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March 07, 2013

Frysteland's End

Frysteland Conclusion!  

 The Final Battle for Frysteland

The gauntlet has been thrown: Battle Alydriah's champion, the fearsome Elite Yeti, for the fate of Frysteland! But you won't be able to do it alone! Complete the final quest chain, starting at Rabblefroth, to summon the Shadow of the Endless, a powerful spirit from the Void who can help you expel Alydriah's terror from Frysteland for good! Summoning such power comes at a price, though. Are you prepared for the consequences?

You will need to have completed the previous Frysteland quest chain up to the Summoning Stone to engage in this mission chain. Visit Edgar Boothe or King Alaric (both in Frysteland) to being the Frysteland missions if you haven't done so already. The Yeti training missions are not necessary to complete these new missions.


Concerning Missions 

We are in the process of outlining a brand new mission system! We are conducting a lot of in-house playtesting and have determined that our existing mission system is overwhelmingly confusing. It should not take paragraphs of guides and Wiki entries to help even experienced players navagate a chain so all of our existing missions are getting a much needed overhaul. This confusion no doubt leads many to neglect missions altogether, causing them to miss out on plot developments and all the great mission rewards! This new system will soon be revealed and go live within the next few weeks. 


Golden Yeti Tournament Conclusion!  

Who will win me?

When EpicDuel Omega 1.5.5 goes live*, the the top 100 competitors in the Yeti Tournament will win the coveted Golden Yeti! Additionally, the top 100 will win an achievement based on their final rank in the tournament. Congratulations, champions -- you've earned it!

We've learned a lot from this initial foray into organized competitions. We'd love to do more in the future with numerous refinements based on the knowledge gained from the Golden Yeti Tournament. If you didn't win, don't worry -- there will be more competitions, better competitions, on the horizon.

*Likely later than we expected, but we will update you in case of a delay. Follow our Twitter accounts for the most up-to-date details!  The tournament officially ended ~ 10:50PM EST.


The Forging of Azrael's Armaments Video!  

Check dis out! 

Keep checking EpicDuel's Official Youtube channel for a time-lapse video showcasing the creation of Azrael's Anguish and Azrael's Annihilator. The video will go live shortly after Friday's release. Rumor has it that there's a super-secret prize code hidden within the video. Watch closely or you'll miss it! 


New Poll!  

Visit Rabblefroth in the Wasteland who is seeking answers to yet another deep and meaningful question!


Balance Adjustments and Bug Fixes!  

New and improved balance and numerous bug fixes!  These will be covered in greater detail in the Patch Notes.

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