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February 23, 2011

EpicDuel 1.1.3f/g

Character Pages:

After much anticipation, we are happy to introduce character pages to EpicDuel.  Players can now show off their most beastly EpicDuel characters and even share them with friends through Facebook.  We kept it basic for this release, but look for more improvements to this feature in future updates!  To view someone else's character, replace your name in your character page URL with the character name of your choice!  

Character Pages

Please be civil when using the comment tool.  It was easy to add and it's even easier to remove it if it gets out of control. 

Junker Armor:

This awesome credit only armor is available at select Junker robots throught Delta V.  If you can't find them, check the Train Hub!  What makes these armors unique, is that they fit all classes and genders like the Space Warrior Armor, and they actually change your entire head!

Junker Style

That's right!  Nightwraith-bot is still sporting Christmas colors.  I don't think he knows what day it is.  Look to see many more armors like this available throughout Delta V as soon as Friday, with an enhanced varium version of the Junker Armor: The Warbot Armor.

Road to the Bazaar:

The path to the Bazaar is now complete, but there's still one remaining obstacle in your path.  The Bazaar's citizens don't take kindly to outsiders so they've sealed the door leading to their reclusive community.  

Bazaar Path

How much farther is it?

Bazaar Entrance

Finally!  Once opened, the Bazaar will be a hub for many new features in the game, including a much needed marketplace for exotic non-varium items!

1.1.3g Improvements!

WarBot Armor!


The awesome WarBot armor is our latest limit-quantity armor.  Grab one from the Junkers in the Trainhub now before they're gone!

Easier Access to Character Pages!

View your character page or your friends' character pages from their stats page via a handy-dandy "Character Webpage" button.

New Hair Styles!

Need a haircut?  We just added 12 new hairstyles (2 for each gender and class) designed by Charfade!

Security Improvements!

We continue the ongoing battle against hackers by adding enhanced security measures!

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