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March 31, 2023

Botanical Knight Battlepass Preview

Botanical Knight Battlepass Preview

The Botanical Knight Battlepass is on schedule to be released next week with new cores, styles, weapons, armors, and more! The expected release date is Friday April 7 as soon as it's ready.

The release has been postponed until next week to allow enough time for thorough development and testing.


PvP Queue Time

To encourage faster matchmaking, the queue times for PvP matches have been reduced, especially in 2v2. This means that if a human match is not found, an AI opponent will be chosen faster. While priority is given to human matches, getting into battles to get rewards feels better than waiting at a loading screen. The level range of AI matches has also been increased from 36 to 38.


Drop Rate Update

Since the 2023 Dage drops are dropping less frequently than intended, we've updated the the drop weights to give preference to the new items while increasing the overall drop rate. 

In anticipation of April Fool's Day, we've added the following items back into the drop pools:

Weapon Drops

  • Fw0rsht B4n3
  • FluF B4n3
  • Inf3rn0l Sl4y4h
  • Impurrnal Slayer
  • Dorge's Decimalat0r
  • Borge's D3c1m4T0R
  • 4zr33l Bj0rn
  • Azreal Bean

Home Items

  • ChickenCalf Right
  • ChickenCalf Left
  • Armored ChickenCalf Right
  • Armored ChickenCalf Left
  • Chibi Ox Right
  • Chibi Ox Left
  • DF ChickenCow Right
  • DF ChickenCow Left
  • ChickenCow Right
  • ChickenCow Left
  • ChickenCow 2 Right
  • ChickenCow 2 Left
  • RoosterBull Right
  • RoosterBull Left
  • Spirit RoosterBull Right
  • Spirit RoosterBull Left
  • Sriracha RoosterBull Right
  • Sriracha RoosterBull Left

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March 21, 2023

Ancient Legion Arsenal

Ancient Legion Arsenal

The Undead Legion's latest arsenal has arrived in EpicDuel! Collect over 50 new items that can be earned through PvP victories! These drops are seasonal and will leave for the season after a few months.


New PvP Drops

Fight and win PvP duels for a chance to receive these new weapons!

  • Doom Fusion Daggers
  • Legion Fusion Daggers
  • Doom Fusion Maul
  • Legion Fusion Maul
  • Doom Fusion Staff
  • Legion Fusion Staff
  • Doom Destroyer Spear
  • Legion Destroyer Spear
  • Ancient Doom Cleaver
  • Ancient Legion Cleaver
  • Ancient Doom Katana
  • Ancient Legion Katana
  • Ancient Doom Scythe
  • Ancient Legion Scythe
  • Ancient Doom Crusher
  • Ancient Legion Crusher
  • Ancient Doom Slicer
  • Ancient Legion Slicer
  • Ancient Doom Reaper
  • Ancient Legion Reaper
  • Ancient Doom Spear
  • Ancient Legion Spear
  • Ancient Doom Impaler
  • Ancient Legion Impaler
  • Ancient Doom Bow
  • Ancient Legion Bow
  • Doom Fusion Blade
  • Legion Fusion Blade

New Home Item Drops

Fight and win PvP duels for a chance to receive these new home items!

  • Dage x Doom Fusion
  • Dage Fusion Bobblehead R
  • Dage Fusion Bobblehead L
  • Doom Fusion Bobblehead R
  • Doom Fusion Bobblehead L
  • Legion Fusion Statue R
  • Legion Fusion Statue L
  • Doom Fusion Statue R
  • Doom Fusion Statue L
  • Legion Cracked Ground
  • Doom Cracked Ground
  • Legion Fusion Executioner
  • Doom Fusion Executioner
  • Legion Fusion Daggers Display
  • Doom Fusion Daggers Display
  • Legion Fusion Skull
  • Doom Fusion Skull
  • Legion Fusion Crest
  • Doom Fusion Crest
  • Legion Destroyer Spears
  • Legion Destroyer Sword
  • Legion Swordsman Statue R
  • Legion Swordsman Statue L
  • Legion Spearman Statue R
  • Legion Spearman Statue L


New Collection Missions

Visit Dage the Evil's avatar on Delta V to accept the new collection mission chain Dage's 2023 Arsenal! If you complete all the missions, you can earn thousands of credits, new rare weapons, and an new achievement: Dage Collector 2023!

