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October 18, 2019

Epic Class Revival

Epic Balance Update!

Since the big Passive Skill update last spring, there hasn't been many Earth...er...Delta V-shaking updates to balance. A big goal for the year was to differentiate all the class skills, even if it was just an aesthetic change. Today, we've made a huge step toward that goal with 8 revamped skills for the evolved classes (Cyber Hunter, Tactical Mercenary, and Blood Mage).



The evolved classes are getting some major updates that should shake up gameplay and builds quite a bit. We altered and adjusted the skills throughout testing, but live data will be the best data so expect more changes in the weeks to come!

  • Tactical Merc:
    • Double Strike >>> Crippling Strike: Attack for 120% damage; Reduces % defense for 2 turns
    • Artillery Strike >>> Suppressing Fire: New animation to differentiate between Artillery Strike
    • Stun Grenade >>> Barbed Grenade: Inflict physical damage with a 25% base chance to stun and crit. Ignores 15% defense; 20 less damage
    • Toxic Grenade: Functionally the same, but improves with 2 Support; 20 Less damage per leve; Requires Strength
    •  Blood Shield>>> Swapped for Energy Shield
  • Cyber Hunter:
    • Shadow Arts >>> Gene Augment: Hack your own DNA to boost your highest stat.
    • Defense Matrix >>> Nanotech Shield: Activate a powerful shield that negates a % on incoming damage.
    • Multishot >>> Adaptive Offense: Inflict damage based on primary damage type to all enemies. Deals 85% damage against multiple targets.
    • Venom Strike >>> Memory Leak: Target loses fixed Energy and HP for each level similar to Screaming Soul Spears
  • Blood Mage:
    • Overload >>> Brutal Strike: Summon your strength for a devastating strike with a 25% chance to stun.
    • Energy Shield >>> Swapped for Blood Shield


This seems like a big change, but it's a small step toward expanding build diversity and making each class truly unique. Unfortunately, with all the work that when into these changes and testing, the content (arcade, styles, and gear) had to go on hold until next week. Plus, our work is far from done with skill differentiation and there are still several new skills in the works, including new ultimates!

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October 11, 2019

2019 Ghoulzookas!

2019 Ghoulzookas!

The Harvest continues on Delta V with the highly anticipated 2019 Ghoulzookas! Visit Snork to get these awesome auxiliaries preloaded with the (unlocked) Soul Siphon core!



Visit Snork in the Minetower basement for 2 new 2019 edition weapons. These weapons will become new permanent rares when the rest of the Harvest rares leave!

  • Ghoul Cannon 2019
    • Soul Siphon (unlocked): Reduce and absorb enemy energy by 25% of normal auxiliary damage.below 20
  • Spectral Blaster 2019
    • Soul Siphon (unlocked): Reduce and absorb enemy energy by 25% of normal auxiliary damage.below 20

You may be wondering, "Why only 2 weapons?" Well, I decided to put some extra time and effort into these two weapons to really make them stand out amidst dozens of other seasonal rares that typically pour through Delta V's merchants. There's still much, much more to come including new styles, arcade games, armor, and more before the Harvest ends! 



As mentioned, there are still differentiated skills planned, but were not quire ready to be implemented this week, so only a small adjustment was made to the previously introduced Fire Rain.

  • Blood Mage
    • Fire Rain: Improves with Support instead of Dexterity; Improves with ever .25 levels above 20; Weaken for ever 1 level below 20


Heroic Housing 2019

Remember, EpicDuel's Heroic Housing 2019 contest is still underway with plenty of time to enter! The theme is "holiday harvest" so it's the perfect time to get into the spirit of the season and show off your best decor for the chance to win Epic prizes!

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October 04, 2019

Harrowing Harvest

Harrowing Harvest

Let the harvest begin! Bido has unveiled his latest haunting seasonal rares in the Afterlife, and the shops of Snork and Xraal are once again stocked with returning harvest gear!



This update features some much-needed balance adjustments, including a replacement for the little-used Blood Mage Plasma Rain. We're eager to replace several other duplicate skills in the near future!

