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December 24, 2022

Frost Revenant Showcase Live!

Frost Revenant Showcase is Live!

After some delays, bug fixing, QoL additions, and final rounds of polish, the Frost Revenant Showcase is finally LIVE! Login today and collect the latest and greatest designs from Acatriel and Bido!

There were still more features planned to improve the Battlepass experience, but those sadly had to be cut for this update to launch before the New Year. We hope you enjoy it!


New PvP Drops

In addition to new Battlepass rewards, we've added new Evolved Frostbane PvP drops courtesy of Deuce! 

  • Evolved Frostbane Blades P
  • Evolved Frostbane Blades E
  • Evolved Frostbane Axe P
  • Evolved Frostbane Axe E
  • Evolved Frostbane Staff P
  • Evolved Frostbane Staff E
  • Evolved Frostbane Blaster P
  • Evolved Frostbane Blaster E
  • Evolved Frostbane Bow P
  • Evolved Frostbane Bow E

We've also re-added cores to the drop tables. Some limited charge cores that dropped during the update that introduced them were erroneously set to be unlimited. These will be manually set to 30 charges after this update. The core drops should now function normally with one known display bug that they still show "Unlimited" despite being the x30 variants in your inventory. Equipping the cores resolve this issue. 


New Missions

After you've battled enough to collect several of the new PvP drops, you can visit Deuce in the abandoned train station in the Mines to take on his new mission "Frosty Evolution", offering significant rewards culminating in new rare rewards!

Holiday Wishes

2022 presented many challenges and triumphs, but we're still here dueling on! Though the lack of Gifting has made this a more low-key month, it's been invaluable for stress reduction and creative recuperation. We have no shortage of interesting ideas and projects to build upon our progress from 2022 to carry EpicDuel into the future. On behalf of the EpicDuel team, we wish you a happy and safe holiday season, and a prosperous 2023! Thank you, and duel on!

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