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July 29, 2022

Cheff's Challenge

Cheff's Challenge

Visit Cheff's Bar in Central Station to climb the leaderboard in the latest Arcade offering: Cheff's Challenge!

New Arcade: Cheff's Challenge

Visit any ArcadeBot, including Cheff's own custom bots in the Central Station bar area to play Cheff's Challenge and collect an assortment of stylish new sidearm and auxiliary weapon both futuristic and fearsome. Cheff was able to assemble quite an epic arsenal thanks to his old collections in the Legion and he's more than happy to share the wealth with you...for the price of an Arcade Token!

Gold Tier

  • Skeletal Rail P (pre-equipped with Spreadfire)
  • Skeletal Rail E (pre-equipped with Spreadfire)

Silver Tier

  • Memet's Plasma Cannon P
  • Memet's Plasma Cannon E
  • Cheff Bobblehead
  • Mega Soaker P
  • Mega Soaker E

Bronze Tier

  • Chrono Blaster P
  • Chrono Blaster E
  • Heroic Blaster P
  • Heroic Blaster E
  • Xeno Claw Blaster P
  • Xeno Claw Blaster E
  • Gilded Pan
  • Platinum Pan
  • Cheff's Pan P
  • Cheff's Pan E

As with all new Arcade Games, this will include a new tiered achievement that can be leveled up by depositing Arcade Tokens and winning prizes!


Nulgath's Arsenal: Missions Added

Two new missions have been added to Dage's Nulgath Arsenal mission chain. Earn big Credit rewards and two new Nulgath weapons by completing them! 

  • Nulgath's Arsenal 10
  • Nulgath's Arsenal 11
  • New Mission Weapons:
    • Fiend Dragonblade P
    • Fiend Dragonblade E


New Achievements

Since upcoming balance changes may make lengthy boss encounters easier, these achievements will be awarded manually to those who already defeated Legendary and Nightmare Acatriel. 

  • Legendary Acatriel Slayer
  • Nightmare Acatriel Slayer

Going forward we will have a policy of awarding special achievements for those who are able to defeat new bosses within a week (approximately from one release to another). 

Balance Changes

  • Tech Mage:
    • Battery Backup: Cooldown reduced from 5 to 4
    • Nanotech: Damage reduction max increased from 10% to 15%
  • Cyber Hunter:
    • Nanotech: Damage reduction max increased from 10% to 15%
  • Tactical Mercenary:
    • Adrenaline: 15% to 20% reroute
    • Frenzy: Cooldown reduced from 5 to 4
  • Mercenary:
    • Static Smash: Buffed base numbers to compensate for strength reduction skills
    • NEW Static Smash: 35 40 45 50 54 58 62 66 68 70
    • OLD Static Smash: 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52 54
  • Gun Cores:
    • Aim assist: Reduce chance for weapons to be deflected by 30%
    • Energy Shot: Reusable.
  • Armor Cores:
    • Tranquility: Reusable; 4 turn cooldown.
    • Sea Kings Spirit: Regenerate mana based on your armor defense, 3 turn cool down instead of 4 and reusable.
    • Titans Shroud: 30% damage reduction/deflection, increase block and deflection chance.
  • Aux Cores:
    • Aim Assist: Reduces for this weapons attack to be deflected by 30%
    • Stun Blast: Increase chance to stun to 6% from 3%
    • Concussive Shot: Reusable
    • Sea Kings corruption: Reduces the effects of all healing by 25% instead of 35% for 4 turns instead of 3


Coming Attractions

  • New Promotional Package: Very soon we will be introducing a new promotional package, the Darkeater Collectoin, absolutely packed with new gear, including bots, bikes, cores, and new gear in all categories!
  • New Tournament: Later next month we will be hosting a new tournament: Hellfire Havoc. This tournament will feature fiery infernal gear the likes you have not seen before. To allow more people to participate in and have a chance to win the top prizes, we're considering splitting the tournament into 2: a 1v1 tournament and a 2v2/Juggernaut tournament. Rather than a week, these would run over a weekend to help maximize participation and prevent battle fatigue.
  • See Ya Seasonals: Earlier this month we brough back all the seasonal items. Soon, they will be leaving again until they are re-added in later this year.

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July 22, 2022

Acatriel's Arsenal

Acatriel's Arsenal

Acatriel's Arsenal

The Fate Subjugator Acatriel has unveiled his personal cache of mystical weapons forged in a realm beyond time and space.

  • Ascended Fate Subjugator Armor (click the chest to extend / retract the wings)
  • Ascended Fate Subjugator Armor CC (click the chest to extend / retract the wings)
  • Fate Subjugator Armor
  • Fate Subjugator Armor CC
  • Pandora's Dominator P
  • Pandora's Dominator E
  • Pandora's Arc of Fate P
  • Pandora's Arc of Fate E
  • Pandora's Fate Handcannon P
  • Pandora's Fate Handcannon E
  • Pandora's Fate Blaster P
  • Pandora's Fate Blaster E


Legendary Shop Stock

The Legendary Arsenals located in Titan's Peak have been stocked with new weapons and armors!

Available at Exquisite Legendary Arsenal

  • Dragonlord Watcher
  • Dragonlord Watcher CC

Available at Epic Legendary Arsenal

  • Corrupted Dragonlord Watcher
  • Corrupted Dragonlord Watcher CC

Available at Legendary Arsenal

  • Dragonlord Watcher Sword P
  • Dragonlord Watcher Sword E
  • Corrupted Dragonlord Watcher Sword P
  • Corrupted Dragonlord Watcher Sword E


New Styles

Open the style shop to choose from 6 new styles themed after the Dragonlord Watcher sets and a pair of silly, yet stylish burrito-based helms.


