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December 04, 2020

Gifting 2020 Begins!

Gifting 2020 Begins

Gifting Begins! 

A new season of gifting has begun! Login now to give and receive inconceivable mountains of loot, earn achievements, and spread holiday cheer throughout Delta V! Let's send off 2020 on a high note! 


New Gifting Prizes!

This year, our talented artists have helped us include dozens of new weapons into the pool of possible prizes included in each gift! Can you collect them all? Also don't sleep on the daily prize claim! It boosts your achievement while giving you a free new home item, weapon, armor, or a big pile of credits!

Deuce's Jolly Candy Set

Bido's Regal Festive Set

New Items!

Visit Charfade for new, festive variations of her Mini Rex Morph!

  • Festive Mini Rex Mutation
  • Festive Rusted Mini Rex


New Achievement!

A new Frost Warrior 4.0 achievement has emerged in the achievement shop!



  • Mercenary:
    • Adrenaline replaced with Reactive Armor: Deal a % of melee damage back to attacker
  • Tactical Mercenary:
    • Atom Smasher replaced with Adrenaline Rush: Strike target to gain a % of Rage



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