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April 17, 2014

Dread War Aftermath


The Dread War is nearly over. What better way to relax from ceaseless battle than some fun new missions courtesy of Hank?! New missions, new items, and a POWER WEEKEND await for this upcoming release!


Easter Best

Our volunteers are hard at work learning the intricacies of Flash and they're ready to reveal the fruits of their efforts.

Exo Knight

Check out this suggestion entry by VectosAE, vectorized and separate by G00ny!


This sweet new armor is available as male and female neutral armors at Talia in Fortune City. Visit the style change module to complete the look with matching styles for all classes and genders.

Wear your Easter best!

There aren't any Easter bonnets in EpicDuel, but we DO have killer egg armors, doom bunny swords, and cybernetic, grenade-launching rabbits! Visit Xraal or Cinderella in the Biological Preserve to dress your Easter best! Go pastel or go home!


Trash Talk

The resources consumed by the raging war in the Dread Plains forced Fortune City to suspend sanitation services. This has turned the Delta V capital into a literal dump! 

Take out some trash!

Visit Hank in Fortune City to help him clean up and make Delta V shiny and new so he can finish tinkering on a top-secret project. 

Hank's Tasks

Hank has a reputation for being stingy, but he loves his planet and city more than he loves cash so he's bringing extraordinary rewards. You won't believe the prize for completing the final mission, a collaboration between Charfade, Hatred Cuirass, and Assassin Order! Or maybe you will. I guess that depends how easily you're surprised. Like, did you know someone is behind you right now watching you read? No? Well, of course it moved! Anyway...


Map It Up!

Delta V Reborn

Charfade is currently in the process of giving Delta V a MEGA facelift. That old map is going away. Prepare for the shiny newness! We will be incorporating the new map shorty after the next war region goes live. 

Hey, now you can tell which region is which! It's not green and blue blobs anymore! PROGRESS!


Power Weekend!


Grab your Boost and your best gear and get ready to duel! Earn levels and Legendary ranks faster than ever with another POWER WEEKEND! Double XP and double Credits! You're probably asking, "But Nightwraith! How do I qualify?" All you have to do is login after our release tomorrow and duel your heart out! Tell your friends and your enemies...because you friends can help you beat them and stuff.

Duel ON and Happy Passover and Easter to those who celebrate!

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