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October 24, 2014

Huge Harvest

New Harvest 2014

We've fully knocked the safety valves off the pumpkin spice pipeline to flood EpicDuel with a deluge of harvest weapons created by our amazingly talented Guest Artists.

Snork Shop

Visit Snork in the Wasteland Minetower for his impressive inventory of spooky seasonal rares created by Bidoof, Vultex, Overlord Drekon, and Assassin Order.

Soul Binder

Cut through hordes of ghouls with the Soul Binder mutating sets!

Zombie Destroyers

Blast armies of the dead with futuristic shotguns and bazookas!

Pumpkin Annihilator

Unleash pumpkin fury with the Pumpkin Annihilator!


There is so much content in this release, I'm just going to list all the items here. They are all available NOW at Snork (lower floor of the Wasteland Minetower). The mutating items are limited quantity so you'd better be quick!


Mutating Items

  • Harvest Wrecker P/E
  • Soul Binder P/E


  • Harvest Wrecker Blade P/E
  • Soul Binder Sword P/E
  • Resounding Carnage P/E
  • Zombie Slayer P/E


  • Zombie Blaster P/E


  • Pumpkin Annihilator P/E
  • Zombie Devastator P/E


Harvest Missions

After you've browsed the Snork's shop, you may find yourself with a serious Credit deficit. We've got you covered! Help Hank scare up some business or secure a Frysteland trade route for the Krampus in two new mission chains: Hank's Harvest and Frozen Harvest! These missions offer some incredible Credit, Arcade Token, and items rewards! Our writers Trans and OWA worked hard to make them as enjoyable and rewarding as possible! 


Spooky Styles


2046808 created this...I don't even know what, but it's terrifying. Equip it and scare the life out of your opponents with this profoundly disturbing style. Just don't get any dirt in it. That could be irritating.


Join us next week on Halloween for even more deranged content!

Tags: Nightwraith


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