  • Tech Mage
    • Overload: Improves with every .32 Dexterity instead of .36
  • Blood Mage
    • Overload: Improves with Support instead of Dexterity
    • Plasma Rain: Changed to Fire Rain. Deals Physical damage with 10 Defense ignore
  • Mercenary
    • Surgical Strike: Improves with every .33 Tech instead of .35
  • Cyber Hunter
    • Venom Strike: Requires Technology instead of Dexterity
  • Lifeline: To combat heal looping it now heals for 250 HP instead of 300
  • Spirit Meld: Cannot be used when Energy is full
  • War Balance: War drop multiplier increased slightly for 2v2


Bido's Harvest

Epic artists Bido has outdone himself and created some hauntingly beautiful weapons of war for our harvest season! Visit Bido in the Afterlife to check out his spooky new stock!

Harrowing Harvest Slayer P
Harrowing Harvest Slayer E
Harrowing Harvest Claws P
Harrowing Harvest Claws E
Harrowing Harvest Axe P
Harrowing Harvest Axe E
Harrowing Harvest Staff P
Harrowing Harvest Staff E
Harrowing Harvest Bow P
Harrowing Harvest Bow E

Also, all returning Halloween rares should be available at Snork and Xraal!


Heroic Housing 2019

Remember, today is the first day to submit entries to EpicDuel's Heroic Housing 2019 contest! The theme is "holiday harvest" so it's the perfect time to get into the spirit of the season and show off your best decor for the chance to win Epic prizes!

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October 02, 2019

Heroic Housing Contest 2019

Heroic Housing 2019

Greetings, EpicDuelists! It's been ages since our last EpicDuel contest (about a year) and with the holiday season barreling towards us at an alarming speed, it's the perfect time for a new contest! Show off your creativity and get festive (for the potential to win big prizes!) with our 2019 Heroic Housing Contest!

Contest Time Frame

The contest will run from Friday, October 4th to Sunday, November 3rd at 11:59 PM EST. The winners will be announced via Twitter and Design Notes posts after judging concludes.

How to Enter

All you have to do is submit one screenshot of the best looking room of your best house to us at the AE_Contests Twitter account. If you have multiple rooms in your house, please choose the best one to submit. The theme is "Holiday Harvest" which can represent the spirit of Holidays from Halloween to Christmas! Please use #EpicDuelContest2019 when Tweeting us! Don't forget your character name!

Prize Details

Winners will get 5,000 ArtixPoints, a rare Achievement, and a rare Home Item!

3 Grand Prize winners will get a rare Achievement and home item, plus 10,000 ArtixPoints!

Contest Rules

To make sure your hard work gets judged: Read all of the rules before submitting your entry!

  • Your entry must be YOUR own in game EpicDuel house and not someone else’s (We will check).
  • If you don't play EpicDuel regularly, don't worry! All players can claim one free home and there are many low-cost home items available to get started decorating!
  • Create the best looking house you can while keeping to the "Holiday Harvest" theme! We'll consider your creativity, attention to detail, coordination, adherence to the theme, and the overall quality of entry.
  • Please limit your entry to one screenshot of room of your home! We appreciate the thought of coordinating your entire house but we want to have mercy on our judges! If you have multiple fabulous rooms in your house, choose the best and submit that as your entry.
  • Include your EpicDuel character name with the entry!
  • The screenshot of your entry should be of the Highest Quality, and as large as possible.  The more clear the picture, the better it will look.
  • Don't edit or change your entry after the fact. You have nearly a month so take your time and create a truly epic entry!
  • Post to the AE_Contests Twitter account using the #EpicDuelContest2019 . Uploading your photo to your Facebook and sending us a link does not allow us to see the photos. If you upload your photo to your locked image-sharing account, we cannot see it.
  • One entry per person!
  • Have fun!


Please don’t spam your entry or you will be disqualified! You can only enter once per person!
We reserve the right to reward excellent examples of good sportsmanship or remove entries for abusive behavior towards staff or other contest participants!

Good Luck!

On behalf of the entire AE team, we are really looking forward to seeing your entries!

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September 27, 2019

Ghoulish Gear Shark Attack!

Ghoulish Gear and Sharks oh my!