New Mods

If you see the green names Estwing, Dewalt, and NEXTEC, know that these are official mod characters. These accounts serve as shells to allow mods to separate their mod persona from their in-game persona. If you are banned or muted in-game and would like to dispute it, you are welcome to appeal through the EpicDuel Support page. Other devs will not lift bans or mutes or personally investigate your case, so please refer to the link if you wish to have your issue resolved as quickly as possible.

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July 15, 2022

Acatriel's Coming Attractions

Unfortunately, there will not be a new update this week, but next week, and in the upcoming weeks, EpicDuel will see a bounty of new content arriving from some of your favorite artists!

Also, congratulations to Machaon and Cresphontes, the first two duelists who were able to finally defeat Nightmare Acatriel!

Enjoy a preview of some of the new gear arriving on Delta V in the next few weeks!

Acatriel's Arsenal

Bido's Nightmare Seeker

Fate Subjugator Armor

Dragon Watcher Armor

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July 08, 2022

Nulgath Nation Arcade

Nulgath Nation Arcade

Nulgath Nation Arcade

There's finally a new Arcade to deposit some of your hard-earned Arcade Tokens into to score a host of new Nulgath items! Don't have Arcade Tokens and not enough Varium to buy some? Remember that you can earn them for free through PvP victories and many daily missions!

  • Gold Tier
    • Reincarnated Overfiend P
    • Reincarnated Overfiend E
  • Silver Tier
    • Reincarnated Scythe P
    • Reincarnated Scythe E
    • Taro's ManSlayer CC P
    • Taro's ManSlayer CC E
  • Bronze Tier
    • Reincarnated Blade P
    • Reincarnated Blade E
    • Empyrean Blade P
    • Empyrean Blade E
    • Nation Symbiote Sword P
    • Nation Symbiote Sword E
    • Soul Devourer P
    • Soul Devourer E
    • Nulgath's Visage
    • Draconic Overfiend P
    • Draconic Overfiend E
    • Overfiend Blade Display

Each new arcade comes with a new Arcade leaderboard and an evolving achievement to boost your score and show off the fruits of your lucky spins to all your friends and foes!


New PvP Drops

  • Home Items
    • Classic Nulgath Statue Right
    • Classic Nulgath Statue Left
    • Nulgath Portal
    • Overfiend's Runes
    • OS Nulgath Statue Right
    • OS Nulgath Statue Left
    • Nulgath Bobblehead
  • Weapons
    • Bido's Beast Breaker P
    • Bido's Beast Breaker E
    • Bido's Beast Breaker 2 P
    • Bido's Beast Breaker 2 E


Bido's Birthday Bash!

Visit Bido in the Afterlife to accept his new Bido's Birthday Bash missions! These missions come with lavish rewards of Credits, weapons, and an Achievement!

  • Bido Breaker Badge
  • Bido's Beast Breaker CC P
  • Bido's Beast Breaker CC E


Balance Changes

  • Nightmare Acatriel: Since nobody has defeated him yet, his HP has been reduced to 25K
  • Concentration: Removed deflection damage reduction passive effect

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July 01, 2022

Fate Adjudicator Acatriel

Acatriel the Fate Adjudicator

The Fate Adjudicator's Challenge

Visit the Fate Adjudicator Acatriel in his Time Fortress sanctum to challenge his incredible power in 2 new extreme boss fights!

  • Legendary Acatriel: Drops Achievement, Pandora P, Pandora E, Runic Pandora P, Runic Pandora E
  • Nightmare Acatriel: Drops Achievement, Pandora's Nightmare P, Pandora's Nightmare E, Runic Pandora P, Runic Pandora E

Will you be the first to defeat this extra-dimensional regal warrior?


Balance Changes

This week's update implements another round of balance changes, this time focused on Tactical Mercenaries. 

  • Tactical Mercenary
    • Adrenaline Rush: Active -> Passive. Level 1: Increase Rage Gain by 8% (Increases by 3% per level). Level Max: Increase Rage Gain by 35%. Additional effect: Flat 15 Reroute %.
    • Battery Backup: Changed to Concentration. Reduced energy gain per level of skill investment. Additional effect: For 3 turns after this skill is used, reduce block, deflection, and crit chance by 50%.
    • Frenzy: Recovers HP based on % of damage. Additional Effect: Reduces your opponent’s energy by 25% damage.
  • Bounty Hunter
    • Shadow Arts: Increases block and grenade stun chance. Boosts weapon dmg while reducing dmg taken. Max 10%.
  • Core
    • Titan's Curse: 25% debuff instead of 35% 

New Achievement

Now available in the achievement shop: Independence Day 4!


Seasonals for Sale

Christmas in July! For the remainder of this month (at least), we're restocking all seasonal rares: TLaPD, Halloween, Winter, Spring, Infernal, all back!

To complement this restock, we've added last year's Titan's Dread promotional package items to Titan a bit early:

  • Titan's Dread Armor
  • Titan's Dread Slayer P
  • Titan's Dread Slayer E
  • Titan's Dread Dominator
  • Titan's Dread Devourer
  • Titan's Dread Shotgun P
  • Titan's Dread Shotgun E
  • Titan's Dread Artillery P
  • Titan's Dread Artillery E
  • Titan's Dread Blaster P
  • Titan's Dread Blaster E
  • Titan's Dread Cannon P
  • Titan's Dread Cannon E
  • Titan's Shroud
  • Titan's Curse
  • Titan's Trigger
  • Titan's Barrage


NPC Credit Boost

Do you want to complete your collection of seasonal rares but find yourself low on Credits? We've boosted the rewards for eligible NPC battles. This includes 1v1 NPC battles, not Simulation mode battles.

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