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March 19, 2013

Epic Egg Hunt

Spring is very, very near (or at least it feels that way if you're near the Lab) and something is stirring beneath the Bio Dome.


The Bunnies Return!

The Bunnies Return

Last year, the interstellar, sentient rabbits that were stranded on Delta V years ago attempted to make an escape, with disastrous results! In the intervening time, they helped defend the Archives from an incursion of the Mechachillids and patiently planned their next escape attempt. To bypass the force field that surrounds Delta V, the rabbit leader, Brachylagus will need to recover the fuel supply of his demolished ship.  This fuel is contained within specially designed containers that closely resemble eggs. 


Egg Hunt

Ballistic Bunny Bot

Scattered across Delta V will be a sinister selection of eggs for you to collect. How will you collect these? Battle, of course! You didn't think you could just pick those off the ground, did you? That would be crazy! Collecting these eggs will unlock several awesome rewards with the best being a super-secret shop with never-before-seen weapons!

We'll need a bit extra time to deliver this jam-packed mega release so we're expecting to deliver it on Thursday, March 28!


What About This Week?

This week we will be prepping the artwork and coding the event for next week, but we are still planning to roll a release this week with balance adjustments and additional bug fixes.


Ballistic Bunny Bot

The bunny gang knows that gathering eggs through battle will not be easy, so they've constructed a fierce, mechanical bunny bot to assist you in your duels. This bot is small, but should not be understimated!

Special thanks to Disturbed and Trizzzy for helping out with the designs of these bunny-themed weapons of mass destruction! 


Mod Hunt

The hunt for moderators should be wrapping up very soon.  Our final interviews have concluded and we're making a final pass selecting the candidates. There were a lot of qualified candidates so picking the best of the best has been a great challenge. Thank you for your patience during this process!



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