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October 27, 2023

Gothic Vampire Styles

EpicDuel Gothic Vampire Styles

Celebrate Halloween early with new Gothic Vampire armors, weapons, and styles while you experiment with new balance changes!


Gothic Vampire Styles

Visit Snork to check out his stock of returning Halloween seasonal rares plus an all-new stock of Gothic Vampire weapons and armors crafted by artists Bido and Acatriel!

  • Gothic Vampiric Sword P
  • Gothic Vampiric Sword E
  • Gothic Vampiric Blades P
  • Gothic Vampiric Blades E
  • Gothic Vampiric Axe P
  • Gothic Vampiric Axe E
  • Gothic Vampiric Staff P
  • Gothic Vampiric Staff E
  • Gothic Vampire Armor A
  • Gothic Vampire Armor B
  • Gothic Vampire Armor C
  • Gothic Vampire Armor A CC
  • Gothic Vampire Armor B CC
  • Gothic Vampire Armor C CC

In addition to new weapons and armor, over a dozen new vampiric styles have been added!



Along with new content, this update brings new balance changes to class skills and numerous cores with a major skill cooldown duration overhaul.

  • Cyber Hunter
    • Nanotech Shield: Support requirement, starting at 16 and increasing by 2
    • Cyber Edge: Dexterity requirement, starting at 16 and increasing by 2
  • Tactical Mercenary
    • Force Field: removed Support scaling
  • Mercenary
    • Intimidate: Support debuff removed
  • Gamma Bot and all variants: Increased damage from 108% to 111% damage
  • Chronopact: Removed Rage gain, 4 turn Cooldown.
  • Incensory: Removed heal debuff
  • Necrosis/Magma Grenade P and E: Scaling changed from 4 to 3.5 defense/resistance removed per target's level.
  • Growth Serum: Support boost increased from 50 to 100 points; cost reduced from 120 to 110.
  • Minor Growth Serum: Support boost increased from 40 to 60 points; cost reduced from 120 to 110.

To improve consistency and increase the utility of buff and debuff removing skills, the Cooldown of some skills and cores have been increased to match their durations. Skills with Cooldowns that were already longer than the duration were unchanged. The following skills and cores have had adjustments to their Cooldowns:

  • Reflex Boost: Cooldown increased to 4
  • Defense Matrix: Cooldown increased to 3
  • Smokescreen: Cooldown increased to 3
  • Energy Shield: Cooldown increased to 3
  • Field Commander: Cooldown increased to 4
  • Intimidate: Cooldown increased to 4
  • Technician: Cooldown increased to 4
  • Malfunction: Cooldown increased to 3
  • Force Field: Cooldown increased to 4
  • Blood Commander: Cooldown increased to 4
  • Blood Instinct: Cooldown increased to 4
  • Adaptive Armor: Cooldown increased to 3
  • Blood Shield: Cooldown increased to 5
  • Kernel Panic: Cooldown increased to 3
  • Terrify: Cooldown increased to 4
  • Thorns: Cooldown increased to 4
  • Deep Plague: Cooldown increased to 5
  • Pacify: Cooldown increased to 5
  • Molten Bullet: Cooldown increased to 5
  • Molten Shrapnel: Cooldown increased to 5
  • Sea King's Corruption: Cooldown increased to 4
  • Hunter's Retribution: Cooldown increased to 5
  • Botanical Infection: Cooldown increased to 5

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