Yaaaar! Last week Ishmael, feared shark hunter and merchant of the West Naval Yard, reeled in quite a haul of Pirate-themed gear, but this week he's brought his masterpiece: The Cyber Shark! This new bot is perfect for those who want to complete a lifesteal build! It's standard attack also comes with a beefy 25% crit chance to rip your foes to shreds!

  • Cyber Shark P/E
    • Shark Bite:Chomp your foe with metal jaws with a 25% crit chance.
    • Feeding Frenzy: Inflict open wounds that grant 30% lifesteal on target for 3 turns.


Ghoulish Gear Returns!

This update EpicDuel is also welcoming the return of the 2018's Ghoulish Gear! Visit Snork at the base of the in the Wasteland Minetower for access to this spooky and powerful gear. As with past returning gear, it's available for Credits or Varium. The cores will remain Varium only.

  • Vampiric Boomstick P/E
    • Passive: Spreadfire: Damages all enemies. Deals 85% damage if it hits multiple targets.
    • Special: Blood Shot: Fire a powerful shot with a 25% chance to crit that returns 20% damage to user as HP.
  • Phantasm Droid P / E
    • Special: Phantasm Blast: Deal 45% base damage to Energy, increasing by 4% each round in battle (65% max).
  • Additional Aux Core
    • Soul Siphon: Reduce and absorb enemy energy by 25% of normal auxiliary damage.
  • The Ghoul Cannon 2018 and Spectral Blaster 2018 were 2018 edition weapons and thus are permanent rare. However, there will be 2019 editions in an upcoming update!

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September 21, 2019

Talk Like a Pirate 2019

Talk Like a Pirate 2019

The radioactive seas of Delta V boil and churn with an eerie glow, but that doesn't stop shipments of new weapon from arriving to be sold by the crafty shark hunter Ishmael!


Talk Like a Pirate Day 2019

Visit Ishmael, the irradiated shark hunter in the West Naval Yard to peruse his stock of over 50 new weapons!

  • Swords
    • Yokai Soul Katana P
    • Yokai Soul Katana E
    • 13th Pirate Cutlass P
    • 13th Pirate Cutlass E
    • 13th Pirate Sword P
    • 13th Pirate Sword E
    • 13th Pirate Rapier P
    • 13th Pirate Rapier E
    • Cursed Spirit Seeker P
    • Cursed Spirit Seeker E
    • Galactic Pirate Rapier P
    • Galactic Pirate Rapier E
    • Galactic Pirate Cutlass P
    • Galactic Pirate Cutlass E
    • Solar Pirate Cutlass P
    • Solar Pirate Cutlass E
    • Solar Pirate Rapier P
    • Solar Pirate Rapier E
    • Pirate King Sword P
    • Pirate King Sword E
    • Pirate King Slasher P
    • Pirate King Slasher E
    • Pyroclastic Cutlass
    • Abyssal Flame Cutlass
    • Underworld Pirate Cutlass P
    • Underworld Pirate Cutlass E
    • Underworld Pirate Sword P
    • Underworld Pirate Sword E
    • 13th Naval Commander Cutlass P
    • 13th Naval Commander Cutlass E
    • 13th Naval Commander Cutter P
    • 13th Naval Commander Cutter E
    • 13th Naval Commander Knife P
    • 13th Naval Commander Knife E
  • Wrist Blades
    • 13th Naval Blades P
    • 13th Naval Blades E
    • Underwold Pirate Daggers P
    • Underwold Pirate Daggers E
  • Clubs
    • 13th Naval Commander Axe P
    • 13th Naval Commander Axe E
    • Underwold Pirate Axe P
    • Underwold Pirate Axe E
  • Staffs
    • 13th Naval Commander Staff P
    • 13th Naval Commander Staff E
    • Underwold Pirate Staff P
    • Underwold Pirate Staff E
  • Guns
    • Pyroclastic Pistol
    • Abyssal Flame Pistol
    • Underworld Pirate Pistol P
    • Underworld Pirate Pistol E
  • Auxiliaries
    • 13th Naval Commander Rifle P
    • 13th Naval Commander Rifle E
    • Pyroclastic Cannon
    • Abyssal Flame Cannon

Balalance / Fixes

  • Spirit Meld: Defense / Resistance reduction changed from -15% to -10%
  • Curse of Kartherax: Fixed bug in which the active Primary cores on the target would still be active

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