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May 04, 2020

Infernal Quick Patch

Thank you for bearing with us for a quick patch as we updated the top Varium packages and added Infernal Gladiator Gear to the Mines merchant Kraggor!


Infernal Gladiator Returns!

Last year's Infernal Gladiator Gear has been added to Kraggor in the Mines! If you missed them last year, now is your chance wield these mighty weapons! Core slots have been unlocked to allow maximum versatility with build composition.

  • Weapons
    • Infernal Gladiator Sword P
    • Infernal Gladiator Sword E
    • Infernal Gladiator Gear P
    • Infernal Gladiator Gear E
    • Infernal Artillery P
    • Infernal Artillery E
    • Infernal Blaster P
    • Infernal Blaster E
  • Armor
    • Infernal Gladiator
    • Infernal Gladiator CC
  • Bots
    • Plasma Fly
  • Cores
    • Master's Strike
    • Infernal Fury
    • Molten Bullet
    • Tremor Shot
    • Infernal Surge
    • Infernal Fortitude



  • Infernal Swarm: 2 turn warmup
  • Supercharge: Rage should function normally



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