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March 10, 2023

EpicDuel Anniversary Beta Gamma Rewards

EpicDuel Anniversary Beta Gamma

EpicDuel is continuing it's anniversary celebration with new rewards for Beta and Gamma supporters!*

*Rewards only available for those who meet criteria specified below.


Beta Rewards

With this update, our Beta Supporters who owned the original Beta Brutalizer set will receive new and improved 2023 Beta Weapons! 

  • Beta Cleaver 2023 P
  • Beta Cleaver 2023 E
  • Beta Brutalizer 2023 P
  • Beta Brutalizer 2023 E

As with the Alpha weapons last week, these new weapons will be added to inventories as additional items and will not overwrite the existing legacy gear.


Gamma Rewards

Gamma supporters who already own the Gamma Bot will receive the new Electro Gamma Bot, which is a damage-swapped counterpart to the coveted Gamma Bot!


Returning Drops

Because we didn't formally announce the Evolved Frostbane PvP weapon drops a few weeks ago, we're re-adding them to drop pool to allow those still wrapping up the related missions a chance to complete them. These drops will leave after a week to become seasonal drops.

Additionally, to celebrate Dage the Evil's birthday, we're restoring Dage's Legion item drops. These returning drops will be reinforced soon with new items next week!

When the other PvP drops were removed, the intention was to revert the drop rates back to the pre-holiday rates. With this update the overall drop rate has been reduced, but still remains higher than it was before the holiday change.


Next Week: Dage's Birthday Items

Prepare for new weapons, home items, and maybe even a mission or two as we bring Dage the Evil's devious designs to EpicDuel!

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March 03, 2023

EpicDuel Anniversary

EpicDuel's 14th Anniversary!

Login for epic rewards as EpicDuel celebrates 14 years since its initial Alpha Launch!


Epic Varium Bonus

If you have an EpicDuel character that has been active since January 1, 2020, you will receive 1400 free Varium on that character! Not many online games can boast that achievement, and we wanted to commemorate that milestone with an unprecedented gift to help everyone power up! Our humble little Sci-fi PvP MMORPG never would have remained live and dueling this long without you and your support! Duel on!


Spring Varium Sale

Today, EpicDuel began its Spring sale, which is expected to run until Tuesday, April 4th. We are increasing the included Varium with the Darkeater Gear Package from 10,000 to 15,000 and increasing the Varium-only package value from 18,000 to 20,000! Those who purchased either of these packages 24 hours before the sale went live received the difference in Varium earlier today.


Anniversary Gear

Visit Nightwraith for new rare Anniversary weapons!

  • Fourteen Year Alpha Sword P
  • Fourteen Year Alpha Sword E
  • Fourteen Year Alpha Annihilator P
  • Fourteen Year Alpha Annihilator E


Legacy Rewards

Starting this week, we will be equipping new legacy rare gear to players from different development phases who meet certain criteria. This week, we will reward players with the original Alpha gear with new variants of their ultra rare gear! 

  • Alpha Blade 2023 P
  • Alpha Blade 2023 E
  • Alpha Annihilator 2023 P
  • Alpha Annihilator 2023 E

Next week, we will distribute new gear for Beta players with the original Beta weapons and Gamma players who already own the original Gamma Bot!


Bug Fixes/Changes

  • Chained Blood:3 turn duration; lifesteal aspect can be reduced by Heart Attack/Azrael’s Torment/Consecrated Fire
  • Consecrated Ground: No longer reduces the target’s Rage gain rate. If the core has not been used in the battle yet, using the normal aux attack will properly put the core on a 3 turn cooldown, instead of 2.
  • Dualism: If the core has not been used in the battle yet, using the normal gun attack will correctly put the core on a 2 turn cooldown, instead of 3.
  • Azrael’s Chimera CC: Tail CC fixed.

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