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April 24, 2014

Lionhart Preview

Lionhart Preview

We mentioned before that Revontheus was cooking up something wicked, and now we have even more previews of this epic event in the making!

Meet Saeva Lionhart. He's seen the endless warring of Delta V's factions and realizes that it's the perfect opportunity to strike! He's coming to claim Delta V for his own...and he's not coming alone.


Be sure to follow Revontheus' Twitter feed as he posts more previews of this exciting event.


Be Prepared

The Dread War is over, but Fortune City stands ready as the new battleground as the war cooldown ticks by. The Exiles triumphed in the Dread Plains, but will the Legion readily hand over their home turf to those sneaky rebels? Prepare for new prizes, new war objectives, and more war action and you fight for immortality on Delta V.


Something Wicked...

Also prepare for a new and malevolent creation coming very, very soon...




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