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June 21, 2024

Epic Legendary Arsenal

Epic Legendary Arsenal

New Legendary Gear

The Legendary Shops of Titan's Peak have been stocked with loads of luxurious new items! User your excess Credits to boost your rating score and show off your stylish new swords!

For new-ish players: These shops are only accessible if you have achieved level 40+. If you're under level 40, you'll need to level up before you can access the shops.

  • Legendary Arsenal
    • Silver Royal Dagger P
    • Silver Royal Dagger E
    • Silver Royal Claymore P
    • Silver Royal Claymore E
    • Silver Royal Scythe P
    • Silver Royal Scythe E
    • Silver Royal Spear P
    • Silver Royal Spear E
    • Silver Royal War Axe P
    • Silver Royal War Axe E
  • Exquisite Legendary Arsenal
    • Golden Royal Dagger P
    • Golden Royal Dagger E
    • Golden Royal Claymore P
    • Golden Royal Claymore E
    • Golden Royal Kingmaker P
    • Golden Royal Kingmaker E
    • Golden Royal Impaler P
    • Golden Royal Impaler E
    • Golden Royal Cleaver P
    • Golden Royal Cleaver E
    • Golden Royal War Axe P
    • Golden Royal War Axe E
    • Golden Royal Halberd P
    • Golden Royal Halberd E
    • Golden Royal Spear P
    • Golden Royal Spear E
    • Golden Royal Scythe P
    • Golden Royal Scythe E
    • Golden Royal Wrist Blades P
    • Golden Royal Wrist Blades E
    • Golden Royal Reaper P
    • Golden Royal Reaper E
    • Golden Royal Great Hammer P
    • Golden Royal Great Hammer E
    • Golden Royal Greataxe P
    • Golden Royal Greataxe E
    • Golden Royal Staff P
    • Golden Royal Staff E
    • Golden Royal War Staff P
    • Golden Royal War Staff E
    • Gilded War Scythe P
    • Gilded War Scythe E
  • Epic Legendary Arsenal
    • Epic Blade of Honor P
    • Epic Blade of Honor E
    • Epic Blade of Awe P
    • Epic Blade of Awe E
    • Legendary Royal Claymore P
    • Legendary Royal Claymore E


Balance Addendum

As per the last Design Notes, there was supposed to be balance changes for this update, but those have been delayed, unfortunately. I didn't want to hold onto the content for any longer so I decided it was better to update with the new items than nothing at all for another week! Balance changes are still being considered and will be pushed to live as soon as they are ready.

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