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November 09, 2023

EpicDuel Gifting Prize Bonus Tiers

EpicDuel Gifting Bonus Tiers

In addition to the other prizes offered by this year's gifting event, we will be introducing a new batch of prizes for Gifters who manage to achieve certain thresholds for gifts given. The main theme for these prizes will be the Cyber Wolf Set, but there will be some other bonus prizes scattered throughout the tiers. This is designed to provide an opportunity for prizes for those who aren't necessarily aiming to land on the final leaderboard. The hope was that there would be a cool GUI in game to track the scores and automate prize claim, but in due to the heavy workload, we'll be awarding the prizes manually at the conclusion of gifting.

Unfortunately, we don't have many previews to show as the items are still in progress, but we can show you the tier levels as well as the names and types of items we plan to offer for each tier. We will post more previews as the items are completed!


10,000 Gifts (over 150 Gifters attained this level in 2021)

  • Cyber Wolf Dagger P
  • Cyber Wolf Dagger E
  • Festive Classic Armor

15,000 Gifts

  • Cyber Wolf Greatsword P
  • Cyber Wolf Greatsword E

20,000 Gifts

  • Cyber Wolf SMG P
  • Cyber Wolf SMG E

25,000 Gifts

  • Cyber Wolf Shotgun P
  • Cyber Wolf Shotgun E
  • Festive Omega Default Armor

50,000 Gifts

  • Jack Frost P (Robot)
  • Jack Frost E (Robot)

75,000 Gifts

  • Cyber Wolf Bow P
  • Cyber Wolf Bow E

100,000 Gifts

  • Cyber Wolf Arsenal P
  • Cyber Wolf Arsenal E
  • Frostbane CC
  • Ember Bane CC

125,000 Gifts

  • Cyber Wolf Bazooka P
  • Cyber Wolf Bazooka E

150,000 Gifts

  • Cyber Wolf Morph
  • Cyber Wolf Morph CC

175,000 Gifts

  • Cyber Dragon Morph
  • Morph CC

200,000 Gifts

  • Cyber Wolf Armor
  • Cyber Wolf Armor CC

225,000 Gifts

  • Savage Cyber Wolf Armor
  • Savage Cyber Wolf Armor CC

250,000 Gifts (28 Gifters attained this level in 2021)

  • NightBot 3000 P (Robot)
  • NightBot 3000 E (Robot)
  • NightBot 3000 Morph


That's all for now. We apologize for the delay in updates, but getting a new Battlepass ready in addition to preparing hundreds of new items for Gifting is stretching us to the limit. Next week, with luck and elbow grease, we should be back on track!



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