 20 from 25
  • Battle Forumulas:
    • Block Max reduced to 35% from 40%
    • Block Dex Rate increased to 5 from 4 (takes more Dex to increase block rate advantage)
    • Defection Chance Max reduced to 25% from 35%



Using Pyro Fly's Infernal Swarm no longer breaks  Legendary and regular Dragonoid Brain

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August 02, 2019

Bido's Upgrade

Bido's Upgrade

Bido, the ethereal artists who dwells in the Afterlife realm, has received some upgrades! If you've already completed Charfade's Challenge and are hungry for new wares, visit Bido in his Afterlife outpost before these new limited rares leave his shop for another year! 


Bido's Upgraded Shop

Visit him to explore his new shop of incredible weapons for all classes. As an added bonus, persistent duelists may be able to win his armor from his Legendary form.

  • Swords
    • Bido's Sacred Claymore P
    • Bido's Sacred Claymore E
  • Wrist Blades
    • Soulcursed Blades P
    • Soulcursed Blades E
    • Alchemical Onyx Daggers P
    • Alchemical Onyx Daggers E
    • Toxic Rune Claws P
    • Toxic Rune Claws E
    • Bido's Sacred Blades P
    • Bido's Sacred Blades E
  • Clubs / Axes
    • Soulcursed Mace P
    • Soulcursed Mace E
    • Alchemical Onyx Mace P
    • Alchemical Onyx Mace E
    • Toxic Rune Axe P
    • Toxic Rune Axe E
    • Bido's Sacred Axe P
    • Bido's Sacred Axe E
  • Staffs
    • Soulcursed Staff P
    • Soulcursed Staff E
    • Alchemical Onyx Staff P
    • Alchemical Onyx Staff E
    • Toxic Rune Staff P
    • Toxic Rune Staff E
    • Bido's Sacred Staff P
    • Bido's Sacred Staff E
  • Auxiliary
    • Bido's Bowzooka P
    • Bido's Bowzooka E

Big Brain Bosses

Those of you who defeated the Dragonoid Brain last week will have a new chance to take on its Legendary form! Also, both bosses will now offer new achievements for defeating them!



To top everything off, a few tweaks to balance were made to promote build diversity and address some cores that have been overused or underused.

  • Cyber Hunter
    • EMP Grenade: 3 turn cooldown
  • Tactical Mercenary
    • Toxic grenade: 3 turns instead of 4 
  • Tech Mage
    •  Assimilation: 4 turn coolwond; Improves with every 1.25 strength
  • Core
    • Dark Yeti / Baby Yeti charge +50
    • Infinity Power Stroke: 3 turn cooldown
    • Beast Rider / Frost Reaper Armor cores unlocked


Change / Fix

The Soulcursed Vanquisher P was incorrectly priced at 450 Varium instead of 375. This has been corrected, and those with the who already spent Varium on it will have the difference refunded. The Credit price was unaffected.

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July 26, 2019

Charfade's Nightmare


Charfade's Nightmare

Challenge Nightmare Charfade and a reborn Dragonoid Brain for new gear and achievements! Also, visit Bido in the Afterlife zone for new birthday gear!



The new missions are available at Charfade. You will need to have completed the mission "Ready, Aim, Fire!" to complete the chain as it involves warping to the Dragonoid Ship.

  • Charfade's Challenge
    • A Light Dust Up
    • Dragonoid Removal
    • Dragonoid Removal Plus
    • Half Pint Knight
    • Charfade Training
    • Legend of Charfade
    • Legendary Nemesis Revenge
    • A Brain Reborn
    • Your Worst Nightmare
    • Challenge Complete!


Nightmare Charfade

Emerging  mysteriously from another universe, this new boss is one of the most challenging in the game, and only the toughest of the tough legendary duelists will have a prayer of defeating her. Make sure you've accepted the appropriate mission before challenging her to guarantee your victory counts toward the mission completion!


Bido's Birthday Items

As a late celebration of Bido's Birthday, we've added a new batch of swords to Bido's shop in the Afterlife. These are extremely cool, but the best from Bido is yet to come!

  • Toxic Bloodriver P
  • Toxic Bloodriver E
  • Oblivion Blade of Alchemy P
  • Oblivion Blade of Alchemy E
  • Bido's Rune Blade P
  • Bido's Rune Blade E
  • Soulcursed Vanquisher P
  • Soulcursed Vanquisher E
  • Alchemical Onyx Blade P
  • Alchemical Onyx Blade E
  • Alchemical Onyx Katana P
  • Alchemical Onyx Katana E
  • Alchemical Onyx Ripper P
  • Alchemical Onyx Ripper E



One change was made to Blood Commander to compensate for the overperformance of the skill with current builds.

  • Blood Commander: Lifesteal reduced to 65% from 80%

Due to reports that there was something wrong with Deflections, the code was reviewed and nothing was found to be changed regarding deflection calculations. Sometimes RNG swings in weird ways, but after double checking, no changes were found that could impact deflection or any other RNG factors like Critical Strike or Block Chance. The engine can be reviewed again if anomalous behavior continues into the next week.

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July 19, 2019

Charfade's Cache

Charfade's Challenge

This week we continue celebrating Charfade with new weapons, styles, and balance updates!



