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January 18, 2019

Gifting Aftermath Part 2

Gifting is officially over and the work to reward the most generous gifters continues! Although our primary focus has been on granting the wishes for the winners, we've still managed a major quality of life improvement, especially for those with inventories overflowing with Arcade Tokens. We still haven't heard back from one of our winners so if you're a winner and haven't been contacted by Nightwraith, please check your spam filter or contact player support.


Wishes Granted

As of this update, nearly all the winners of the 2018 Gifting Event have received their wishes! If you received your reward, I hope you like it! I've been impressed by the creativity the winners have put forth in ideas for custom touches to their items, including custom colored core, effects, and armor animations. It'll be an incredible challenge to top the prizes next year!

Bandit J......In Progress
Spank Me......Complete
R A C I N G......Complete
D0uble Tr0uble......Complete
Gladiator Blitz......Complete
Properto Reloaded......Pending
.S A G A R......Complete
DaBomb CHOP V8 FTYPE......Pending


Secret Packages

The Secret Packages will be opening today. Since this is a manual process, it may take awhile, but we'll announce when all the items were awarded.  You will receive rewards based on how many packages you received, so if you received 2 packages, you will receive 2 sets of rewards. Secret Package Rewards are:

  • Frozen Dage's Apocalypse P
  • Frozen Dage's Apocalypse E
  • Thawed Dage's Apocalypse P
  • Thawed Dage's Apocalypse E
  • As some of you have deduced the the Omega Wolf Warrior armor is coming, but unfortunately it still needs some more time.

I tried to set the sellback up earlier this week for the rewards, but it was easier to give everyone bulk credits per package they won. This amounted to 500K per Secret Package and 100K per Silver Secret Package. This was awarded earlier this week so you don't need to do anything to claim it. 



  • Arcade Tokens and other mission items no longer count towards Inventory or Bank space. This should help those who have piles upon piles of Tokens stocked up from Gifting. I have a feeling more Arcades will be arriving on Delta V very soon!
  • Fixed bug allowing the use of spaces at the front of character names


War and the Artix Launcher

For those playing via the Artix Launcher, the War Bar was not working earlier this week. This should now be fixed! If you notice any other bugs in the launcher, please submit a report using the official Artix Bug Tracker

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