This update many cores have been buffed to increase their usefulness and viability for a number of builds


  • Hawk Guardian: 130% instead of 125%
  • Yeti Fury: 110% instead of 105%
  • Legion/Exile strike: Additional +50 instead of 20
  • Chomp (Omega Yeti and Gold Yeti) : 100% damage
  • Deep Plague: 0 cost
  • Molten Bullet: 0 cost
  • Monkakazi Special: Raised minimum bonus to +10, max bonus to 100
  • Curse: Reduce support by 50%; no warmup
  • Curse Aura: Reduce support by 50%; 25% chance to trigger
  • Frost Aura: 25% chance to trigger instead of 15%
  • Tremor Blast: 30% reduction instead of 20%
  • Feast of Flesh: Sacrifice 110 health instead of 125; +35% highest stat; 4 turn duration 


  • Cyper Hunter:
    • Static Charge: Blockable
  • Tactical Mercenary
    • Atom Smasher : increase cost by 30.


Charfade Gear

Find several new weapons and a super-shiny new bike at Charfade in the Barrens!

  • Charfade's Battlegear P
  • Charfade's Battlegear E
  • Charfade's Battle Blade P
  • Charfade's Battle Blade E
  • Charfade's Battle Blaster P
  • Charfade's Battle Blaster E
  • Charfade's Battle Rifle P
  • Charfade's Battle Rifle E
  • Gold Charfade's Cruiser

We've also posted a fix for Charfade's Blaster P and E. The P and E should now have the proper name and damage. Charfade's Blaster P's color was modified to more clearly reflect the fact that it's an energy weapon.


Legendary Gear

For the most Epic of the Legendary duelists, we've stocked the Epic Legendary Arsenal with a platinum set to complement the Platinum Cyber Spartan Armor!

  • Platinum Spartan Sword P
  • Platinum Spartan Sword E
  • Platinum Spartan Blades P
  • Platinum Spartan Blades E
  • Platinum Spartan Mace P
  • Platinum Spartan Mace E
  • Platinum Spartan Staff P
  • Platinum Spartan Staff E


Charfade Styles

Check out the style changer for a CC and non-CC Charfade helmet!


Next Week!

Join us next week for Bido's Birthday Shop and a nightmarish surprise from Charfade!

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July 12, 2019

Charfade's Challenge

Charfade's Challenge

Charfade has arrived fully powered-up in her new evolved form and is ready to offer a serious challenge to the most powerful duelists on Delta V!


Charfade's Challenge

Charfade now offers her ultimate challenge in her legendary form. Who will be the first to conquer this latest legendary opponent?


Charfade Items

In her downtime, Charfade has developed several new weapons and an armor to complement her new advanced form.

  • Evolved Charfade Armor
  • Charfade's Blaster P
  • Charfade's Launcher E
  • Charfade's Sword P
  • Charfade's Staff P
  • Charfade's Club E
  • Charfade's Claws E


Charfade's War Prize

Shortly before today's release, the most recent regional war came to an end, awarding the top prize that was very badly bugged for anyone who got to see it. It appeared as an armor that wasn't loading. Typically, war prizes are setup well in advance, and it was setup as Arbor Armor months ago, but because it coincided with the Charfade update, it was switched to Gold Little Gear (/fire to backflip and launch fireworks) as a reference to her cute, mechanized travel form. This switch was unfortunately never pushed to the live server so people receive an item that didn't exist.

In the most recent update, this was corrected. Those who received the armor should have Gold Little Gear. If it was "equipped" it would be unequipped with armor set to the default, otherwise characters would fail to login as the game would freak out if it saw someone with a vehicle equipped as an armor. The few who upgraded their armor prize had their currency refunded in full.


Legendary Items

The legendary shops have seen some love with new items available to the highest ranked Legendary players!

Exquisite Legendary Arsenal

  • Cyber Spartan CC
  • Gold Cyber Spartan
  • Cyber Spartan Sword P
  • Cyber Spartan Sword E
  • Cyber Spartan Blades P
  • Cyber Spartan Blades E
  • Cyber Spartan Mace P
  • Cyber Spartan Mace E
  • Cyber Spartan Staff P
  • Cyber Spartan Staff E

Epic Legendary Arsenal

  • Platinum Cyber Spartan



Some small balance updates were also included in this release.

  • Frenzy: Reduced max to 60%; starts at 32%; increases 2% per level
  • Screaming Soul Spears: Curable with Medic; Can't use Venom Strike or Toxic Grenade to stack poison

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July 08, 2019

Balance Update 1.7.28

The bonus Varium promotion has officially ended for EpicDuel. Congratulations for all those who could be a part of this great, limited Summer deal! The Infernal Gear will still be available to purchase until the next promotional package is ready to take its place. While Charfade's main release is still in development, we've included a few balance tweaks and a new achievement to keep things interesting until the main event on Friday!


Balance Changes/Fixes


  • Sidearm: Damage scales at the same rate as primary weapon damage

Tech Mage

  • Deadly Aim: requires 42 Tech at max level

Blood Mage

  • Fireball: Requires 42 Dex at max level; Reduce base damage by 10
  • Deadly Aim: requires 42 Tech at max level


  • Blood bullet: Reduce damage to 115% from 125%
  • Icy Overkill: Reduce defense reduction to 30% from 40%
  • Infinity Power Strike: Reduce damage to 120% from 130%


  • Infernal Android: Special starts at 85% dmg going up by 5% turn, 120 max
  • Gamma Bot: Special attack increased to 108% damage
  • Phantasm Droid: 2 turn warm up for special attack


New Achievement

In celebration of the Women's World Cup, we've snuck in an achievement to commemorate this event, and epic victory for the US team!


This Friday!

The "real" release is still in development and on schedule for this Friday. In the meantime, you can visit a newly redesigned Charfade at Mirv's and preview her new armor in battle!

Charfade Preview

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